Baby Care Jack
Jack needs you to spend a day caring for him! It starts in the kitchen where you...
Cute Puppy Care
The puppy is in need of some special cute care. He is muddy and dirty from playi...
Perfect Pancakes
Pancakes for breakfast are fantastic! See if you have what it takes to make the ...
Sauerkraut Soup
You might not think this is a soup for you to eat but it is fabulous and fun to ...
Super Tasty Aspic
Aspic is a dish in which ingredients are set into a gelatin. Cut, peel and cook ...
Caramel Waffles
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Take some time to create the be...
Taylor Swift Salon
Taylor Swift always has to look her best. It is very important that she has her ...
Creamy Cookies
Creamy cookies are everyones favorites. Create your own favorite creamy cookies ...
Sweet Egypt
Egypt has a romantic feel to it when you are touring the pyramids. You and your ...
Lady Gaga Barbie
Barbie dolls are many girls favorite toys growing up. Now it is time for your fa...
Foxy Fox
This cute fox found herself stuck in a bad mans cage. She needs your help to esc...
Cute Baker Birthday Cake
Your friends love when you make them their birthday cake cause you are a great b...
Fresh Pizza
Pizza is a billion dollar food! If you can make good pizza then you can make goo...
New York Crush
New York City is a nice place for love. This business women think a few of the g...
Emma Stone Nail Salon
Emma Stone has opened a nice new nail salon! You are one of her first customers ...
Secret Chicken Alfredo
This is a secret family recipe for a tasty chicken Alfredo. Cook it up and serve...
Cute Baker Cookies
These cookies are a little piece of heaven! Every cookie that you make will be t...
Pretty Poodle
Your new puppy is a pretty poodle. You were able to rescue her from the pound an...
Buddy the Bulldog
Buddy is the cutest and most playful bull dog in the neighborhood. All your frie...
Cute Baker Apple Pie
The Cute Baker is back and making great food again. Of course she needs your hel...
Babysitter Betty
Help this super sweet babysitter take care of the children. They are babies so t...
Mama Dog
This cute mama dog just had a litter of puppies! They are a lot to handle for he...
Water Mania
Put out all the fires on each level and save your
friends. There is a limited su...
Rescue Dog
A mountain climber has fallen into an icy cave on
his climb. He needs someone to...
Baked Mac N Cheese
Put together a great dish for your friends and fam
ily. Make sure you create the ...
Selena Gomez Spa
Every girl loves a spa day! Getting a nice face, b
ack, hand, and foot massage is...
Run Panda Run
This little Panda loves to run! Run through the fo
rest collecting gems and jewel...
Beach Rescue
Kiss your lifeguard hunk on the beach after he res
cues you. Stop the crabs from ...
Sphynx Cat
If you are a cat lover then this is the game for y
ou. You and Maya get to take c...
Chef Barbie - Chicken Ramen
Chef Barbie is back with an Asian flare. Create a
tasty Ramen soup using delicio...
My Smart Dog
This is one smart doggy. He knows how to behave ve
ry well especially when you ar...
Barbie Beyonce
Beyonce is hotter then ever but she still needs he
r top stylist! Set her up with...
Joe Jonas Concert
You have the chance to not only see Joe Jonas play
the guitar but you also get t...
Honey Bee Buddy
Your new buddy is a cute little bumble bee. He is
not trying to sting anyone. He...
Chocolate Cheesecake
Barbie is back and ready for some chocolate cheese
cake/ Help her find what she n...
Zac is Back
Zac Efron is back and better than ever. He is in h
is walk in closet with more cl...
Miley Cyrus Spa
Celebrities love going to the spa. They can spend
all day at the spa getting soo...
Barbie Spa Rihanna
Barbie is ready for the next celebrity spa day wit
h Rihanna. This super star sin...
Min Pin
This is one of the cutest puppies you can ever hav
e. They are very fun and love ...
Paris Love
Paris is the city of love. It is so romantic meeti
ng the person of your dreams a...
Pizza Snacks
Pizza is a favorite food for many people. Kids and
adults love a good pizza any ...
Chef Barbie Pizza
Barbie has set out to be a top chef! She will be m
aking all type of food but she...
Furry Finger Monkey
Your new pet is a furry little finger monkey! He i
s quite a challenge to handle ...
Cheese Sticks
Deep fried cheese sticks are the best! Cut the Moz
zarella in to long sticks, bat...
Lovers Cake
There are tons of lovers and couples out there tha
t love to share a cake. People...
Blueberry Muffins
For breakfast, lunch, or dinner blueberry muffins
are always a good treat. These...
Pet Hamster
A pet hamster is the perfect little guy to make an
yone happy! This super cute ha...
Taylor Swift Barbie
Taylor is at the peak of her career so far and now
everyone wants to get there h...
Super Peach Blast
Peach is on a mission. This time she is just like
Mario. She starts out small, c...
Zoo Animal Differences
Go to the zoo and look at all the animals. Then tr
y to find all the differences ...
Pet Bunny
This little bunny is super cute and loves to get y
our affection. Pick out the bu...
Cute Kitten
Your friends cat just had a litter of cute kittens
. Your mom said you get to kee...
3 Pandas
Three pandas have been captured by pirates who lov
e hunting pandas. Help these s...
Help the cute penguins clear the puzzle and break
the ice so they can use it for...
Spongebob Slammin Sluggers
Play some baseball with our friendly yellow sponge
Spongebob! Slug the ball over...
Super Mario Bros Flash
This is a great online version of the original Sup
er Mario Brothers classic. Sel...
Tom and Jerry
Jerry is running for his life and to get his chees
e. Help Jerry succeed by using...
Ben 10 Power Splash
He needs your help to rescue his girlfriend and un
leash the super powers of a ma...
Angry Birds
The Angry birds of a feather are back together and
this time they are online. La...
Rollercoaster Rush
Operating a roller coaster is not as easy as is lo
oks. Your riders want to go fa...
Super Babysitter
This babysitter has a full house and she needs you
r help to keep all of the cute...
Run Bolt Run
Quick! Bolt needs your help to rescue Penny! Be ca
reful not to fall off the buil...
Pet Sledding
It is slippery slopes this year for these cute pet
s. But, the more they sled the...
Deal or No Deal
You can now play the popular television game show
online! Pick your cases wisely...
Super Chick Sisters
Its up to the super chick sisters to save the chic
kens! Help them to make it thr...
Sonic The Hedgehog
The ultimate sonic game online. Race through like
Sonic does and beat each level...
Cake Mania 2
Choose the best way to run your own cafe! Serve yo
ur customers and make sure the...
Pet Grooming Studio
You get the chance to run your very own pet groomi
ng studio. Clean, groom, and d...
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