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My name is DJ Lorenzo Ross and I am a full time, five star rated, professional and experienced Deejay. I am very "educated and detailed" in my deejay work service. I have a love and deep passion for music and people and that’s why I'm the best fit to be your deejay. I have traveled all over the country Deejaying many events and they have all turned out great. I have two affordable deejay packages for you to choose from. Before I go into details about the package cost, I want to larify that I Dejay for the love of the art of music and not the money. With that being said, the first package is only $600. The package includes me deejaying the entire event. If your having a wedding it includes me deejaying the entire ceremony, reception and attending rehearsal. The package also includes me emceeing , hosting, and making announcements at the event. As a bonus, the travel fee, setup, and breakdown of all equipment is free. My equipment includes two high quality PA professional sound systems. One of the PA sound systems is wireless and can be used for outdoor use where there are no power outlets. Additional equipment includes deejay lights, up-lighting, fog machines and a wireless mic. If your having a wedding I will be making announcements for the introduction of your wedding party at the reception. The wireless mic can also be used for the toast moment at the wedding reception. I will arrive an hour before the event to set up. I have a deejay table already, and table covers to set my equipment onto. Once I set up, I will perform sound, lights, and mic checks beforehand. If your having a wedding, I will have guest arrival music playing as they arrive. After the ceremony, I will do the "cocktail hour" music keeping your friends and family entertained up until the announcing of the big bridal party intro which I will use my wireless mics to make the announcements of the names of the bridal party. Next, I will use your recommended list to do the reception music such as the bride and groom first dance song, father-daughter, mother-son, toast, cake cutting, garter and bouquet toss and last dance song songs too. All my events are upbeat, energetic, and the music is fun. I have a huge selection of music including hip hop, rock, pop, R&B, latin, country, and more. If your having a wedding, I have "clean and edited" music. I also will help you with you playlist recommendations I am an educated, fun, family oriented, and friendly deejay whose easy to approach and happily willing to take request from your guest. This is why you should hire me as your events deejay. I look forward to working with you. For more "detailed" information about my DJ packages please visit my website, Facebook page, or contact me. Congratulations DJ Lorenzo


There are several things I enjoy about being a deejay. The top three things are the music, the people, and dancing. I will gladly go into great detail about the top main three things I enjoy the most. Let me start by saying since Im a deejay its only natural that a love for the art of music be at the top of my list and that love of music be addressed in great detail first. My love of music began as a child. I believe I was born with a music loving gene in my blood inherited from my dad. My father loved muic and had a large variety of music record and album collection. We always had music playing in the house such as RNB, Jazz, Funk, and Gospel just to name a few.When I turned 8, I got a boombox with a tape deck player and started my own music collection. I recorded songs off the radio and sold the mix tapes to save up for deejay equipment. When I turned nineteen, I got a job at a record and tape store called Willies and began getting more knowledge of music experience. I was the best worker they had because of my love for music. On my off days, I would deejay all types of events such as house party's, baby showers, and cookouts where I caried around crates full of records. As time past, records became obsolete and digital music took into the new millenium. I needed technical training so I attended computer I.T. college. At college I learned digital music formats such as MP3, computer software audio programing, and online marketing. After college I got into marketing my deejaying skills online and expanded my business. The next thing I like about deejaying is all the exciting and unique people I get to meet. I come across a variety of different people from all over the country who are all different in their love of music. For example, I have deejayed for many cultures such as Latin, Jewish, African American, Caucasian, and much more. Each culture has their tradition of music genre they grew up listening to and are accustomed to dancing to. On the other hand some people enjoy a mixture of all the music genres such as pop, rock, hip hop, RnB, and Salsa. I enjoy when people get up and dance at the events because the people bring the energy to the dance floor. Also, the different people, bring different styles of dancing that I have never seen before which brings about a learning experience for me. At the end of the event, its the people who make me enjoy myself the most with all the compliments I recieve on how wonderful a job as a deejay I performed. Lastly I enjoy the dancing aspect of music. Dancing is a great way to help burn off energy at the event and have a good time. There are so many great dances I have learned along the way of deejaying from all the different cultures and people. For example, I was taught the Salsa, Rhumba and Macarina from an event. At another event, I was taught the electric slide and Cupid Shuffle. At a wedding I was taught The boot scootin boogie line dance. In conclusion these are the three main things I enjoy about deejaying whci include the music, people, and dancing.


