Find a tattoo shop in San Diego, CA

Find tattoo shops in San Diego, CA

Find tattoo shops in San Diego, CA

Share a few details and we'll show you the best tattoo shops in your area.
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Find tattoo shops in San Diego, CA

Share a few details and we'll show you the best tattoo shops in your area.
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Top 10 tattoo shops in San Diego, CA

Clients agree: these vendors are highly rated for knowledge, experience, communication, and more.
Grosero Tattoo Skate

Grosero Tattoo Skate

New on Fash
Serves Lemon Grove, CA
We're THE only tattoo skate shop in San Diego, specializing in all black n grey tattoos, custom script and letters with the best customer service. Been in business since 2010 and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.
Desecrated Tattoos

Desecrated Tattoos

2 hires on Fash
Serves Huntington Beach, CA
Christopher T. says, "An awesome experience got the ink I wanted at a very high quality. I fully recommend and will get work from here again!" Read more
Tattoos By Danny B

Tattoos By Danny B

New on Fash
Offers online services
1 hire on Fash
Serves San Marcos, CA
I love being able to tattoo something that goes above the clients expectations and see them excited about there tattoo I love everything about my job. Being able to be creative and design a tattoo and being able to continually out do myself and continually get better at tattooing
Tatts Hmu

Tatts Hmu

New on Fash
4 hires on Fash
Serves Chula Vista, CA
I have over 10 years of experience tattooing. Reasonable prices. I charge by the piece not the hour.
The Tattoo Locker

The Tattoo Locker

New on Fash
Serves San Diego, CA
Satisfaction comes when a customer is fully satisfied. When I see the expression of amazement on my clients face that's what satisfies me. I enjoy the entire process, when it all comes together. Knowing there's nothing more you could of done to create a unique one of a kind perfect tattoo.
Caleb Lynch Tattoos

Caleb Lynch Tattoos

New on Fash
Serves Murrieta, CA
I am a tattoo artist specializing in many styles of art. I do color realism, black and grey realism, neo traditional, anime, cartoon, stickers, and cover ups. I produce a quantity produce that I stand by and provide an in depth healing process as well as after care for all my clients. My goal is to give you an original tattoo that has not been 1000+ times. I try to take your ideas and refrences and make something original and unique for you my clients that way your tattoo is yours and no one else has it. I preffer to do in person consultation to get the most information about you and your tattoo so I may create the best possible tattoo for yo

Your tattoo shop questions, answered

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Fash.

The average cost for a tattoo is $50 to $250 for a small or simple image like a heart or cross, or $150 to $450 for a medium-sized tattoo like a portrait or tribal design. For a complex design or large tattoo, like a half or full sleeve or full back, prices start and $500 and can reach $4,000.

Tiny tattoos under 2 inches typically cost $30 to $100 or the tattoo parlor's minimum fee.

Tattoo artists charge $120 to $150 per hour, depending on their experience and reputation and the design complexity.

Tip a tattoo artist 20% if you're happy with their work or up to 25% for intricate custom designs or if the artist exceeded your expectations.

Many tattoo places also do piercings for ears, noses, tongues, belly buttons, and more. However, not all shops offer this service. Contact local tattoo parlors to confirm whether piercing is offered.

After finding a tattoo artist who specializes in the style you want, book an initial consultation to discuss your design placement, size, colors, and features. Most consultations are free and last 30 to 60 minutes. After confirming the design, the artist will schedule your appointment.

During your appointment, you'll be seated in a tattoo chair, usually in an open area. If you prefer a private area, be sure to request it in advance.

The artist will prep your skin, then apply a stencil or draw the design on your skin so you can review it and make any final changes. Then, the artist will tattoo the design with needles inserted into the skin. Though the process will hurt, most artists agree the first minute is the worst.

A tattoo takes up to 6 months to fully heal, though your skin will go through several stages of healing during that time.

  • At week 2, the tattoo may begin to itch as it flakes and scabs.
  • In weeks 3 and 4, a layer of dry skin will form over the tattoo before exfoliating itself, and the itchiness will fade. Redness and itching at this stage may be an early sign of an infected tattoo.
  • After the first month, all itchiness and redness should be gone, but the skin below your tattoo may continue repairing itself for up to six months.

Follow these tips to select the right tattoo artist for you:

  • Decide what style of tattoo you want. Look for artists who specialize in that style.
  • Ask for recommendations from friends and family.
  • Read reviews on Fash and Google.
  • Browse tattoo artists' portfolios of designs similar to yours.
  • Look for licensed, certified tattoo artists.
  • Choose the tattoo placement.
  • Meet with the artist for an initial consultation to discuss your ideas and vision for the design.
  • Confirm the shop is clean and sanitary and the staff is professional.

Ask the tattoo artist these questions before deciding who to hire:

  • How long have you been tattooing?
  • Are you licensed and certified?
  • Which styles do you specialize in?
  • Can I see your portfolio?
  • Which placement would you recommend for this design, and why?
  • How do you sanitize your equipment?
  • What aftercare routine do you recommend?
  • What deposit do you require?
  • Do you guarantee your work? What happens if you make a mistake in my design?

Reviews for San Diego tattoo shops

Recent success stories from people in the San Diego area.
Natalia S.
For great service, personality, and a professional experience this is the place to be ! I have been trying to find a trustworthy place and person to do a matching sternum tattoo for my sibling and I for months. When I found desecrated tattoo and I immediately knew this was the place.not only were they open to my busy schedule but they were kind enough to make not just my personal experience comfortable and enjoyable but my siblings as well. Thank you for everything!! I’ll definitely be back!!
Desecrated Tattoos
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