How much is drone photography pricing?
Ashburn, VA

How much is drone photography pricing?

Ashburn, VA

How much is drone photography pricing?

$100 – $300average cost for real estate photos
$250 – $500average cost for real estate photos & video
$50 – $300average cost per hour

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$100 – $300 average cost for real estate photos

$250 – $500 average cost for real estate photos & video

$50 – $300 average cost per hour

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Drone photography prices

Real estate drone photography prices are $250 to $500 for 5 to 10+ aerial photos and a 30- to 120-second video.

Drone photography rates are $50 to $300 per hour.

A drone wedding video costs $300 to $900 alone or $200 to $500 as an add-on service.

Drone photography & videography prices
Service Average cost
30- to 90-minute drone photography shoot (5 to 15 edited images) $100 – $300
30-second- to 2-minute real estate video & 5 to 10+ edited photos $250 – $500
1- to 3-minute real estate video & 15 to 25+ edited photos $350 – $800
Drone wedding video service $300 – $900
30-minute aerial video at 4K resolution $5,000 – $10,000
Hourly rates $50 – $300

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Real estate drone photography pricing

Drone real estate photography costs $100 to $300 on average for standalone service or $50 to $100 as an add-on to standard real estate photography.

Drone photographers typically include a top-down shot clearly showing the property size, layout, and surroundings, and several angled shots from different viewpoints.

Drone real estate photography & videography pricing
Package type Average cost Includes
Drone footage add-on $50 – $100 5 – 15 aerial images
Drone photos only $100 – $300 5 – 15 aerial images
Drone video only $200 – $450 30-second to 2+ minute video
Drone photos & video (small) $250 – $500 5 – 10+ aerial images 30-second-to-2-minute video
Drone photos & video (large) $350 – $800 15 – 25+ 1-to-3-minute video

A drone flown by a professional operator to photograph a home for sale.
A drone flown by a professional operator to photograph a home for sale.

Aerial drone photography cost factors

Aerial photography and video pricing depends on many factors, including:

  • Drone type – Professional drone equipment costs $2,000 to $10,000+. Pilots using high-end equipment typically charge more but produce higher quality images and videos.

  • Experience – A new drone pilot may charge $25 to $50 per hour as they build their portfolio. A highly rated, seasoned professional may charge up to $500 per hour in some areas.

  • Number of photos & video length – Price increases with the length of video or number of images as they require more shooting and editing time.

  • FAA regulations – Professional drone pilots must be FAA licensed. Additional permits may be required if the area is a restricted flight zone.

  • Insurance – Professional drone photographers spend $450 to $750+ per year for liability insurance coverage and factor this overhead cost into their pricing.

  • Travel fees – Most drone pilots add travel charges when working outside a specified radius.

  • Add-ons – Adding ground photography or extensive editing options increases costs. Still, many businesses charge less per service when purchasing a multiple-service package.

  • Editing – Drone photo and video editing costs $70 to $180 per hour. Editing services include video stitching, color balancing, and special effects. Some packages include editing.

  • Rush services – Many professionals add $25 to $100+ for same day or next day rush service.

Drone operator rates per day & hour

Drone operator day rates are $500 to $1,700 on average for a full day or $400 to $1,100 for a half-day shoot.

For shorter jobs, drone pilots charge $50 to $300 per hour, depending on location, drone equipment, and pilot experience.

Drone operator rates
Charge Average cost
Per hour $50 – $300
Per half-day $400 – $1,100
Per day $500 – $1,700

Drone wedding video cost

A drone wedding video costs $300 to $900 on average for standalone drone service or $200 to $500 when adding drone footage to a wedding photo and video package.

Total cost depends on the shoot length, video length, and the amount of post-production work needed.

  • Drone video works best as a compliment to traditional wedding videography and photography.

  • Consider adding drone footage if the wedding is at a large venue with beautiful outdoor landscaping and surroundings.

  • Most professionals recommend a site visit and trial run to map out flight paths and ensure the pilot captures the couple's vision. A trial runs typically costs less than day-of service.

Is drone photography worth it?

Drone photography and videography is worth it for real estate listings as listings with aerial shots typically sell 50% to 60+% faster than those using standard photography.

Drone footage at a wedding may be worth it for couples celebrating at a large venue like a beach or winery.

Get free estimates from drone photography services near you.
Drone photography and videography pros and cons
Pros Cons
  • Covers a wide area from many different angles
  • Shows a property's proximity and accessibility to nearby amenities.
  • Shows areas not visible from the ground
  • Increases real estate listing traffic
  • Provides a unique "bird's eye view" perspective
  • Requires expertise and licensing
  • May produce noise during operation
  • Often takes more time to produce than standard photo and video
  • Seasonal and weather limitations
  • Restricted in some areas

Getting estimates and hiring a drone photographer

Before hiring a drone photographer near you, be sure to:

  • Ask friends, family, or coworkers for referrals.

  • Get at least 2 to 3 estimates to compare.

  • Use the FAA's B4UFLY website or app to confirm drones are allowed in the area you want the photos or video.

  • Look for members of the Association of Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) who have been in business more than five years.

  • Review their website and portfolio.

  • Browse their reviews on Fash and Google.

  • Avoid going with the lowest quote as the quality may suffer.

  • Get a contract in writing detailing copyright terms and everything included in the package.

Questions to ask

  • What experience do you have with drone photography and videography?

  • Do you have a valid FAA Part 107 license?

  • Do you have formal training or certifications?

  • Do you carry insurance coverage?

  • Do you have a portfolio of past projects or a demo reel to share?

  • Can you provide local references with contact information?

  • What if there is severe weather?

  • Are there any licenses or permits required for my location?

  • Do I need to be on location when you shoot?

  • How quickly do you provide the footage?

  • Is copyright release included in the price?