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14 years in business
Serves Raleigh , NC

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Guest count

Fewer than 25 guests, 25 – 49 guests, 50 – 99 guests, 100 – 149 guests, 150 – 199 guests, 200 – 250 guests


Under $300 (typically for small or brief events), $300 – $400 (typically for small or brief events), $400 – $500, $500 – $600, $600 – $750, $750 – $1,000, $1,000 – $1,250, $1,250 – $1,500, More than $1,500, Customer isn't sure about budget

Guests ages

12 years old or younger, 13 – 17 years old, 18 – 30 years old, 31 – 50 years old, 51 or older

Music genres

Pop, Hip-hop / Rap, R&B / soul, Top 40, Country, Oldies, Rock, 80s, Funk / disco, EDM / house / club, Latin, Indian / Bollywood


MC services, Lighting, Fog machine

Event type

Wedding, Birthday party, Corporate event, Prom or school dance, Graduation party, Summer party, Family reunion, Class reunion, Anniversary party, Engagement party, Party

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    Tracy O.

    Lorenzo was fabulous!! Fun, interactive, prompt, and awesome customer service!! Especially on short notice. I will definitely be recommending him!!
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    August 02, 2020


    Alicia J.

    Dj Lorenzo did a good job and he was a nice dj and played good music. I would recommend him to other people. Thanks
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    February 12, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    I have several unique processes for working with new customers. The first stage of the process is all done online. When new customers view my online information, I try an give new customers a sense of my work style and personality characteristics beforehand by providing lots of detailed information about me online before we even have the first point of contact. I give lots of detailed personal experience information about me on my thumbtack profile, my personal website and my social media facebook page. This detailed information will give customers an understanding of who I am before they even meet me. I try to give as much detail about myself and my deejay services as I can. I want the customer to feel like they know me before they even talk to me. On the other hand, I like to read and research the customers profile to understand there wants and needs. I want to feel like I know them as well beforehand. Having this information makes it easier when we do eventually talk because we feel like we know and trust each other enough to exchange personal contact information. The second stage of the process is talking on the phone. The phone conversation will give us an opportunity to go over more event details and just to see if we will be a good fit for each other doing business together. I try to keep the communication up beat and friendly on the phone. Giving the customer my undivided attention and listening closely to their wants and needs. Listening helps the customers feel at ease and trust me. Once the trust is built with me, they will likely move into the final stage of the process. The final stage of the process is to fill out a contract agreement and put down a deposit to secure the event date. This is the typical process for new customers all written down in detail.

    I have experience working at a record store when I was younger. I would come into the store early in the morning and work til late. Some of the duties and responsibilities I performed at the record store included selling music records, albums, and c.d.'s to customers. I also did inventory on the music making sure that the store shelves stayed filled and complete with the latest new released music. On the weekends and my days off from working at the record store I was deejaying all different and variuos types of events. These events included house party's, birthdays, holiday celebrations and more. These are the experiences that I have gained along the years working as a deejay. As I got better at my craft and skill in deejaying I became more confident in myself and ventured into deejaying for weddings, military events, and more. All the experience I have gained over the past twenty years has helped and shaped me into the deejay that I am today. Im a passion dejay that loves music, people, and dancing.  

    First, before I get into detail about the pricing, I have to make it known that, I deejay for the love of music and making people happy and not the money. Now with that being said, I have two affordable and reasonable deejay event price packages for you to choose from. The first package is only $600. The package includes me deejaying the entire event. If your having a wedding it includes me deejaying the entire ceremony, reception and attending rehearsal. The package also includes me emceeing , hosting, and making announcements at the event. As a bonus, the travel fee, setup, and breakdown of all equipment is free. My prices are competitive and also negotiable. For example, Im willing to cut you a deal if Im a little bit out of your budget, but you still want to book me. Im flexible and willing to work with you on negotiating the price. I deejay for the love of music and people and not for the money. Im even willing to allow you to set a price that you can afford and I will be willing to look over your offer and give you feedback as to whether I can accept your offer. Secondly, before I get into detail about the pricing of the second package, I want to reiterate the fact that I deejay for the love of music and making people happy and having fun and not for the money. Now with that being said, my second deejay package is $1,000. The deejay event package is a combination of deejay and picture photo booth services. The package includes everything listed above but also includes a photo booth. The photo booth detailed package includes unlimited, high quality, 4x6 instant and automatic print out pictures inside the photo booth. The photo booth price package also includes lots of different props, and once inside the photo booth there will be an assistance helping with other details. In other words. You choose a prop, then you enter the photo booth, take a picture and before you leave out the photo booth the picture you just taken will be instantly printed out for you to view. You will get a deejay and a photo booth combination for $1000. Just like the deejay pricing alone, the deejay and photo booth combination pricing is negotiable. If you really want the combination of the two and the pricing is slightly out of your budget, once again Im very flexible and willing to work with you on pricing. Thanks Deejay Lorenzo

