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Bagel Broker is a small family owned company that pays particular attention to detail wether it be in the creation of our food or in our customer service. We are well aware that we would not be in business after 32 years if we did not focus everday on what brought about our success, the quality of our food and our attention to our customers needs.

I love making food wether it be our bagels or some of the more specialized catering that we do. Bringing people together to enjoy a good meal brings me joy and something I have been doing since I would make weekend breakfasts for my mother growing up.


20 employees
36 years in business
Serves Los Angeles, CA

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    Shari I.

    Great service and amazing bagels!
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    May 14, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    Since we are 32 years old we get most of our business from refferals of long time customers or people who find us on the inernet and read about our reputation. When someone is new to our shop we encourage them to call or come in to discuss what their needs are and do our best to stear them towrads what we believe will make for the best meal based on their occasion and budget.

    I have been working at the Bagel Broker for over 25 years now and my partner is a graduate of the California Culinary academy. He is an encredible chef and a better business partner. 

    We do not have a standard pricing system, 

    We do have a menu and then we often will do things based around a budget that our customer provide us.

    My father started the bagel Broker while I was in high school so I joined the business a few years after graduating high school. My partner is a graduate of the California Culinary academy and worked as a chef around San Francisco and LA until I finally convinced him to join Bagel Broker and open a catering division of our business.

    We work with all kinds of customers. Everyone who eats carbs, and many who don's, love bages. Our price point is such that we are affordable to most people and that gives us a very wide array of customers.

    I recently went to Smörgåsboard @ Row LA. I found the creativity, style and flavors of the food to be incredible. It was a great place to enjoy delicious food on a Sunday afternoon.

    Find someone you feel comfortable working with that you believe cares as much about his or her business as you do about the event you are catering.

    Know your budget and know your crowd.

    If you are feeding a bunch of enviormentalist be sure yor menu has plenty of vegitarian fair and certainly some gluten free options. If your feeding a high school boys basketball team have plenty of meat protien and carbs.

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