Psychic Medium Rev. Sherry Sherry

Psychic Medium Rev. Sherry Sherry



Born with the gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience, and always thought everyone could talk

with spirits, until I was told I was 'weird'.

10 years of study with masters and techers to refine

the gift I was born with.

I never take what I do for granted. It is a gift and a

blessing, and meant to be used to help others.

Over 28 years of professional experience.

Private readings, public events, radio, television.

8 years CBS 94.7 The Tommy Show on-air

8 years Sirius XM The Stars Channel on Broadmiinded on-air

17 years MIX107.3 Jack Diamond Morning Show

Annual NYE Gala with 800 - 1,000 people

CBS WUSA Washington DC numerous appearances


Numerous public events, fundraisers, store events, private parties


1 employee
33 years in business
Serves Herndon , VA

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Frequently asked questions

Send an email with your information and questions.
Or you may call and leave a message, and my
assitant Debbie or I will get back in touch with you.

Over 10 years of training with a variety of teachers and

Depending on type of service requested.
Private consultation are done via phone or in person.
Private consultations are booked by the hour/half hour.
I am located in Leesburg Va

(extra charge for travel, over 50 miles may require hotel accomodations as well)

Started by doing readings for friends, then their friends, then friends of friends of friends and then people started to hear about me and contact me for readings as well (I did not advertise).  Invited to work at some larger events, office parties, fund raisers for about 10 years, while still giving private readings,then came a call from CBS and the rest is history as they say. All of my radio and TV work has come by referal and word of mouth, I don't have an agent, and have never approached them to promote myself.

Private readings for clients of all ages, and a wide range of situations.  Home clearings/blessings.  Past lives.
Charities for fund raising events, corporate clients for
corportate parties and employee parties, businesses for
events for Halloween, Mardi Gras, Valentines Day.
Singles groups for Valentines dinners.  'Haunted House'
investigations (including Fox5).
Giving workshops on meditation, soulmates, past lives, tarot reading, seeing auras, ESP, and energy reading/balancing.

Look for somone honest and compassionate. 
Avoid ones with neon signs.  ;-)
Any reader that tells you that you (or your family tree)
 have a curse -  leave -  holding your wallet tightly.
Anyone that insists you need to book regular sessions
weekly, monthly (and possibly pre-pay), sign a contract etc - DON'T.
Anyone that tells you you need, prayers, candles, ceremonies and wants to charge large amounts - they are 90% of the time after your money.
There are legitimate healing energies that some people work with, but they don't charge $500 to get special candles to burn for you (you never see them) or a $1,000 because your case is so bad they need to pay extra friends to pray for you.
If they have a secret investment opportunity that they will let you in on because they like you so much -- keep your money.
Avoid any reader that feels like you have to do what they say, they should run your life. 
A  reader should hopefully help guide you to live your best life, through good times and difficult times, but they should not run your life for you. 

What are their questions?  
General?  Specific?
Are they open to what ever informaton (valid)
they may recieve.
Write down your questions ahead of time.
Sometimes something that seems small turns out to
be significant.

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