    I got started in the deejay business at an early age. My father loved music and I inherited his love of music into my lifestyle as a child at a young age. My father had the best sound system in the neighborhood and it sounded good. He had amps, speakers, receivers, and even turntables. His record collection was second to none. He had many crates full of albums. His collection includes soul, rnb, jazz, and gospel. I grew up listening to a wide variety of music being played by my dad on his sound system. It was only likely that with that much music being played around me, that when I grew up I would become a deejay. When I turned 8, I started my own music. I had a boombox with a tape cassette player. I couldn't afford the tapes in the record store so I just recorded the music from the radio onto blank tapes. Recording multiple songs from multiple stations became my first official mix tape at only age 8. I would take those mix tapes and sale them to my friends and family and save my money to get my first deejay sound system. I had one turntable that was built onto a speaker and one record. I would sit in my room and practice scratching on that record. When I got older, I started working at a record store called Willies tapes and records which added to my deejay experience. My duties included selling tapes and cd's and stocking the shelves with the hottest and newest musical artist. I was getting discounts on music so I had all the latest music and had great knowledge of music. I also saved and bought better equipment which included bigger speakers, a receiver, and two turntables with a mic. On the weekends when I wasn't working at Willies, I would deejay house party's , baby showers, and other events in the neighborhood gaining more deejay experience. As time past, cassette tapes were going out of style and apple ipods and mp3's were coming into existence. I knew I needed computer experience in order to keep up and understand the vast change in digital music so I entered into a computer college for I.T. training which also helped in my deejay journey experience. In college I learned about computers, digital music files, mp3's, digital music software, and more. Other lessons included digital turntables, and online deejay marketing. After graduating with a 4.0 gpa, I got into online deejay event marketing more in depth. I set up a website, got some online business cards and started advertising through free websites like craigslist, Fash, and Facebook. Twenty years later, here I am still in the deejay business.

    I have traveled all over the country working with different types of customers in my deejay profession. Since, I have to have a knowledge and understanding of different types of genres of music, this allows me to meet a wide variety of customers from different cultures and traditions. For example, I have worked with Caucasian, Asian, Latin, Jewish, African American, and Indian customers just to name a few. Each customers event is different and want a variety mix of music from different genres of music. Most clients want a mix of music related to their culture and tradition that they are familiar with listening to when they grew up listening to. I always ask the customers what style of music do they want played at their event and also to please provide a playlist that fits their style of music. Working with so many different types of customers requires me as a deejay to be flexible and adaptable to their cultures traditions. Some customers want line dance and other dont. Some customers prefer all clean and edited music and some dont. Some prefer only one type of music genre and some want a variety. The main idea is to be open to all different types of customers.

    My most recent project was memorable in so many unique ways. The project was a wedding that was going to occur in Havelock N.C. This was no ordinary wedding like most weddings their all unique and different in their own special way. This wedding was unique for the fact that it was held on a military fort base hosted by the United States Marine Corp. Now, anyone who knows about the United States military knows that the toughest branch in United States military is the United States Marine Corp. Let me start from the beginning. When I first read the customers profile it was described as an individual looking for a deejay for a wedding in Havelock NC from the time slot of 3pm til 10pm. I was free that day so I responded to the individual with a happy "Im available" that day response and left my website address so that the client could research my information before reaching back toward me. A few days past and the customer responded back to me online with a message saying that he liked my online profile and website and provided me a personal cellphone number. Along with the cell phone number. I was provided a good time and day to call. A day later I contacted the individual and we discussed some ideas about the wedding music playlist. It wasn't much information but it was enough for the client to feel confident enough in my knowledge to agree to the contract. Also the client paid the entire service fee up front. As time grew closer to the wedding, I contacted the client again to get some playlist songs for the ceremony and reception. On the day of the event, I always contact the client to reassure all the correct information. I had all the correct information, although there was some last minute details that I didnt know about. For intance, I didnt know I was going to a military base and I needed multiple forms of identification to enter the premises. The client told me to make sure I had updated drivers license, registration, and insurance so that I could clear military procedures before being allowed on base. I only had a few hours before the wedding started so I had to think quickly and gather all this information. I looked through my unorganzed car and found my registration and got online and got my updated insurance information. Once I arrived at the military base, Marines immediately stopped and asked for I.D. I gave him my drivers license, but he wanted military I.D. or I wasnt going to be able to get on military base and deejay the wedding. With only a few moments left before the wedding I had to think quick. I contacted the client who I soon found out was a military high ranked Marine Corp soldier. He told me he was going to send his best man to come to the front gate and escort me into the military civilian processing station. At the station all my information was taken and put into the computer such as license, registration, insurance policy number, and drivers license plate number. Afterwards I was given a one day access pass. With only minutes away from the wedding, I quickly set up my equipment and tested the microphones and speakers. Moments later, the wedding coordinator approached me and told me to start the ceremony music because the bride was ready. When the bride came down the aisle with her father I played her big introduction aisle walk song and she was beautiful. The entire military wedding was beautiful and we all had fun. We partied after the ceremony from 4pm until 10pm. It was a learning experience that I will always remember and be fond of.

