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Offers online services
Offers online services


I run a small business with a primary focus on assisting people. My objective prioritizes customer satisfaction over monetary gain. I find joy in aiding individuals in achieving their goals and ensuring that their overall experience leaves them feeling positive and fulfilled.


1 employee
20 years in business
Serves Corona , CA
Offers online services

Payment methods

Cash, Check, Venmo, Zelle

Social media


Photo subjects

Pet(s) and family, Pet(s) only

Number of pets

One pet, Two pets, Three or more pets

Pet type

Dog, Cat, Livestock, Other types of pets

Shoot location

Home, Outdoors, Photo studio

Photo style

Traditional (posed, looking at the camera), Candid (captured in the moment), Action shot (active, in motion), Artistic (focused on composition, lighting)

Photo formats

Digital or online download, CD / DVD, Flash drive, Physical proofs and prints

Total final shots needed

Customer wants 1 – 5 final, edited shots, Customer wants 6 – 10 final, edited shots, Customer wants 11 – 15 final, edited shots, Customer wants 16 – 20 final, edited shots, Customer wants 21 – 30 final, edited shots, Customer wants 31 – 50 final, edited shots, Customer would like pro's recommendation


Under $100 (typically for brief photoshoots), $100 – $150 (typically for brief photoshoots), $150 – $250, $250 – $350, $350 – $500, $500 – $750, More than $750, Customer is not sure

Photos and videos

  • Architecture
  • Architecture
  • Landscape
  • Hospitality
  • Hospitality
  • Hospitality

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    mark R.

    Extremely personable, knowledgeable and thorough, a pleasure to know and work with.
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    May 02, 2023


    karl W.

    Hes thoughtful, asks a lot of questions about what you want, and builds on that.
    Offers sound suggestions, and overall did an outstanding job.
    Definitely use him again.
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    May 01, 2023

    Frequently asked questions

    The typical process for working with a new photography client involves initial discussions to understand the project requirements, followed by the creation and agreement upon a proposal and contract. Pre-shoot planning may be undertaken if necessary. The actual photoshoot is conducted based on the agreed plan, after which the photographer selects and edits the best images. The final edited photos are then delivered to the client, who provides feedback and, if needed, requests revisions. Once the client is satisfied, final payment is made, and the photographer may follow up for future collaborations. This process ensures clear communication, collaboration, and client satisfaction throughout the photography project.
    With around 25 years of experience in photography, graphic design, and editing, I have accumulated over five years of expertise in both weekly tabloid and monthly magazine production. My educational background includes studies at UCLA for film and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.
    I maintain a standard hourly rate for services, but I generally prefer billing based on the total number of images produced.
    At the age of 10, I was gifted a Kodak Brownie, which sparked my passion for photography. Over the years, my fascination with the art deepened, particularly in the realms of fashion photography and the compelling work of war photographers like Robert Capa. This early exposure ignited my interest in capturing not only the beauty of fashion but also the raw and powerful narratives that emerge from the lenses of photographers documenting conflict and war.
    I have experience working with various customer types, including those in product photography, architecture, real estate, fashion, and advertising.
    A recent adventure that truly captivated me involved venturing to South America to photograph the awe-inspiring Panama Canal in action. I delved into the enchanting streets of Old Panama and Cartagena, Colombia, absorbing the profound history, captivating architecture, vibrant art, and the pulsating beat of the culture. It was an immersive experience, allowing me to not just witness but deeply connect with the people, making every moment a dramatic and unforgettable exploration.
    For customers approaching me, I recommend asking questions to ensure clarity on your vision. If you have a specific image you'd like to replicate, please share it for reference. If you appreciate a certain style in my previous work, feel free to encourage artistic freedom, allowing me to capture the essence that aligns with your preferences. Communication and sharing your expectations help in achieving the best results.
    Before reaching out, customers should clarify their project's goals, establish a budget and timeline, express preferred styles, and outline any technical requirements or restrictions. It's crucial to research the my portfolio and indicate the level of involvement desired in the creative process. Clearly communicate the intended use of the final product and address any potential challenges or specific considerations upfront. This preparation ensures a more efficient and successful collaboration with me.

    Services offered

    Boudoir Photography
    Portrait Photography
    Real Estate Photography
    Commercial Photography
    Headshot Photography
    Business Photography