How much does tailoring cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much does tailoring cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much does tailoring cost?

$10 – $50 simple alterations cost (add buttons, hem, taper, or let out)
$50 – $250complex alterations cost (adjust shoulders, recut pants)
$500 – $5,000+custom tailoring cost (made-to-measure suit or gown)

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$10 – $50 simple alterations cost (add buttons, hem, taper, or let out)

$50 – $250 complex alterations cost (adjust shoulders, recut pants)

$500 – $5,000+ custom tailoring cost (made-to-measure suit or gown)

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Average tailoring prices

Tailoring costs $10 to $50 on average for simple alterations and $50 to $250 for more complex work. The cost to tailor pants and jeans is $10 to $100 while tailoring prices for jackets and coats are $25 to $250. Custom-tailored suits and gowns cost $500 to $5,000.

Average tailoring cost
Alteration type Average cost Includes
Simple alterations $10 – $50* Add buttons, fix zippers, hems, and size adjustments
Complex alterations $50 – $250 Adjust shoulders with sleeves or recut pants
Custom tailored suit $500 – $5,000+ Made-to-measure suit or gown

*Minimum service charges apply. Cost data is from research and costs reported by Fash members.


Alterations cost $10 to $50 for simple changes and are a great way to improve the fit and appearance of a garment. Complex alterations take longer and cost $50 to $150. The most common alteration services include:

  • Hemming to shorten the length of pants, skirts, and dresses

  • Shortening sleeves on shirts or jackets

  • Taking in a garment to make it smaller in the waist, sleeves, or legs

  • Letting out a garment to make it larger in the waist, sleeves, or legs

  • Adding darts or small pleats to tops or pants for a more fitted look

  • Replacing missing buttons, fixing zippers, and adjusting straps

  • Adjusting shoulders to resize a garment

  • Recutting pants to make them slimmer through the waist, hips, and legs

A tailor measuring a client for a suit or tux.
A tailor measuring a client for a suit or tux.

Custom tailoring

In addition to alterations, tailors offer made-to-measure suits and gowns starting at $500 and going up to $5,000+. Costs for custom-tailored clothing depend on the expertise of the tailor, the quality of the fabric, and the complexity of the garment design.

Most tailored suits and gowns fall into three categories:

Custom tailored garment types
Custom tailoring type Cost Details
Made-to-measure $
  • Starts with a standard suit or gown pattern, modified based on your specific measurements
  • Limited material options
  • Fits better than an "off the rack"
  • Typically does not feel like an absolute perfect fit
Custom $$
  • Pattern created based on your specific measurements and preferences
  • Adjustments if needed over one or more fittings
  • More fabric options than made-to-measure garments
  • Better fit than made-to-measure
Bespoke $$$
  • Requires the skill of a tailor with many years of experience
  • Created and refined over several appointments with the garment loosely stitched together
  • Best fitting result

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Tailoring costs by garment type

If you are a less than common size or just prefer a perfect fit from your clothes, hiring a tailor is a great way to make sure you look your best. Most professional tailors or seamstresses have a standard price list with common alterations and their costs.

Tailoring costs by garment type
Garment Average cost
Tops, shirts, & blouses $10 – $65
Pants & jeans $10 – $100+
Jackets & coats $25 – $250
Dresses & skirts $15 – $65
Other items $10 – $40

A tailor pinning adjustments in place on a woman's coat.
A tailor pinning adjustments in place on a woman's coat.

Tops, shirts, & blouses

Tailors alter both men's and women's tops with prices ranging from $10 to $65, depending on the fabric and alterations needed. Common shirt alterations include shortening the length or sleeves, tapering the body or sleeves, and adding darts for a flattering fit.

Tailoring costs for tops, shirts, & blouses
Alteration Average cost
Hem $15 – $25
Taper $25 – $35
Shorten sleeves $10 – $50
Adjust shoulders (sleeveless) $15 – $25
Adjust shoulders (with sleeves) $50 – $65
Taper sleeves $15 – $50
Add darts $10 – $30

Pants & jeans

Pants are more commonly altered than tops because pants are often harder to fit "off the rack". While you can still wear a shirt that is a bit big, it is harder to wear pants that are dragging the ground or won't stay up on your waist.

Tailoring costs for pants & jeans
Alteration Average cost
Hem or cuff $10 – $20
Taper legs $20 – $40
Adjust waist $15 – $25
Adjust waist, seat, and crotch $20 – $35
Replace lining $15 – $25
Recut pants (slim through the hips from both seams) $50 – $100+

Jackets & coats

Tailoring a jacket or coat will help improve the fit, make it more comfortable, and extend the life of the garment by reducing stress on the fabric when the sleeves or shoulders are too tight.

Tailoring costs for jackets & coats
Alteration Average cost
Shorten $30 – $90
Taper sides $25 – $60
Shorten sleeves $25 – $50
Lengthen sleeves $30 – $50
Taper sleeves $25 – $50
Adjust shoulders $75 – $150
Add darts $30 – $40
Replace lining $25 – $50+

A tailor measuring a client's wrist for a suit jacket.
A tailor measuring a client's wrist for a suit jacket.

