Tattoos By Johnny Gallardo

Tattoos By Johnny Gallardo

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I specialize in repairs, allot of my new clients are requesting that. I try to take a personal interest in each tattoo and aim to give the client a personal posative attitude and a sterile artistic experience. I am State Certified for Blood Born Pathegins and very versita different styles and techniques. I am proficient in most styles, and always willing to push the envelope.

Besides enjoying doing artwork, I also enjoy meeting the people and the whole tattoo experience and having your work appreciated enough for a person to wear it on their skin. I also enjoy setting up. As a tattooist gets more successful, that task usuall falls to an apprentice. Besides not currently apprenticing, I am picky, and mostly prefer to set up myself.


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    Kaelyn F.

    Johnny is a great artist, light handed and my tattoos look amazing. I can not wait to get more ink!!
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    October 30, 2020
    Hired on Fash

    Frequently asked questions

    I am a firm believer in communication. So I usually ask the client allot of questions about the tattoo and themselves. As many as possible without annoying a person. It is so I make no mistake about an fassett of the Tattoo. And the client gets their turn as well. I want them to feel secure in entrusting me to do their tattoo. I don't believe people need smug or a cocky attitude from their Artist. I believe Tattooing is a very personal and spiritual partaking, and should be aproached with a level of respect no matter who the person is, or what piece they may be getting.

    I have an extensive Art background. I studied at The Art Institute of Los Angeles, I apprenticed at the Long Beach Pike when it was called Bert Grimms under legends Bob Shaw and Rick Walters, bless their souls, and Danny Wylde of Tattoo Mania in Hollywood. State Certification for Blood Born Pathegins.

    I try to base my pricing by the hour. The amount of time it takes to set up is on me, but I do take materials into account. I will work with the client and break it up into sessions if the client desires, or has to tap.

    I've always been artistic. I won a couple Art contests in school when I was a kid. I had done my first tattoo while serving in the U.S. Army. But honestly, I got myself into trouble and needed a hustle while encarsurated. My first machine was made for me out of a Sony Walkman motor and a guitar string. After a while, I learned with a real machine before apprenticing at a shop.

    I think I've seen it all, Celebrities, Cons, Gang Members, Jocks, Servicemen and Women, Dancers, Rappers. I have many stories of many tattoos. But just when you think you have seen it all....

    Well, I really like the Shows at the Queen Mary. Those are always so much fun!!!

    You better make sure that the Artist is anal clean.Preferrbly, disposable if the first visit with that Artist. I was tought with metal, but most use plastic now. It shows in an Artists work, dictating how much he/she cares about their profession.

    Really think about the Artwork and envision ones's own pain threshold. Allot of people these days want to go big out the gate. I like that and think its great until I get all set up and the client taps after an hour and a half. Thats why I may suggest a few sittings with larger pieces.

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