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Corey Hood
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We work with all kinds of clients! Witnessing the transformations that we are responsible for, then we know you will appreciate what we did. When we tune into your Undivided Self, it does not matter who you are. The love is unconditional. The truth is real. It will make sense, and help you in ways that you did not even imagine!

Based on lifelong independent studies, some formal higher education and brief affiliations with celebrated teachers like dream researcher Robert Moss, PhD, since 1996.  Corey has also organized spiritual study and trance channel development groups. Starting in Burlington, Vermont, he began by offering spiritual psychic readings through the Waterfront Holistic Healing Center. His higher (or Undivided) self teaches him everything, based on esoteric research study and trance development combined with independent online studies incorporated into his practice. Readings by phone, email and in-person at this location in Hawaii for the last six years.

Corey's lineage includes a 4th-generation immigrant great-grandfather who fled Germany (where he foresaw the rise of the 3rd Reich) to the U.S. Bible Belt, to help lead tent revivals and miracle healing crusades at churches there.

Corey has channeled his higher (or Undivided) Self, since the age of 12.  He always worked without instruments or devices to tap directly into a client's inner guidance through his own, to reveal the best ways to realize one's dreams.

When you first come to me, you will be unable to figure out what to do.  Eventually you will witness that... miracles will occur!

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When the clients' guidance refers them to Us, then we access whatever the universe would like to tell you. If you are not making any progress on what you are needing or wanting to do, then whatever it takes, we will make a way for you. Miracles happen!  We can provide energetic clearance to facilitate the session by blessing you, your surroundings and others in your life, but will let you know the reason for it. If any of your past lives come up, we can address it, but otherwise we like to keep your focus in the present and the climb on your journey. Ask us to record our call on an mp4 audio. No experience necessary. Or, if you may have heard about your situation from various sources that doesn't make sense, you can count on Us to sort it out!


Self-taught mostly from my higher self, since the age of 12.

  • Before I met Corey, I was in a very dark place spiritually and didn't know how to get back on the right track. But with the help of his psychic ability and his guidance, I was able to overcome very difficult times. Corey was so accurate with his predictions and always there for me. He never forgets to give me a word of encouragement every time my spirit is down. Corey is a beautiful person with great patience. He cares about others and I consider him my friend for life. He deserves 10 stars!

  • Corey is a very gifted human being and it was a great pleasure having him do a spiritual reading for me. I really appreciated his insight and advice. I now have a clearer vision as to what I need to do to have optimal health and be my higher self.

  • Phenomenal experience! Corey works with an expansive body of knowledge from multiple levels. Metaphysical, spiritual, philosophical, practical and with clear meaning and focus. He really helped me to empower myself ! Taught me highly effective tools, far beyond the distance of a phone consultation and with Absolute clarity. Corey was a nice find!!!! Very thorough too.

  • Corey has given me great insight and wisdom on many areas of my life.

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