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We provide a natural and healthy way to coloring, highlighting and cutting hair. I think of hair as a garden, a living fabric if you will. Coloring hair using plant enzymes, results in a perfectly natural look and feel. Your hair maintains permanent color, no damage at all, the integerty of the hair remains, improves and gets even better over time.

In addition, when highlighting the hair, I use oils, high quality bleach and plant enzymes. The method is a true, freehand painting (Balayage). "This is my favorite service". We have a wonderful demonstration of the hair painting on YouTube.

I also offer a true hair cut called: The Hair Balancing Method.

Cutting and trimming the hair by moon cycles encourages the hair to grow faster and thicker, improving your hair texture.

I have been designing my natural aromatherapy beauty products for over 25 years. Allergic to chemicals, I was driven to find the best, most natural stable ingredients, to aid and greatly improve the life of your hair garden.

Our most famous service is our: Aromatherapy Oil Treament for the life of your hair and scalp. This treatment consists of a 20 minute massage using our remarkable oil blends, hydrating the hair and scalp, while removing impurities. Absolutely refreshing!

We also have a YouTube video on this treatment and won the 2010 Best of LA for our Aromatherapy Oil Treatment.

Since I was a child, I was always interested in health and beauty.

My first weeks of beauty school were a harsh experience due to my overly sensitive system. I made myself a promise right there and then, that I would find a new way, a natural way to express my love for the art of cutting, caring and styling hair. This began my search and interest in the study of natures chemistry and to provide my customers with the best, natural, and most healthy beauty products. I am totally imursed in learning everything possible to improve the health and life of the hair and scalp, and for that matter the complexion as well. My latest discovery is on helping people to grow back hair, people who have suffered hair loss.

Understanding that we thrive in a healthy environment, what we apply to our bodies, must be organic and natural.

Since 1987, I have owned and run Linda Kammins Salon, on 848 N. La Ciengea Blvd., Los Angeles 90069.

My website is; you will see the salon brochure on the upper right side of the website. Please call for discounts and lower price packages, (310) 659-6257.

You can find me on Facebook

Please google me for more information and check out our YouTube videos and our online reviews.

Thank you, I look forward to helping you achieve a wonderful, healthy Hair Garden.


36 years in business
Serves West Hollywood , CA


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Cheralyn J.

Linda has been hi lighting my long hair for nearly five years. It looks so golden blonde, bright, shiny, and extremely healthy. Each time I have hi lights, they look better and better, because she is a true perfectionist and is constantly improving her unique technique of hair painting. My hair looks so natural, and it is never fried because of her special procedure. She is a true artist and chemist at the same time. She has a keen eye for color and her haircuts are amazing. Anyone who wants to have color on their hair, and have it look gorgeous and natural should let her work her magic. Im very fussy about my hair....I trust her completely! Go see her....youll be thanking me.
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May 24, 2017

Frequently asked questions

I always ask new clients to bring to the salon pictures and ideas of how they want to look and feel. Having your hair experience be the greatest ever and a true way of seeing your hair like a hair garden. As a new client you will walk away with new insights and unique knowledge on natural, true, simple hair care.

Outside my Cosmetology license, I have taken a personal interest with a passion for learning nature chemistry and to create the best, most effective beauty products.

The cost of my services are reasonable. I am interested in helping everyone. Ask us about our discount packages.

My sisters and I grew up with my European grandmother. It was important for us to have very long hair, to our knees. I learned about brushing and caring for my hair. As a child I was always making potions with the herbs in our garden. Not to mention, I loved painting and all forms of art. At seventeen, becoming a hair dresser became a natural choice.

I love the work I do and that reflects on my clients.

I enjoyed my interview with Ashley Koff on Simply Natural Living

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