How much do porta potty rentals cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much do porta potty rentals cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much do porta potty rentals cost?

$75 – $125rental cost per day
$100 – $300rental cost per week

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$75 – $125 rental cost per day

$100 – $300 rental cost per week

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Porta potty rental cost

Porta potty rentals cost $75 to $125 daily or $100 to $300 weekly, depending on the toilet type and features. Standard portable toilets are basic waste basin units with no plumbing. Deluxe washrooms have flushable toilets and sinks with running water. Daily rental rates decrease for longer rental periods.

Porta potty rental cost estimator
Type Average cost per day Average cost per weekend Average cost per week
Standard portable toilet $75 – $100 $100 – $125 $100 – $150
Standard portable toilet with sink $100 – $125 $125 – $150 $125 – $200
ADA accessible toilet $125 – $225 $150 – $250 $150 – $300
Deluxe flushing toilet $100 – $200 $150 – $350 $200 – $500
Luxury restroom trailer $325 – $1,500+ $400 – $2,000+ $500 – $2,500+
Solar porta potty cost $175 – $350 $325 – $750 $600 – $1,200
Handwashing station $40 – $50 $50 – $100 $60 – $200

Cost data is from research and project costs reported by Fash members.

Porta potties and a hand washing station lined up for an event.
Porta potties and a hand washing station lined up for an event.

Standard portable toilet

Standard portable toilets cost $75 to $100 per day for a self-contained unit that includes a non-flushing toilet with a waste-holding tank. The blue potty liquid biocide kills germs and eliminates odors on contact. These basic units are found on construction sites, outdoor events, and other temporary situations.

ADA accessible porta potty

An ADA porta potty costs $125 to $225 per day for a handicap accessible washroom. The units have ground-level floor access, oversized doors, and more interior space to accommodate wheelchairs. They are also equipped with handrails and anti-slip flooring for safety.

Deluxe flushing portable toilet

A flushable portable toilet runs $100 to $200 per day and is a step up from the standard unit. The unit features a toilet seat, a hidden waste holding tank, a foot pedal flushing mechanism, and a pressure system that requires no outside plumbing or sewage hookup.

Tip: Most flushable portable toilets include a hose-enabled sink or hand sanitizer dispenser for an increased level of comfort and convenience.

Luxury portable restroom trailer

A luxury portable restroom trailer, often seen at weddings and corporate events, costs $325 to $1,500 per day. These clean and comfortable portable trailers include 2 to 4 fully enclosed private stalls, sinks with running water, a full-size mirror above the countertop, heat and air conditioning, and LED lighting.

Solar porta potty

A solar porta potty costs $175 to $350 per day and typically features fresh-water faucets, flushable toilets, and solar-powered lighting. Solar porta potties are popular for off-grid events where outdoor lighting is not available.

Construction site porta potty

A portable toilet rental for construction sites costs $75 to $225 per day, depending on the type. Long-term rentals have reduced rates of $100 to $500 per month. OSHA standards require one toilet seat for every 20 workers and units must be dumped and sanitized once a week.

High-rise porta potties cost $500 to $1,000 per month for hanging units with reinforced steel cabling that can be lifted by crane to higher floors for easy worker access.

A porta potty on a construction site.
A porta potty on a construction site.
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Portable toilet rental cost factors

The type of porta potty has a significant impact on the rental costs. Basic units with a toilet seat and waste tank are the cheapest, while deluxe or luxury units with flushing toilets, running water, and temperature control are the most expensive.

Other factors that affect the rental price include:

  • Duration – The costs for monthly rentals are not too much more than daily rates since the delivery and pickup costs remain the same no matter how long you have the unit.

  • Event size – Larger crowds require more toilets and separate hand washing stations.

  • Location – Companies charge higher rates for delivery to remote locations outside of their usual service area. Units must be located on an accessible, solid, level, dry surface in a location where a service truck can reach within 25 to 40 feet for cleaning.

  • Season – Portable toilet rentals are more expensive during the high-demand summer months when most outdoor events and festivals are held.

  • Permits – Parties and events on private property do not require a permit. Public events and toilets located on public property require a permit.

  • Rental business type – Construction site rentals often have lower prices since they rent the units for longer periods than corporate events or wedding parties.