    Theres so much advice I want to share with a customer regarding looking into hiring a deejay. Im going to share this information in great depth and detail based on the experience I have gained over the years and what I feel works best. There are three main factors and levels to meeting a deejay. The first factor is knowing what you want from a deejay. Look inside yourself and ask yourself all the things that appeal to you as a deejay. Remember, this is your event so you should have everything your way. Write down a plan of action and ideas to discuss with the deejay. For example, you may like a deejay with an energetic, up beat tempo personality, that can self engage into the guest and keep the party going by free styling and making people dance. On the other hand, you may a want a deejay that follows a more organized and structured music playlist that you create who can make announcements. You may want that deejay to have a wide variety of music genres such as hip hop, RnB, country, pop, reggae line dance and more. On the other, I have come across clients who only want one type of genre of music and absolutely no line dance. My point is to know what you want, write it down and be ready to share it with your deejay upon communicating with them. Second word of advice is to research your deejay. The best way to research a deejay is from those who know the deejay. They can give you the best feedback from their previous experience. Now, in this day and age of technology, most people looking for a deejay that they are unfamiliar with are searching online at websites such as Thumbtack. Research the deejays profile entirely and in great depth. For example, read the deejays profile. You can learn alot about the deejay based on his profile and his grammar punctuation. If the deejays profile is short and shallow with not alot of experience information, it could give you a clue as to what type of deejay your researching. If the profile is in great depth and explaination about experience, that could be a clue as to the style of deejay your researching. It all depends on what your looking for. Do you want a shallow deejay or a deep deejay. Also remember to research the deejays pictures, videos, social media page, website and reviews. The point is to do your online research of your deejay because this will make you feel more comfortable when you communicate with the indivdual on a personal level. Personal communication with the deejay is the last step of advice I want to address. Once you know what you want from a deejay, and you have researched the deejay enough to feel you can trust them, contact them through online messages first. Communicating online first through the Thumbtack website, or the deejays personal website or social media is safer than providing the individual your personal cell phone number. Once the message is sent online most deejays should respond back with in 48 hours depending on the deejay. I usually respond back the same day. Please remember that if a deejay reply's to your question with a question of their own, make sure to reply back to the deejays question in a timely manner usually 48 hours, or the deejay will lose trust in you and move onto another client. Get as much information as you can communicating online with the deejay. The online back and forth communication can also give you a clue as to what type of deejay you will be hiring. If you feel you can trust the deejay after communicating online with the individual then you can provide your personal cell phone number. Please make sure to set up a specific time and day for the deejay to contact you so that you can discuss the event. Make sure you have questions to ask the deejay when you talk to them similar to a job interview. Remember, you are interviewing the deejay to see if he will be a good fit for the job. After talking to the deejay and you feel the deejay will be a good fit, please ask the deejay about providing you a contract agreement signing. This contract will help protect you in the end. Also ask about the deposit process, and receipts. Never put down a deposit with a deejay without a signed agreement and a receipt. In conclusion, the three main factors of advice I can give a client looking for a deejay is to know what you want from a deejay, research your deejays information and finally get all statements in a written contract agreement with receipts. This advice was given in great detail.

    There are several questions that a customer should definitely think through before talking to a professional about their project. The three main questions that come to mind are: how much experience do you have as a deejay, do you have a website, or social media page, and finally all customers should ask about a contract agreement. Allow me to break each question down into very detail specifics. First, always try and make sure the deejay your considering has experience in deejaying the type of event your having. There are several types of events and the deejay should have experience in deejaying that specific event. For example a wedding deejay is a totally different style of deejay than a deejay that does a house party. A weeding deejay is more formal and structured in the ceremony and reception process. So just to reiterate, make sure the deejay your considering has done your specific type of event. Secondly, make sure the deejay has a website or social media page that can display some of their work. For example, the website or social media page should include a deejay biography, pictures, videos, and even reviews. This will give you a sense of style and characteristic the type of deejay will provide. Lastly, never do business with a deejay if they cant provide you with a contract agreement in writing about the terms of the service and a receipt invoice for the deposit. In conclusion, the main three questions a customer should think through before talking to a deejay are experience, website references, and contract agreements. I hope this in depth detail information is helpful in your search for a great deejay for your event.

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