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Average cost of Wedding Flowers ranges from
$865 - $2700

The average cost for wedding flowers is $1,400 for a small wedding (10 pieces) to $5,500 (50 pieces). Budget 8%–10% of your total wedding expenses for flowers. The price of wedding florists can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code). Get free estimates from florists near you.

How much do wedding flowers cost?

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Millions of people ask Fash for cost estimates every year. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, then we share those prices with you.

Every bride expects to have flowers at her wedding, and the final cost will depend on how many she wants and whether or not they are grown in abundance and in season. At the least, flowers will make up the bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets, and your budget will dictate the rest. Budget 8%–10% of your total wedding expenses for flowers.

This pricing guide covers:

Cost of Wedding Flowers

Expect to pay from $1,400 for your wedding flowers for a small wedding (10 pieces) all the way up to $5,500 (50 pieces). The costs below are from and other sites and appear to be an average price from florists around the country:

Wedding Flowers Price List

Types of Wedding Flowers Average Cost
Bridal bouquet $60–$965, average $175
Bridesmaids’ bouquets $60–$65
Flower girl crowns $35–$40
Boutonnieres $15–$35
Church altar flowers $550–$1,585
Reception dinner head table $550–$1,585
Reception dinner tables $550–$800

Wedding Flowers Bouquet

Additional wedding flower arrangement costs

Additional Types of Wedding Flowers Average Cost
Mother and grandmother corsages $20–$30
Ring bearer’s cushion/nest $20
Flower girl’s petals $35
Flowers at the end of the rows $100
Floral arch or arbor $550
Cake or cake table $170
Be sure to account for and add in local sales tax and setup and delivery fees (sometimes as much as 15% of the final cost)

Wedding Flowers Hanging Bulbs

Cheap Wedding Flowers Options

If you’re on an incredibly tight budget, larger grocery stores can save you some money on all your arrangements because of their ability to buy in bulk and fewer overhead expenses. Their wedding flower packages usually come in about three sizes.

For example, HEB offers the following:

  1. Intimate: $305 | Includes 10 floral pieces, (2 Large, 4 Medium, 4 Small)
  2. Classic: $510 | Includes 16 floral pieces (4 Large, 6 Medium, 6 Small)
  3. Extravagant: $865 | Includes 30 floral pieces (4 Large, 14 Medium, 12 Small)

Sam’s Club prices start at $223 for ten pieces up to $1,119 for 43 pieces. But many brides don’t want to say that their flowers came from a grocery store florist.

Wedding Flowers bouquets

Quite close in price are wedding flower packages from wedding planners like NJ Wedding Pros in Brick, NJ, with a flower package of 10 floral (rose) pieces for $399.

Individually itemed prices come from florists like Brenda’s Flowers in LA, with bridal bouquets from $150–$250, bridesmaid’s bouquets at $125, and flower crowns at $36.

You may balk at the prices quoted by prospective florists, but keep in mind that a lot goes into getting flower arrangements ready for one wedding—design, ordering, flower prep, storage, arrangement of each type, delivery, setup, and cleanup.

Just the processing of flowers alone includes taking them out of their packaging, washing each flower and stem, removing thorns, counting flowers, and removing leaves. All this takes hours and must be done before any arranging take place.

Also consider all the extra expenses of foam, floral tape, pins, ribbons, vases, and even the odd arbor and latticework. The prices reflect all of this.

How to Maximize Your Flowers

In order to make the most of your money, follow these tips:

  • Choose flowers that are readily available and in season.
  • Add lots of inexpensive greenery and other nonfloral options like dogwood or pussy willow and large candles to arrangements to occupy airspace.
  • Use church flowers and bridesmaid’s bouquets at the reception tables.
  • Use big flowers.
  • Order one kind of flower in bulk. Repetition and simplicity can look amazing and can get a discount of 10%–15% on the order.
  • Include potted greenery you can take home.
  • Use a venue with lots of existing greenery.
  • A florist working out of his or her house might cost less because of fewer business overhead costs.
  • While picking up the flowers could save on a delivery fee, it can be a mistake because they can easily get damaged and the temperature in the van could damage them too.
  • Have the flower arrangements dried and framed for lasting memories.

Wedding Flowers Chair arrangements

Affordable flowers

Freesia, baby’s breath, stock roses, daisies, stock, freesia, carnations, solidago, chrysanthemum, gerbera, alstroemeria (Peruvian lily), tulips, wax flower, blue thistle, begonia, rice flower, Queen Anne’s lace, spray roses, gladiolus.

