Average cost for a Wedding Band ranges from
$550 - $900

The average cost for a wedding band is $720. Hiring a wedding band to play on your big day, you will likely spend between $550 and $900. The price of band entertainment can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code). View our local wedding bands or get free estimates from pros near you.

How much does a wedding band cost?

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Thinking of hiring a musician or band for a wedding? This has become a very vital important part of the big celebration. The wedding entertainers can make or break the mood of the wedding, so it's a decision to made wisely.


Performing Fees for Wedding Venues: What to Consider

It's important to know the type of fee the performers expect, in order to properly plan budget and savings.

Depending on the type of setting for the wedding, some folks opt for a solo musician who specializes in classical or rock, jazz, pop, or a combination of everything.

The cost will usually depend on a number of factors, including:

  1. Date and time (even musicians have high and low seasons!)
  2. Distance the performer must travel to your venue
  3. Experience or popularity of the performer

Let's look at some of these points in detail.

Should one pay a flat or hourly fee?

It is better to go with what most musicians and bands charge: a flat fee for every performance, which can vary depending on the number of hours expected. But it is also a good policy to ask the artist themselves what they prefer. It could be anything from $100 per hour, to $300-$500, but upwards of $5,000 for a whole band. The more the performers, the higher the bill.

Wedding Band

Skill & Expertise

Musicians who are just starting out their performing career usually charge less than ones with more experience. For an overview of the sounds, music, and performance vibe, visit a musician's SoundCloud or social network pages. It's possible to access music or video files to get an idea of their repertoire and sounds.

Electronic, Sound and Lighting Gear

If a musician or band does not come with their own sound gear, part hosts may have to rent it. Check if there may be microphones, fog machines, or extra speakers needed. Or else, the musician will charge an extra amount to cover these expenses. Always be sure of the agreed-upon budget beforehand, so that there are no surprises.

Food & Drinks

Have extra food and drinks prepared for the performing musicians. Otherwise, they may charge a higher rate to cover their lunch and dinner expenses while on the job.

Date of Performance

Prices for performers can also be seasonal. There are certain times of the year when wedding singers and musicians are more in demand, as well as certain days. Weekends, for example, are a peak time for hiring party entertainment.

Wedding Band

Travel Fees

If the venue is particularly far for the musicians, they may charge an extra travel fee. This will cover any travel expenses to and from the venue, as well as travels within the city if needed, during the duration of the wedding event.

Payment & Cost-Saving Strategies

Usually, party hosts are required to make a deposit that will secure the wedding performer's services. This could be a 15 or 25 percent deposit, depending on the artist. Usually, the rest of the payment is given the day of the wedding.

Another option for saving costs on wedding entertainment is to have the guests provide it! Maybe some guests will offer their musical services as their wedding gift, or there may be dance performances planned. A good idea is to hire a wedding DJ who covers the music side of things while all of your guests enjoy the celebration!

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