How much does a videographer cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much does a videographer cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much does a videographer cost?

$75 – $350hourly rate
$700 – $2,000+daily rate
$500 – $2,300average total cost

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$75 – $350 hourly rate

$700 – $2,000+ daily rate

$500 – $2,300 average total cost

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Videographer prices

Videographer prices are $75 to $350 per hour or $700 to $2,000+ per day. Videography rates depend on the event type and length, number of videographers, and package type. Professional videographers cost more for corporate events and weddings than for sports games, performances, and birthdays.

Average videographer cost
Event or charge type Average cost
Hourly rate $75 – $350
Day rate $700 – $2,000+
Non-corporate event (performance, sports game, birthday party) $300 – $1,000
Wedding $1,400 – $3,600
Corporate event $1,000 – $3,500 per day
Music video $600 – $3,500 per day

*Cost data is from research and project costs reported by Fash members.

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Videographer rates per hour & day

Videographers charge different rates according to the event type and duration.

Videographer hourly and day rates
Rate Average cost
Hourly rate (non-wedding projects) $75 – $350
Hourly rate (weddings) $125 – $350
Day rate $700 – $2,000+
Travel rates $0.50 – $1.50 per mile

Videographer rates depend on:

  • Event type – Videography for corporate events and weddings typically costs more than for sports games, performances, and other parties.

  • Event length – Videography packages typically come with either 2 hours, a half-day, or a full day of filming, depending on the event type.

  • Video crew size – Rates increase for projects that require multiple videographers. However, some companies offer discounts on the hourly rate for each additional cameraperson.

  • Editing Video editing rates are $20 to $150+ per hour, depending on experience and the project type. Some videographers include editing in their package price or flat rate while others charge for it separately.

  • Add-ons – Videographers typically charge separately for add-ons like highlight reels, Instagram edits, or live streaming.

  • Holidays – Expect to pay premium rates to hire a videographer for events held on holidays like Christmas or New Year's Eve.

  • Geographic location – Videographers charge more in New York City, Los Angeles, and other major metropolitan areas.

Videographer hourly rate

Videographer hourly rates are $75 to $350 per hour for corporate events, recitals, sports games, and birthday or anniversary parties.

Wedding videographers charge $125 to $350 per hour for the first cameraperson plus $100 to $200 per hour for a second videographer.

Videographer day rate

Videographer day rates are $700 to $2,000+, depending on the event type. Videographers charge $1,000 to $3,500+ per day for corporate events requiring multiple cameras.

A videographer recording a corporate event.
A videographer recording a corporate event.

Videographer travel rates

Videographers charge travel rates of $0.50 to $1.50 per mile beyond the first 30 to 50 miles. Additional travel expenses include hotel accommodations, meals, and transportation.

Videographer payment schedule and deposit

Videographers typically require a 50% deposit upon booking. The remaining 50% is due 1 week to 30 days before the event.

Large video production companies may split the cost into four payments instead:

  • 25% deposit to book the date

  • 25% on or up to 30 days before the day of production

  • 25% upon delivery of the first rough edit

  • 25% upon delivery of the final product

Average videographer cost by project

Average videographer costs start at $250 for real estate projects and small non-profit events. Corporate commercials and marketing video projects can cost more than $5,000.

Videographer cost by project
Project Average cost
Weddings $1,400 – $3,600
Birthday parties & anniversaries $350 – $1,000
Recitals & performances $300 – $800
Sports games $300 – $650
Mitzvahs $800 – $2,000+
Documentary videos $500 – $3,000+
Corporate events $1,000 – $3,500 per day
Corporate commercials and marketing videos $1,000 – $5,000+
Non-profit events $250 – $650
Music video $600 – $3,500+
Real estate videography $250 – $600

Event videography packages & pricing

Event videography pricing is $300 to $1,000 for non-corporate events like recitals, performances, sports games, and parties.

Videographers charge $1,000 to $3,500 per day for corporate events, which typically require multiple camerapersons filming at the same time.

Wedding videography charges

A wedding videographer costs $1,400 to $3,600 on average, with most couples spending around $2,500. Prices depend on the package, add-ons, number of videographers, and event length.

A professional videographer filming a wedding ceremony.
A professional videographer filming a wedding ceremony.

Freelance & professional video production charges

Video production costs $800 to $4,000 per finished minute, depending on the video type and whether you hire a freelance videographer or a larger production company.

