How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost?

$3 – $8 Per Invitation Suite

Overall, you can expect to spend $3 to $8 per person on a wedding invitations suite which includes, invitations and reply cards, save the dates, reception cards, place cards, and thank you cards. Your final cost will depend on the design, printing process, and type of paper or add-ons. Get free estimates from wedding invitation services near you.

Average Cost of Wedding Invitations

The average cost for 100 wedding invitations and response cards is $80 to $275. Once you include the save the dates ($75), reception cards ($60), menu cards ($75), thank you cards ($60), and place cards ($50), the average bride spends $400 to $700 for an invitation suite before postage.

Average Cost of Wedding Invitations

Average Cost of Wedding Invitations
Guests Average Cost
25 Guests $75 – $200
50 Guests $150 – $300
75 Guests $250 – $500
100 Guests $400 – $800
150 Guests $600 – $1,200
200 Guests $750 – $1,600

Although you may source wedding invitations for a lower rate, some brides spend as much as $2,000 for 100 engraved invitations! There are plenty of factors which impact the final price, including the paper used, the technique chosen, if you have a big guest list, and where the wedding invitations are sourced from. Before you settle on a wedding budget, our guide will help you make an educated decision.

Average Cost For 100 Wedding Invitations
National Average Cost $600
Minimum Cost $250
Maximum Cost $2,000
Average Range $400 to $1,000
Couples send out wedding invites six to eight months before the big day.

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  1. Average Cost of Wedding Invitations
  2. Wedding Invitation Price Factors
  3. Wedding Invitations Cost by Print Style
  4. Wedding Invitation Prices by Design Style
  5. What Type of Paper is Used For Invitations?
  6. Wedding Invitations Near Me

Wedding Invitation Price Factors

Selecting your invitations and other stationary materials is the first step of all the wedding planning to come after you choose a wedding date. When purchasing wedding invitations, there are a vast number of variables involved which impacts your final price tag.

From the experience of the designer (if you work with one) to the style of the invitation itself, the average cost can dramatically shift from one taste and budget to the next. Also, are your just purchasing invitations and RSVP cards, or the whole wedding invitations suite?

Wedding Invitations Suite Cost
Per 100 Cards Average Cost
Invitations & Response Cards $80 – $275
Save the Dates $50 – $150
Reception Cards $50 – $150
Menu Cards $50 – $150
Thank You Cards $50 – $150
Place Cards $50 – $100
Grand Total $330 – $975

Range of wedding invitations styles, colors, and designs

Invitation Printing Cost

Currently, the average American couple spends $445 on wedding invitations with a guest count of 120—which works out to be $3.70 per invitation. Remember, the total cost can change drastically depending on the paper, design elements, and printing techniques you choose.

Although there are many potential variables, some of the core factors that impact the final cost include:

  • The paper used – The type of paper and materials you select will significantly influence the final cost of your wedding invitations. For example, one-hundred-percent cotton paper is undoubtedly luxurious and elegant -- but it's also the most expensive. You may also pay more for shiny invitations in comparison to matte.
  • The technique used – Certain processes require multiple steps, driving up the cost of your invitations. For example, letterpress and engraved techniques look great but tend to increase the overall cost by a significant amount. As you can imagine, this is based on their high labor costs.
  • Add-ons – There are many optional inserts that you can include, such as maps or directions. However, since this information can often be included on the invitation itself, these additional inserts are not typically necessary. Just some of the optional add-ons include foil printing, a paper upgrade, wax seals, and more.
Please note: Some companies and designers may charge a minimum rate based on x-amount of wedding invitations. Be sure to inquire about any minimums if you plan on having a small wedding.

Linen handmade wedding invitations with bride and groom add-ons and white ribbon

Wedding Invitation Graphic Design Cost

Many couples work with a graphic designer before their invitations are sent to a print shop. Hiring a designer ensures that their wedding invitations are personalized precisely as they envisioned. Depending on who you work with, this cost could be as much as $600 — especially when working with a highly experienced calligrapher or designer.

However, most often, you can expect to pay an hourly rate when seeking a custom invitation design. For example, one designer may charge $45 an hour, whereas another may charge a set rate for a package, including x-number of invitations + a custom design + print and delivery for x-amount.

Wedding Invitations with RSVP Cards

You can include additional elements in your wedding invitation envelopes. Of these add-ons, RSVP cards are fairly common. If you decide to include these, expect to pay anywhere between $50 and $150 per 100 cards, chosen from a template.

Average Cost of Save the Dates

Before sending out the official wedding invitations, many couples will send out a simple save-the-date card, which often highlights their engagement photos. Since these tend to focus more on a photograph and are less formal, they tend to cost around $100 per 100 save-the-date cards. Once again, this cost will fluctuate based on some of the variables listed above.