Dresses & skirts

A favorite dress or skirt can make you feel confident, but a poorly fitting one can be uncomfortable and unflattering. Tailoring ensures a perfect fit that makes you look and feel your best. A tailor can also add details to make the garment more unique and stylish.

Tailoring costs for dresses & skirts
Alteration Average cost
Hem (depending on lining) $25 – $65
Taper $25 – $45
Adjust waist $20 – $25
Shorten sleeves $15 – $35
Taper sleeves $15 – $25
Adjust shoulders (sleeveless) $15 – $25
Adjust shoulders (with sleeves) $25 – $45+
Add piping or details $20 – $50

Other items

Don't let a shirt or dress hang in the closet simply because it needs a button replaced or zipper fixed. A tailor can quickly fix the problem for less than you might imagine. Replacing buttons costs $1 to $3 each, and many tailors do minor fixes for free for regular clients.

Tailoring costs for other items
Alteration Average cost*
Replace buttons $1 – $3 per button
Replace or add a hook and eye $1 – $3 per set
Replace zipper $10 – $25
Adjust straps $10 – $40
Add or alter belt/ sash $10 – $40

*Minimum service fees may apply.

Factors affecting the cost of tailoring

The cost of tailoring varies depending on several factors, including:

  • Alteration type – Straightforward, simple alterations like hemming are cheaper than complex alterations involving several parts of a garment.

  • Experience – Highly-skilled tailors and those in high demand tend to charge higher rates for their services.

  • Garment fabric – Delicate fabrics like silk are easily damaged and require more skill to alter. Stretch fabrics with elastic fibers and leather are also more difficult to sew, increasing costs.

  • Garment condition – A garment in poor condition may incur a surcharge, making the alterations cost more than the garment is worth.

  • Location – Tailors in urban areas typically charge higher rates than those in rural locations.

  • Surplus fabric – Alterations that require the tailor to use a lot of extra fabric may result in higher costs.

  • Turn-around time – Tailors often charge a premium for quick turn-around times.

Tips for tailoring appointments

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your tailoring appointment:

  • Be clear about what you want – Communicate the specifics about what you want to be shortened, taken in, or let out and make sure the tailor understands your expectations.

  • Bring everything you need – Having the right shoes and undergarments can make a difference in how the garment fits.

  • Ask questions – Ask for the tailor's professional opinion and be open to their suggestions.

  • Be prepared to pay – While many tailors charge for their services when you pick up the garments, some charge a deposit, especially for custom-made suits or gowns.

  • Try on the garment – Before you leave the shop with your altered clothing, be sure to try it on and be honest if you are not happy with the fit.

Wedding dress tailoring

Tailoring a wedding dress costs $150 to $700, depending on the job complexity and the tailors' time and rates. Alterations on delicate fabrics and those with heavy embellishments cost more. Some tailors offer a flat alteration fee of $500 to $1,000 for wedding dress alterations, not including customizations.

Additional bridal gown tailoring

Minor bridal gown or bridesmaid dress alterations cost $20 to $100, depending on difficulty, dress fabric, and tailor rates. Small adjustments can improve the fit, style, and comfort of a wedding or bridesmaid dress.

Get free estimates from tailors near you.
Wedding dress alterations and fitting session
Wedding dress alterations and fitting session

Tailoring FAQs

How much does tailoring cost?

Tailoring costs from $10 to $50 for simple alterations like adding buttons, adjusting straps, hemming, or tapering. More complex alterations like adjusting shoulders or recutting pants cost $50 to $150. Custom-tailored clothing like made-to-measure suits or gowns cost $500 to $5,000 or more.

Is tailoring worth it?

Yes, tailoring can definitely be worth the price, especially if you can snag a great sale on a designer garment that just doesn't fit quite right. Building a good relationship with a tailor can help you:

  • Keep the clothes you love

  • Save on new clothing

  • Get a great fit

  • Make your clothing last longer

  • Build your confidence by looking your best

Do you tip tailors?

Tipping a tailor is not customary in most places. Tailors are paid by the hour or by the task, so tipping is not expected. However, if you are happy with the work, consider tipping 10% to 15% as a gesture of appreciation.

What can be altered?

Clothing that is too big can be taken in several sizes pretty easily. Clothing that is too small is a bit more difficult. Expanding a waistline is only possible when there is enough allowance to let the fabric out, and even then, the material may leave a mark along the seam.

Getting estimates from tailors

If you have some clothes that you love but they just don't fit, look through our list of skilled tailors near you and follow these suggestions:

  • Look for tailors with great reviews on Fash and Google.

  • Pick from tailors with standalone shops as opposed to a dry cleaning shop that also offers tailoring service.

  • Discuss your expectations in detail and choose a tailor who understands your style and what you're looking for.

  • Ask to see a portfolio or examples of their work.

  • Confirm the tailor is available and can complete your garment by the time you need it.

  • Review all contract terms before signing and don't pay for the garment until you are completely satisfied.

Questions to ask

Consider asking these questions when selecting a custom tailor:

  • How many years have you been a tailor?

  • Do you have a portfolio or finished pieces that I can look at?

  • Do you have a list of prices for standard alterations?

  • How many fittings will I need to schedule?

  • How long will the alterations take?

  • What should I bring to the first appointment?

  • Do you press or steam my items before pickup?

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