  • A music video costs $2,000 to $50,000+, depending on the crew size and production level.

  • Real estate videography costs $250 to $600 for a video walkthrough of the home.

  • Commercial videos cost $1,000 to $5,000+ for videography and editing alone.

Video production costs per hour
Service Average cost per hour
Main videographer $75 – $350
Second videographer $25 – $200
Actors or presenters $50 – $500
Narrators or voice overs $25 – $100
Script writer / marketer $30 – $150
Video director $25 – $200
Video editor $20 – $150+
Video rendering $25 – $75
Project management $25 – $200
Equipment rental $25 – $200+
Studio / location rental $100 – $500
Special effects $30 – $200
Makeup artist cost $50 – $120
Hair stylist cost $50 – $150

Hands holding a clapboard next to a camera for a video production.
Hands holding a clapboard next to a camera for a video production.

Photographer & videographer cost

Though the fields are related, photography is typically booked separately as most videographers don't offer photography services.

  • The average cost to hire a photographer is $100 to $250 per hour or $25 to $100 per edited image, depending on the event type and their experience level.

  • A wedding photographer costs $1,600 to $3,600 total, with most couples spending around $2,500. Wedding photography prices depend on the package, add-ons, location, and number of photographers.

Videography pricing sheet

Many videographers offer a la carte pricing for extra services or add-ons:

Get free estimates from videographers near you.
Videography price sheet
Service Price range
4K UHD video $300 – $1,200
Additional shooting hours $75 – $350 per hour
Ceremony or event live-stream $250 –$800
Cinematic / special effects $250 – $500
Documentary edit add-on $350 – $850
Documentary video only $1,000 – $2,000
Drone / aerial event coverage $200 – $600
Extra DVD, Blu-Ray, or USB drive $25 – $65
Guest interviews $100 – $400
Highlight film (3 – 5 minutes) $350 – $850
Instagram edit / 60-second teaser $200 – $400
Jib/crane filming $500 – $800+
Photo insertion in video $150 – $350
Photo montage to play at reception $250 – $750
Raw footage $150 – $500+ 
Rehearsal dinner coverage $500 – $1,500
Save-the-date / Love story video $400 – $1,400
Second videographer $400 – $800
Wedding ceremony-only video $400 – $1,000

Videographer FAQs

What is a videographer?

A videographer records and edits video footage for live events and small-scale productions, such as weddings, corporate events, commercials, and documentaries. Many videographers also handle sound production for these events.

Do videographers provide raw footage?

Some videographers provide raw footage for an extra fee of $100 to $500+. Raw footage is the unedited footage of your event with hundreds of video clips in separate files, not one continuous video. Raw footage does not incorporate high-quality audio from external microphones.

Are videographers worth it?

A videographer is worth it to capture more than a photograph can. Your event only happens once, and a video allows you to relive your favorite memories from that special day.

How much to tip a videographer

Tip $50 to $100 to the lead videographer and $50 to $75 for the assistant or second shooter. However, tipping a videographer is not expected if the videographer owns the business. Consider tipping if the videographer works for a larger video company or exceeds your expectations.

How to find and hire a videographer

Before choosing a videographer near you, be sure to:

  • Look for videographers whose style matches the video type you like best.

  • Read their reviews on Fash and Google.

  • Interview your favorite videographers and discuss your ideas and vision.

  • Ask the videographer about their pre-event, event day, and post-event process.

  • Get a detailed contract in writing that breaks down everything included in your package, the payment plan, and the refund and cancellation policy.

  • Discuss the video usage rights to confirm how you and the videographer can use the footage. Videographers often retain the copyright to use the videos for marketing and social media.

  • Don’t make the last payment until you’ve received the final video.

Questions to ask videographers

Ask these questions to ensure you hire the best videographer:

  • How many events have you filmed, and which event types do you specialize in?

  • How many events do you film per year?

  • What’s your videography style and approach?

  • Can we see examples of finished videos you created?

  • What packages do you offer, and how much do they cost?

  • Can you describe your editing process?

  • Do we get any input into the final product?

  • How do you choose the music for the video, and can we choose the music?

  • If you charge a travel fee, what does it cover?

  • What is your payment schedule and required deposit?

  • What is your refund or cancellation policy?

  • Do you carry backup videography equipment?

  • When will we receive our edited video?

  • What format will you deliver our video in?

  • Will we own the rights to the video, or are there any sharing or use restrictions?

  • Will you share our videos on your website or social media?