Additional porta potty features

In addition to renting portable toilets for an outdoor event, consider renting hand cleaning stations, portable cooling or heating units, and portable baby changing stations to ensure the comfort and safety of your guests.

Additional porty potty features and costs
Feature Average cost per event
Handwashing station $40 – $150
Automated hand sanitizer towers $5 – $50, plus sanitizer refills
Urinal troughs / Private urinals $75 – $125
Portable heaters $45 – $60
Portable misting fans $100 – $150
Baby changing stations $75 – $100
Bathroom attendants Minimum wage + tips

Additional porta potty rental fees

Short-term porta potty rentals typically include delivery and pick up as part of the rental price. Companies may require a rental deposit, waste handling fee, and cleaning fees for some rentals. Porta potty rental estimates may include fees for the following:

  • Rental Deposit –A non-refundable down payment of 50% of the total cost is standard.

  • Damage Waiver Fee – Adding a damage waiver fee of $8 to $10 per standard unit protects you from damage caused by accidents, vandalism, or weather.

  • Fuel Surcharge – Some companies charge an added fuel surcharge of $0.25 per mile to cover gas and labor for delivery to remote locations outside the normal service area.

  • Waste Handling Fee – The company spends $6 to $10 per unit to dump at a local waste station. Many companies pass that cost directly to the consumer as an added fee.

  • Cleaning And Maintenance Fee – Most long-term rentals include once-weekly dumping and sanitation services. Additional cleanings cost $40 to $240 per month for twice-weekly cleaning.

  • Expedited Delivery Charge – Rental companies recommend scheduling at least one week in advance or longer during the peak summer season. Last-minute reservations may incur an expedited delivery fee of $25 to $40.

  • Late Fees – You'll be charged a late fee of $75 or more if the company cannot retrieve the unit at the scheduled pick-up time. This compensates the company if road access is blocked, the property is locked, or the unit was moved by the consumer and the truck can't reach the new location.

Portable toilet maintenance

A porta potty is delivered clean and sanitized for immediate use. Daily or weekend rentals are typically cleaned after picking up, but weekly rentals usually include one mid-week cleaning as a standard. Scheduling daily cleanings costs extra but is usually necessary for weekend festivals with large crowds.

Cleaning services typically include:

  • Dumping the holding tank

  • Adding blue chemicals, spray down deodorizers, or portable toilet fresh straps

  • Wiping down touch points

  • Replacing empty toilet paper rolls and cleaning tablets

  • Refilling the hand sanitizer or soap dispenser and restocking paper towels

Porta potty rental FAQs

How many porta potties do I need?

The number of porta potties you need for any event is determined by the number of guests and the event length. During short events, people may not use the bathroom at all, but during long events when drinks are served, people will use the facilities multiple times.

Portable toilets needed per event
Guests Event length Portable units needed
Up to 50 1 – 3 hours 1
Up to 50 3 – 6 hours 2
Up to 50 6 – 10 hours 2
50 – 100 1 – 3 hours 2
50 – 100 3 – 6 hours 2 – 3
50 – 100 6 – 10 hours 3
100 – 250 1 – 3 hours 3
100 – 250 3 – 6 hours 3 – 4
100 – 250 6 – 10 hours 4 – 6
250 – 500 1 – 3 hours 4
250 – 500 3 – 6 hours 4 – 6
250 – 500 6 – 10 hours 6 – 8

Picking a porta potty rental company near you

When choosing a porta potty rental company, don't just pick the cheapest option. Instead, consider the following factors:

  • Find a reputable company with outstanding reviews on Fash and Google.

  • Ask about the cleaning and restocking services included with the rental.

  • Confirm the total rental price, including common fees and surcharges.

  • Since most events occur at night or on the weekend, find a company that responds to emergencies after hours.

  • Discuss deluxe and luxury options that will make your guests more comfortable.

  • Don't rent without a damage waiver to cover any accidental damage to the unit while it's on your property.

Questions to ask porta potty rental companies

Here are some questions to ask the company to make sure you get the right portable toilet services for your event:

  • How much is a porta potty rental for my event?

  • How many portable toilets do I need?

  • What is included in the rental price?

  • Do you clean and restock during the weekend rental?

  • Who do I call if there is an after-hours emergency?

  • Do you offer deluxe flushing toilets or luxury trailers with running water and power?

  • My outdoor event is off-grid. Do you have solar-powered portable toilets?