How much is real estate videography pricing?
Ashburn, VA

How much is real estate videography pricing?

Ashburn, VA

How much is real estate videography pricing?

$250 – $600average walkthrough videography cost

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:

$250 – $600 average walkthrough videography cost

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Real estate videography pricing

Real estate videography pricing ranges from $150 to $900 on average, depending on the length, type, and whether purchased with other services.

A real estate video walkthrough costs $250 to $600.

A short highlight reel costs $150 to $400 and focuses on the home's best features.

Real estate videography pricing
Package Average cost
Short highlight reel $150 – $400
Video walkthrough $250 – $600
Aerial drone footage (video) $200 – $450
Interactive 3D virtual tour $100 – $360
Video walkthrough & photography $300 – $900
Photography only $150 – $300

Cost data is from research and project costs reported by Fash members.

Real estate highlight reel video cost

A real estate highlight reel costs $150 to $400 for a short video spotlighting the home or property's key viewpoints.

Highlight reels are 30 to 60 seconds and typically include sweeping shots of the front exterior, the main interior rooms, and the home's best features.

Real estate video walkthrough cost

A real estate video walkthrough costs $250 to $600 on average and includes 1 to 3+ minutes of footage showing the whole exterior and interior space. Home size and video features affect the length and cost.

Premium feature options include voiceovers, aerial video, and complex cinematic shots.

Real estate video walkthrough cost
Home size (square feet) Average cost
Up to 1,500 $100 – $350
1,501 – 3,000 $200 – $500
3,001 – 5,000 $400 – $800
5000+ $600 – $1,000+

Real estate drone video pricing

Real estate drone video pricing is $200 to $450 for the video alone or $250 to $800 for an aerial video and photo package.

Some companies include drone footage in their standard walkthrough pricing, while others offer it as an add-on for $50 to $100.

A drone flown by a professional operator to photograph a home for sale.
A drone flown by a professional operator to photograph a home for sale.

Interactive 3D tour cost for real estate

An interactive 3D real estate tour costs $100 to $360 on average and uses 360° photos digitally stitched together to create an online duplicate of a home or property.

A 3D tour allows potential buyers to get a feel for the home and surroundings without physically visiting the location.

Get free estimates from real estate photographers near you.

Real estate video cost factors

Real estate video cost factors
Rate Average cost
Hourly rate $80 – $200
Cost per project $150 – $600+

The largest factor affecting real estate video cost is the home or property size. Other cost factors include:

  • Project complexity – A simple, one-story, easily accessible home takes less time to shoot than a multiple story home with a complex layout requiring more footage.

  • Video quality – Some videographers charge a premium for 4K or high dynamic range (HDR) videos. HDR videos offer the truest color range and clear window views, ideal for homes with beautiful landscaping and exterior views.

  • Equipment – A professional using high-quality, expensive camera equipment, editing and audio recording software typically charges more.

  • Experience – Hiring a well-known, highly-rated videographer costs more than hiring a budding videographer trying to build a resume.

  • Add-ons –Extra features like narration or an on-camera actor increase the cost.

    • Including a voiceover adds $50 to $150 per minute.

    • Adding special effects costs $50 to $300+.

    • Scriptwriting adds $100 to $300.

    • Increasing the video length adds $100 to $400 per minute.

    • Adding a dedicated property website costs $30 to $200.

  • Packages – Many professionals offer reduced prices for purchasing multiple services like a video walkthrough, photography, and interactive 3D tour package.

  • Editing – Most real estate videography pricing includes shooting and initial editing. Re-edits or extensive post-production work to make a listing commercial or update the video for YouTube increase the cost.

  • Travel fees Videographers charge $1.00 to $1.50 per mile or a flat extra fee for jobs outside a specified radius.

  • Music – Music licensing for a real estate video costs $20 to $50 per song, or less when using a subscription-based licensing service. Some videographers include music in their video walkthrough pricing.

  • Season – Travel fees are typically higher during extreme weather like ice and snow.

  • Time of week – Videographers often charge more for weekend appointments.

  • Rush services – Same day service often adds $25 to $100+.

A real estate videographer recording a video of a home's interior.
A real estate videographer recording a video of a home's interior.

Hourly rates of real estate videographers

Real estate videographers charge $80 to $200 per hour on average for shooting. Video editing rates are $70 to $180 per hour. Hourly rates are common for larger homes and properties requiring scouting, staging, and extensive post-production editing.

Real estate photography cost

Real estate photography costs $150 to $300 per shoot on average. Property size and layout, image number and quality, and photographer experience affect the cost.

Adding twilight photos costs $100 to $250 for images captured at dusk, when the sky's lighting is best for showcasing the property's exterior.

  • Twilight photography as a standalone service costs $200 to $300, depending on the number of images.

  • Editing a photo with virtual twilight costs $20 to $40 per image.

  • Virtual staging costs $30 to $60 per image.

Frequently asked questions

Is real estate videography worth it?

Real estate videography is worth it in most cases as listings with video typically receive 300% more traffic. Including videography in a market where most listings only have photos may help a property sell faster.

High value and remote or difficult-to-access properties benefit most from adding video to a listing.

What does a real estate videography include?

Real estate videography includes interior and exterior video shot and edited to add a detailed view of a home or property to an online listing.

Most videos are 30 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on the property size, layout, and whether it's a full walkthrough or a short highlight reel.

Some videographers also include aerial footage in a real estate video.

How much do real estate videographers make?

Real estate videographers make $40,000 to $60,000 per year on average. Salary depends on geographic location, education level, certifications, skillset, and experience.

Real estate videographers charge by the hour or per job. Hourly rates include both on-location shooting time and post-production work.

Getting estimates and hiring real estate videographers

Before hiring a nearby videographer, be sure to:

  • Ask friends, family, or co-workers for referrals.

  • Look for professionals specializing in real estate videography.

  • Read their reviews on Fash and Google.

  • Check out their website and portfolio to get an idea of their style and video quality.

  • Do a walkthrough with the videographer and inform them of the home's features you wish to highlight.

  • Get a detailed contract in writing breaking down everything included in the package, refund and cancellation policies, and video copyright terms.

  • Avoid hiring the cheapest videographer as quality may suffer.

Questions to ask

  • What experience to you have with real estate videography?

  • Can you provide references with contact information?

  • Do you charge a travel fee?

  • Do you use professional-level equipment suitable for real estate videography?

  • What is and is not included in the price?

  • Will the video have music or narration?

  • Do you offer add-on services?

  • How quickly can you schedule the shoot?

  • What is the best time to shoot the property?

  • How quickly will I receive my videos?

  • What marketing listing platform do you use?

  • Do you provide technical support if we experience issues after the video is uploaded?