Lace-edged top insert wedding invitation envelope with lavender bow and ribbon

Cost of Stamps for Wedding Invitations

Postage is another cost you'll need to consider, as each invitation costs an average of $0.49 to send. If you plan on sending 100 invitations, that will be $49 in domestic postage from the US Post Office. If you are sending invitations abroad or if each envelope is fairly heavy (over an ounce), you will pay more.

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How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost by Print Style?

The printing method selected will have a major impact on the final cost of your wedding invites. That is why if you're not mindful of the style you choose, you could end up spending a large chunk of your final budget then you initially anticipated.

The style and printing technique is one of the most significant factors in price, which is represented by the various options below. There are many options to create a finished product that will match your wedding day style and feel.

Wedding Invitations Cost by Print Style
Print Style Average Cost Per 100 Cards
Thermography $800 – $1,000+
Letterpress $700 – $1,500+
Engraved $1,500 – $2,000
Offset Printing $800 – $1,200
Digital Printing $300 – $1,100

wedding scroll invitation with butterfly add-on with high-end paper

Thermography Wedding Invitations

Thermography printing is a specialized process that combines the use of a powdered resin with offset printing -- which will cost anywhere between $800 to $1,000+ per 100 cards. In this case, you can obtain a much higher quality print in comparison to conventional digital printing.

Average Cost of Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Letterpress may also require significant manual labor, especially with custom designs. For 100 letter-pressed invitations, expect to pay around $1,500 on the low end of the spectrum. Most often, you will be charged a base rate and then depending on how many colors you choose, additional costs will be added onto the initial base price.

For example, printing-only letterpress costs may be as low as $700 per 100 cards or as high as $1,500+. If you decide to opt for custom designed letterpress invitations, you'll be looking between $900 and $3,000.

Engraved Wedding Invitations Cost

Couples who have a more roomy budget, or would love for their invitations to really pop, an engraved design is always an ideal choice. Being the most expensive option, expect to pay as much as $2,000 per 100 invitations. This technique can be very labor-intensive, which is reflected in the above average cost.

Modern wedding invitation in envelope with calligraphy seal

Offset Printing Wedding Invitations

Offset printing costs are similar to the price of thermography wedding invitations, costing around $1000 per 100 cards. This technique is also often referred to as flat printing or lithography.

Digital Printing

Being the most inexpensive option, digital printing is represented by a flat, smooth finish. In this case, expect to pay as little as $300 per 100 cards up to $1,100+ per 100 cards.

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Wedding Invitation Prices by Design Style

In some cases, couples design their own invitations, saving on the associated designer costs. When they decide to go this route, there are printing costs related to their final order. For example, you will likely pay between $80 and $275 for 100 invitations, depending on the material selected and the number of colors chosen. The more colors included, in general, the higher the print shop or stationery store will charge.

Aside from the techniques discussed above, there are additional design elements that impact the final price of wedding invitations. These include the following options.

Wedding Invitations Cost by Design Style
Design Style Average Cost Per 100 Cards
Foil $1,600 – $1,800 ($400 for accents)
Deckle Edge Paper $500 – $800+
Calligraphy $200 – $500

wedding invitation with foil ribbon pearl bow and laser cut paper

Foil Wedding Invitations

If you're interested in adding a metallic finish to your invitations, foil stamping is an ideal choice. Costing between $1,600 and $1,800 for 100 full foil stamp cards, you can choose from copper, gold, silver, and rose gold. If you only want to select accents, you could likely buy 100 cards for closer to $400.

Deckle Edge Paper Wedding Invitations

Often used in modern wedding invitations, deckle edge paper offers a soft, textured "torn" look. If you do not take the DIY approach, which is incredibly time-consuming, expect to pay around $725 for 125 invitations.

Average Cost of Calligraphy for Wedding Invitations

Depending on who you work with, the cost of hiring a professional calligrapher could be as high as $2 to $5 per invitation. Of course, many variables will be considered, including materials used, anticipated turnaround time, and the type of paper used.

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What Type of Paper is Used For Invitations?

Currently, there are many high-end options available in regards to the physical paper used when creating wedding invitations. Some of these include:

  • Cotton fiber – Those interested in a classic, elegant look, cotton is a beautiful option. However, it is also the most expensive.
  • Recycled – Popular among those hosting a rustic, more eco-friendly wedding, recycled invitations range from the use of kraft cardstock to paper made from repurposed materials.
  • Vellum – Prepared from calfskin, this paper is known for its unique look and texture. Among those who are vegetarian, there is also vegetable vellum available.
  • Glassine paper – Both grease and water resistant, glassine paper is generally used for wedding invitation envelopes.

Handmade wedding invitations made of vintage paper with buttons, ribbons, and add-ons

From matte to glossy, linen to handmade paper, there are so many options to choose from, supporting all styles and budgets.

Get free estimates on Fash from trusted wedding stationery services. You can also visit online retailers like Shutterfly, Minted, and Etsy for more options and price points for your wedding invites.

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