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The Starlightworker LLC

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Kelsea taps into your energetic signature, higher self and guides to see and read past lives, see where you are presently (present patterns in this life) to alchemize and bring about healing your mind, body and spirit.

She also gets guidance as to how to heal your current relationships. Using medical mediumship she also has the ability to see ailments and dis-easments in clients energetic signatures in order bring about clear messages as to how to heal them using multiple modalities.

All of the messages that come through the session bring about clear and concise guidance (practical steps) that will align you with your higher self, life’s purpose and path!


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    Julie A.

    She blew me away with how much knowledge she shared in just one session! It was simply magic and I’m so grateful to her. She’s such a caring but brilliant soul, I will be seeing her again.
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    November 29, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    They email me or call me with their birthdate and reason for needing a reading/healing. We set an intention for the session and a time. We talk for the first 15 minutes or so that I may get to see their aura and energy signature, then I begin to share the information that I am receiving from spirit with them. It’s always for the highest and greatest good of all involved. 

    I’m a Reiki Practitioner (hands on healer/distance healer), on Facebook you can read a review of a person I helped heal their mcl in one session! 

    I also am a certified Realm Reader by Dr. Doreen Virtue. 

    I hold a degree in psychology but truly attribute my gifts to my Near Death Experience at 14 where I left my body and soul was able to communicate with my spiritual mentorship team and guides. I have been clairvoyant (able to see spirit guides, life paths and past lives which truly bring present solutions and healings).

    It depends on the depth of need. A physical ailment is 111. Finding out past lives, life’s purposes, auras, needing emotional healing and tapping into the akashic can range from 111 to 333, sometimes involving more than on session. Each person and energetic signature is different. I feel so grateful to help. 

    I have always had the gift, but I had to heal my own life, go through many many many experiences in order to be given the gift to see again. (In short).

    All types, people who have been on dialysis, cancer patients, younger people wanting to know their spiritual path/purpose, people who are highly spiritual and meet me just to awaken. I have also worked with many of those who have needed answers to their physical ailments and a lot of people in toxic relationships (which are making them ill). So recent divorces. I also have worked with highly awake yogis, they have been blown away by my visions, but truly they are not mine, they are just the messages. Truly I have yet to see someone I’m surprised by—as of yet! 😇

    Having a friend come to me and say “Kelsea...they said it’s cancer, and everyone is treating me like I’m dying!”  I took her to the back room and went right to where I saw blue...(not cancer, black is in my seeing).  So we went into a session and she Came out so relieved to have tools and emotional releasing exercises to do to heal her own body. Never believe a “diagnosis” especially if it’s fatal, our bodies are miraculous at healing. I will say, some people chose to go via cancer and that’s in their life’s path and plan. 

    Go with your intuition, you will know when you resonate with another person on a soul level. Truly. 

    As many as you would like but what comes out is always what is needed anyway. It’s such a beautiful process. The guides bring you the information that you need at this time. Questions are so welcome. 

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