Average cost for a Rock Band ranges from
$550 - $1100

The average cost for a rock band is $700. Hiring a rock band for your event, you will likely spend between $550 and $1100. The price of rock bands can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code). View our local rock bands or get free estimates from pros near you.

How much does hiring a rock band cost?

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Regardless of the type of event you plan to host, hiring a rock band will allow you to turn the volume up. You can source all types of bands based on their style, experience, and overall sound. In some cases, you can hire bands that are just starting out for a fraction of the cost.

In comparison, you may want to invest in a quality, highly professional band that wows your guests. In this case, you can pay thousands of dollars for their musical talents and services. Some of the most common variables that influence cost include how a band structures their standard rate (i.e. the duration and/or size of the event), the gear required, travel expense, etc.

How do rock bands structure their rates?

Most often, rock bands will charge based on the amount of time they'll be at the event. As you would expect, bands that play multiple sets at an all-day party will cost more than a musician who plays just one 30-minute set.

In other cases, bands charge based on the number of members or the size of the anticipated audience. If you would like to request that they play certain songs, there may also be an additional fee involved. This is something you can discuss on a case-to-case basis and is often associated with cover bands, such as those offered by CALI Entertainment.

While working with a company such as Cleveland Music Group, with 300 employees and 20 years in business, you bet they'll be able to offer a structured rate that fits both you and the live band's expectations. They offer bands at an average of $3,500 for four hours on a Saturday. However, their prices range considerably. In some cases, you can hire a solo jazz or rock artist for as little as $250.

Variables that impact the final cost

The three main variables that impact cost include the size of the band (i.e. a four-piece band will cost less than a band with six backup singers); the sound and gear required (i.e. the need for special equipment); and travel costs (some bands will travel significant distances to play select events).

How to save money when hiring a rock band

Thanks to various online platforms, such as SoundCloud and YouTube, you can now research many up-and-coming bands. These bands are often very talented but since they lack experience in the industry, they often charge significantly less. Also, avoid bands that have a booking agent, as this will drive up your final cost.

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