Expensive flowers

Some flowers are only available in certain months and might need to be ordered from another state or country when out of season: peonies, gardenias, stephanotis, Casablanca or calla lilies, ranunculas, orchids, lily of the valley, garden roses, and hydrangeas (but the size of these can compensate for the price per stem).

Wedding Flowers table arrangements

Inexpensive greenery

Lemon leaf, variegated or green pittosporum


Silk or dried flowers are also an option, and they give the added advantage of never wilting or dying. have some incredibly realistic-looking silk flower bridal bouquets ranging in price from $6–$140, and sites like sell dried flower arrangements costing from $13–$120.


Keeping the flowers fresh

Use flowers that do well in the local climate, and make sure they do well out of water.

If you’re buying the flowers because friends are doing the arrangements, make sure you buy the flowers from reputable sources so the flowers arrive in good condition and won’t die on the morning of the wedding.

Keep the flowers in water until it’s time to set them in place.

Keep your flowers in a cool location for at least three hours before the wedding so they don’t wilt during the ceremony.


Avoid flowers that brown easily or don’t photograph well, such as gardenias and stephanotis.

Wedding Flowers Arch

Keep the boutonnieres small and simple.

Have the bouquets and boutonnieres delivered at the right time for early photos.

Low-cost ribbons and containers can display flowers beautifully.

Comfort level and tipping

Avoid strong-smelling flowers for the dinner.

Tip the delivery/setup team.

Ordering flowers yourself

A minimum order is typically ten stems per flower type, and some flowers only come in boxes of 25. Some online stores charge double what others will, so check plenty of sites, plus the reviews to make sure they’ll be delivered in good condition. Order them to arrive the morning before the wedding to preserve their condition, and set aside at least eight hours to process the order and arrange them.

After The Wedding


Your florist will/should have included the removal and cleanup of all your flower arrangements after the wedding in the price. If not, you’ll have to hope the guests will take them home or throw them out, which would be a terrible waste considering their fresh beauty.

You can’t always drop the flowers off to the local hospital or nursing home because of their regulations, so weeks before the wedding, look up local nonprofits that pick the flowers up and deliver them to receptive locations for you. You might need to pay or give a donation to the nonprofit picking up your flowers late at night.


Review your florist here on Fash, and ask for links to other sites he or she would appreciate a good review on.

Hiring Your Wedding Florist

With so much to organize and plan, it can be a huge relief to hire a florist with an innate sense of your style and what to recommend based on your budget. Know your budget going in; it will help the florist know what to show and suggest.

Also hire your florist at least eight months before the date to ensure availability and so your florist will be able to give you ideas well in advance that will use flowers in season.

  • Look at the florists’ portfolios from past weddings and check the business’s online reviews.
  • Do a consultation session with your top three to see which one will be the best fit.
  • Show the designers everything—color swatches, dresses, invitations, wedding venue, preferred flowers—so they can get a feel for your style and the venue and come up with a proposal that encompasses it all beautifully. Some florists might be willing to put together some samples or sketches of what’s possible. While showing photos or arrangements from Pinterest might help the florist get an overall picture of your preferences, it can be difficult to mimic the ones you think you’d like because of all the other variables at play. A Pinterest mood board, on the other hand, will be very helpful to the florist to get an overall feel for your style.
  • Let the florist know of any flowers or colors you particularly dislike.
  • Ask about any additional fees or if the setup and cleanup are included in the proposal.
  • Visit the florist’s shop on a week day, if he/she has one, to see if the flowers and arrangements look fresh and the florist seems organized.
  • Know the guest count and number in wedding party to get an accurate proposal.

Tips from Florists on Fash

“Are you comfortable with the florist?  Do you feel totally at ease that her design set will be memorable?  Does she show you the actual floral stems so that you can see them, touch them and smell them?”

Marianne of Marianne’s Custom Florals in Plano, TX
“Know your colors for your event. You should go online and google floral images. Pinterest gives you an endless amount of ideas. Try to have a budget ready, so we know financially what we can do for you. The earlier to contact us the better.”

Donahoe Farms in Nazareth, PA
“We prepare a PowerPoint with photographs of every element of your wedding/event. Once you approve, we will create samples.”

The Flower Bar in Larchmont, NY

Order your wedding flowers today, and we hope you have a fabulous wedding.

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