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Find Tailors near me

Share a few details and we'll show you the best tailors in Ashburn.
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Best In Beauty

Best In Beauty

New on Fash
We cater to hair by not just doing hair but giving education in several ways to care for the hair and maintaining a business
Bouaze Pierre Bespoke Llc

Bouaze Pierre Bespoke Llc

New on Fash
13+ years in business
Detailed services
Judith's Boutique And Alteration LLC

Judith's Boutique And Alteration LLC

Deryn P. says, "Judith was very attentive to all of the details. She also altered my veil and I had a specific request that I did not want it longer than the hem of my dress. Great job and my dress fit beautifully! " Read more


2+ years in business
Olufunmi O. says, "Let me tell you, Otisbeaute is a real designer that is yet to be discovered by many! She represents among the highest levels of customer service I have experienced. All the dresses she has ever made for me were all like designer made them. She is very fantastic! The service is smooth and straightforward. Great service, efficient communication. I will definitely recommend Otisbeaute to anyone 100x" Read more
Quad Creations Events

Quad Creations Events

New on Fash
Offers online services
25+ years in business
Create Signature Events, event design & coordinator, logistics specialist. Fashion/beauty focused events, grand openings, fashion shows & more; 100+ variety of events in 20+ years EP industry experience.

Your custom tailor questions, answered

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Fash.

How much does it cost to have clothes tailored?

Custom tailoring an existing garment can cost as little as $10 to as much as $300+, depending on the location, clothing type and material, and the specific change or changes needed. In general, smaller alterations like a seam repair or a quick pant hem cost $10 to $50. Larger alteration jobs or more complex garments with multiple layers or tricky changes typically cost $50 to $250.

Custom tailoring also includes creating new garments made to specific measurements. The cost for new custom-tailored creations can range from $400 to $5,000+.

How much does a custom-tailored suit cost?

A custom-tailored suit costs $500 to $3,000 on average, but pricing can vary greatly depending on the material cost, the tailor's experience and skill, and the type of customization. Some tailors offer wardrobe package deals that reduce the cost per garment.

Most tailored suits fall into three categories:

  • Made-to-measure – As the least expensive custom suit option, a made-to-measure suit starts with a standard pattern, and the tailor modifies the pattern based on your specific measurements. Material options are limited in this category. Once fitted to your measurements, the suit fits better than an "off the rack" suit, but typically does not feel like an absolute perfect fit.
  • Custom – For a custom suit, the tailor creates a pattern based on your specific measurements and preferences, and then adjusts it if needed over the course of one or more fittings. You have more fabric options than made-to-measure suits offer, and the result is typically a better fit than a made-to-measure suit. Custom suits cost more than made-to-measure suits but are not the most expensive option.
  • Bespoke – Bespoke suits cost the most, are the best fitting, and require the skill of a tailor with many years of experience. A Bespoke suit is created and refined over several appointments with the garment loosely stitched together.

Should you tip a custom tailor?

Tipping a custom tailor is not expected, but as with most service industries, tipping is both acceptable and appreciated. Consider tipping 15% to 20% to show your thanks if your tailor does an outstanding job or goes above and beyond to ensure your custom creation is completed by a certain date.

What is custom tailoring?

Custom tailoring involves creating clothing to precise measurements or altering clothing to different measurements to create a better fit. Custom alterations can be as simple as hemming a pair of pants that is too long or as complex as creating a fully custom or bespoke suit. Most tailors are trained to work by hand and with a sewing machine.

What is the difference between a tailor and a seamstress?

A professional tailor primarily alters clothing, such as hemming garments or making changes to a suit for a better personal fit. Many tailors also create fully custom clothing from a pattern or design. Tailors typically work with men's clothing, including suits, shirts, and coats, but may also work on women's garments.

A seamster or seamstress is a sewing professional who primarily makes clothes using a design or pattern. They also make alterations to clothing and repair garments. A seamstress works on all types of men's and women's clothing as well as non-clothing items like pillows and curtains.

Both seamstresses, seamsters, and tailors work in alteration shops, dry cleaners, and high-end fashion stores. In a men's suit store, you are more likely to work with a tailor. In a bridal boutique, you are likely to work with a seamstress.

How long does custom tailoring take?

Custom tailoring takes 2 to 4+ weeks on average, depending on the item, the number of alterations, and the shop's location and schedule. Simple alterations can sometimes be done in 2 to 3 days. Fully custom-tailored suits or Bespoke suits often take 2+ months.

Can any clothing be tailored?

Tailors can alter almost any type of clothing, but whether a specific garment can be tailored depends mostly on the fabric and the type of alteration needed. If a garment is one size too big, taking in or shortening the fabric is possible in most cases, though some fabric is easier to work with than others. Tailoring a garment that is more than one size to big is more challenging to keep the proportions correct. If a garment is too small, the tailor's ability to alter it to meet your needs will depend on how much fabric there is too work with.

How do I choose the best custom tailor near me?

Follow these guidelines to help you choose a custom tailor:

  • Check out their reviews on Fash and Google.
  • Choose a tailor with a standalone shop that focuses on tailoring alone as opposed to a dry cleaners shop that also offers tailoring service.
  • Discuss your preferences in detail and choose a tailor who understands your style and what you're looking for.
  • Ask to see a portfolio or examples in their shop.
  • Confirm the tailor is available and can complete your garment by the time you need it.
  • Review all contract terms before signing and make the final payment only when you are completely satisfied.

What questions should I ask when hiring a custom tailor?

Consider asking these questions when choosing a custom tailor:

  • How long have you been a tailor?
  • Do you have a portfolio or finished pieces in your shop I can see?
  • Do you charge a flat fee for alterations or individually for each change?
  • How many fittings will I need?
  • How long will the alterations take?
  • What should I bring to my first appointment?
  • Do you press my items before pickup?

Reviews for Ashburn tailors

Recent success stories from people in the Ashburn area.
J. B.
Judith has keen attention to detail and proportion. Careful and exacting seamstress!
Judith's Boutique and Alteration LLC
Debbie is very professional and passionate about what she does.
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