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Find alteration services near me

Find alteration services near me

Share a few details and we'll show you the best alteration services in Ashburn.
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Find alteration services near me

Share a few details and we'll show you the best alteration services in Ashburn.
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Type of clothing
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Top 10 alteration services near you

Clients agree: these alteration services are highly rated for knowledge, experience, communication, and more.
Bouaze Pierre Bespoke Llc

Bouaze Pierre Bespoke Llc

New on Fash
13+ years in business
Detailed services
Judith's Boutique And Alteration LLC

Judith's Boutique And Alteration LLC

Deryn P. says, "Judith was very attentive to all of the details. She also altered my veil and I had a specific request that I did not want it longer than the hem of my dress. Great job and my dress fit beautifully! " Read more
Best Tailoring

Best Tailoring

New on Fash
36+ years in business
I have been doing for all my life but I'm still enjoymto work. I was in Fairfax virginia owned tailoring business for 20 years. Now I'm in Chantilly Virginia for 13 years.


2+ years in business
Olufunmi O. says, "Let me tell you, Otisbeaute is a real designer that is yet to be discovered by many! She represents among the highest levels of customer service I have experienced. All the dresses she has ever made for me were all like designer made them. She is very fantastic! The service is smooth and straightforward. Great service, efficient communication. I will definitely recommend Otisbeaute to anyone 100x" Read more
Quad Creations Events

Quad Creations Events

New on Fash
Offers online services
25+ years in business
Create Signature Events, event design & coordinator, logistics specialist. Fashion/beauty focused events, grand openings, fashion shows & more; 100+ variety of events in 20+ years EP industry experience.

Your Alterations, Tailoring, and Clothing Design questions, answered

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Fash.

How much do alterations cost?

Alterations vary in price depending on the type of fabric and the changes needed. Simple alterations like hemming and adjusting waistlines $20 to $50, depending on the experience and specialty of the seamstress. More complex alterations like taking in the shoulders of a jacket usually start at around $50 and go up from there.

Altering formal gowns is more costly since they have more layers, linings, and fabric to deal with.

How long do alterations take?

Simple alterations usually take a few days to a week to complete while more complex alterations take longer, especially if the shop is busy. Some alteration services offer same-day service for simple alterations like adjusting a hem or replacing shirt buttons.

Who does alterations near me?

Seamstresses and tailors all do alterations on clothing, but seamstresses also tend to alter other non-clothing items such as draperies. A tailor tends to work more on men's suits and coats but also works on women's pieces such as fancy dresses and ball gowns.

Both seamstresses and tailors work in dry cleaners, alteration services, and even higher-end fashion stores. Seamstresses also commonly work in bridal stores altering wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and ball gowns. Tailors often work in men's suit stores where they alter shirts, suits, and trousers.

What are some common alteration services offered?

Clothing alterations are typically minor changes that adjust the way an article of clothing fits. Major changes to the way the garment looks are not considered alterations, but typically refer to tailoring. For example, shortening a dress is considered an alteration, while changing the neckline and style of the dress is considered tailoring.

The most common alteration services include:

  • Shortening sleeves
  • Adjusting hem lengths
  • Adjusting waistlines
  • Tapering

Minor fixes to a damaged garment like replacing zippers and buttons or repairing holes can also be considered alteration services.

How do I prepare for clothing alterations?

Being prepared for your clothing alterations can make your appointment go smoother and your alterations turn out better. Always bring in clean clothes and wash and dry new items to ensure they won't shrink after an alteration, especially for cheaper clothes.

Other tips include:

  • Always bring the shoes you are likely to wear with the pants or a long dress to ensure a proper hem length.
  • Speak up when the garment is pinned, once the garment is sewn it is too late to point out a complaint about the fit.
  • Ask about the price before you leave the shop, don't wait until you return to pick up your altered garment only to find you spent more than you planned on the alteration service.

How do I choose the best clothing alteration services near me?

Alteration services are a great way to use those quality pieces of clothing that just don't fit anymore. Here are some guidelines to help you choose a clothing alteration service:

  • Search online for a local seamstress with years of experience altering clothing garments.
  • Read their reviews on Fash and Google
  • Select a shop that is the most professional, and skilled that works within your budget and timeframe.
  • Ask about the price and terms before leaving your garment in the shop.

What questions should I ask the alteration service?

When choosing a clothing alteration service, be sure to pick a professional service that meets your budget and timeframe. To help you make the right choice, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • How many years of experience do you have with clothing alterations?
  • How much will the alterations cost?
  • What alteration services do you offer?
  • How long will the alterations take?
  • What should I bring to my alteration appointment?
  • Will you press my garment after making the alterations?

Reviews for Ashburn alteration services

Recent success stories from people in the Ashburn area.
J. B.
Judith has keen attention to detail and proportion. Careful and exacting seamstress!
Judith's Boutique and Alteration LLC
Debbie is very professional and passionate about what she does.
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