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I have officiated hundreds of weddings at over 40 different--mostly outdoor--wedding venues in Central Texas. I am a pastor for over 30 years, now Associate Pastor of a church in Buda area.

I have never had a couple not love the ceremony I led. You are welcome to direct what you want in the ceremony, including adding elements you want. I am a good sounding board for ideas. I like to get to the site early to see if there's any loose ends needing attention. I know how to keep the ceremony brief, positive and with a touch of humor. It is a celebration of marriage.

Typically the message I do is only 8-12 minutes depending on weather conditions. If you add processional and recessional and vows, then the whole ceremony is about 20 minutes. A little longer with added elements.

My charge includes unlimited consultation by phone, text, email or visit.

I enjoy seeing a ceremony that brings some laughter and hearing meaningful comments afterwards.


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Frequently asked questions

I like to visit in person with a couple.  If that's not possible then a phone call is good.  That way they can see if I am a match personality-wise.  I like to get to know the couple so I can add a little personal element to the ceremony.

We discuss what they want in the ceremony and they can bounce ideas off of me since I've been a part of many weddings.  I ask them questions about key prep points, like music, processional, recessional, vows, etc. 
I stay in contact with the couple as the wedding gets nearer to go over any changes or questions.  

I hold a bachelors from the University of Texas, and a Masters of Divinity and a Doctorate of Ministry from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth.  I have been a pastor for over 30 years in which I have provided pastoral counseling and care.

I typically charge $150 for a local wedding without much travel time, and $250 for rehearsal and wedding.  (15 miles or less)  I charge more for time on the road depending on the distance.  My charge includes unlimited consultation by visit, phone call, text or email.

I've conducted weddings through my church ministry all of my career.  Back in about 2006 I did a wedding at a local wedding venue.  The wedding coordinator liked what I did so well that she made sure I was included in a list of preferred officiants.  Weddings became a source of funds to pay off my kids college debt as I expanded to doing weddings at many different venues.  

Since my ceremony is fairly traditional Christian ceremony, with the use of Scripture, couples who prefer my services will be those with a Christian background, regardless of denomination.  I can tailor the ceremony according to the needs of the couple.  Since the ceremony is brief--due usually to weather conditions--I keep my message in the ceremony very brief, positive with a touch of humor to keep it light.

You can view a video that includes some glimpses of my participation in a recent wedding below.  It's a favorite because of the laughter:

Look at the center of the page just below where it says “hired this vendor?”

to find “1 video”. 

Look for someone who is a pastor if you want a pastoral touch and a Christian ceremony.   However, many pastors are not geared to the type of ceremonies that are held in most venues.  Find a pastor who knows to keep the message brief, positive and light.  

Do you want a Christian ceremony or a secular one?  Do you want special elements in the ceremony, like symbolic elements after the vows, and is the officiant familiar with them? 

ALSO have you considered a winter wedding?  Weddings from November through March, in Texas have about a 75% chance of being beautiful Spring-like days, whereas summer weddings can be oppressive. 

If you choose a summer wedding, find out how much shade is over the wedding site at the same time of the day as your ceremony.  Consider elderly folks who physically struggle with the heat. Have iced water bottles and consider allowing the guests to hang out in the climate controlled building before the wedding and not dismissing them to the outdoor wedding site until you are sure the wedding is just 5 or 10 minutes away. 

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