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Fellow Barber believes in and celebrates barbering tradition. Since opening in 2006 in Downtown New York City, we have grown independently to multiple locations in New York and San Francisco, with over 100 employees. Along the way, we developed our own grooming product line, which is now being sold in barbershops and retailers worldwide.

When Fellow opened, what we know now as “contemporary barber culture” didn’t really exist, and our first shop we created from necessity. In NYC in 2006, a man wanting to get a haircut had two options: to make an appointment at a salon and pay $90 and up or to pay a visit to the closest barbershop charging an average of $12 for a limited range of haircut styles and uneven quality. We wanted to provide an elevated and relevant sense of style with our barbering service, with a convenient, walk-in wait list and a $40 price point. Since then we have nearly single handedly spawned a new barbering subculture, raised the overall barbering wage nationwide, and created hundred of jobs by elevating this craft of barbering.

Our company is built on people, style and skill. Each one of our shops embodies the individuality of its staff, and from location to location you will find a consistent quality, but individualistic style aesthetics that is inspired by the neighborhoods in which they reside as well as our diverse clientele.

This is not a trend but a tradition, and one we hope to preserve and expand, one service at a time.

Fellow Barber offers a full range of expertly crafted, professional quality grooming products for use in the home.

Fellow Barber hair products are designed to work for the majority of contemporary men’s hair styles, while our shave products work well with any type of wet shaving razor, from straight edge to the newest, multi-blade disposable.

As part of our commitment to quality craftsmanship, all of Fellow Barber’s products are made in the USA and are paraben and sulfate free. Scents include frankincense, galbanum, vetiver, sage, cypress, fennel, sandalwood, cedar and guiacwood.

All of our hair, styling and shave formulas have been developed in accordance with our own barbers’ strict standards, to provide top-shelf products that evoke the experience of visiting one of our barbershops.


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