Average cost for Psychics ranges from
$25 - $60 per reading

The average cost for a psychic is $30 per guest. Hiring a tarot card reader, you will likely spend between $25 and $60 per reading. The price of a psychic can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code). View our local psychics or get free estimates from pros near you.

How much does a psychic cost?

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Millions of people ask Fash for cost estimates every year. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, then we share those prices with you.

Because psychics can often see what’s ahead in your life, they can be interesting guests at events. They can read energy, connect people with the divine or deceased loved ones, and reset attitudes and emotions.

Some psychics do interactive Qi energy readings with tiles, some have visions, others are empaths—tuning in to people’s thoughts and emotions.

Cost of Individual Psychic Sessions

Psychics base their prices for individual sessions on the number of services they offer, their locations, years in the psychic industry, reputations, and travel time (if relevant).


Sessions can last anywhere from five minutes to an hour.

Event Pricing

Many psychics are open to being hosted at private or semi-private parties and corporate or private events.

For $150 per hour, and $100 for each subsequent hour, Golden Dragon Fortunes (San Francisco, CA) offers mini-fortunes for up to 100 guests, adjusting the time per guest to fit the venue, number of guests, and time booked. Their mini-fortune is a general Qi Energy reading that creates a road map for the next six to eight months of a person’s future.

Sherrie Lynne of Party Psychic in NYC is a psychic entertainer, giving “upbeat and fun readings to engage and inspire your guests.” She gives custom quotes.

Many event psychics can be Skyped in to smaller events. Most are willing to travel for parties and events once expenses are covered.


For events, the initial hour will cost slightly more than the subsequent hours, or psychics will have a set price in place. Geralyn St Joseph’s business seminar training is set at $5,000 for a full day, with personal guidance sessions set at $280 an hour for a minimum of three sessions, and a 30% discount for new clients.

Psychics sometimes offer packages to individuals, like Soul to Soul, Denver, CO’s monthly intuitive sessions for $100/hour after an initial session at $130.

Psychic Services Offered

As well as those mentioned above, psychics’ services can include: tarot card readings, palm readings, divine connection, crystal ball readings, chakra balancing, clairvoyance, channeling, visualized activations, angel card readings, medium, intuitive relationship coaching, interpersonal communication assessments, telepathic messages, remote viewing, healing energy, and seeing upcoming happenings.

For instance, Vickie Gay Psychic Medium, Oakland, CA (from $350/hour) says she has visions; enters thoughts, feelings, and your future outcomes; hears, sees, feels, and channels spirits of those crossed over; assists the FBI with murder cases, and has solved some; scans the body and sends spiritual healing to people and pets; and sees world events.

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Psychic Specialties and Education

Some psychics have studied one particular type of psychic ability extensively. Maggie Carraher of Soul to Soul, Denver, CO, has a BS in kinesiology—the kinetics of the body—and has also taken multiple courses in the metaphysical arts and studied chakras in depth. She does several group workshops per month.


Online searches using the name of the psychic person or business will usually yield sufficient results to let you know if the person if a truly gifted and accurate psychic or not. The best testimonials are like this one for Geralyn St Joseph (PA): “She has made several predictions that no one could have known in advance.”

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