How much does a wedding venue cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much does a wedding venue cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much does a wedding venue cost?

$2,000 – $9,000average total cost (venue only)
$5,000 – $25,000average total cost (all-inclusive package)
$50 – $250cost per guest (all-inclusive package)

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$2,000 – $9,000 average total cost (venue only)

$5,000 – $25,000 average total cost (all-inclusive package)

$50 – $250 cost per guest (all-inclusive package)

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Average wedding venue cost

A wedding venue costs $2,000 to $9,000 on average for the site rental only. Prices are the highest for peak-season and Saturday weddings.

Wedding venue package prices are $5,000 to $25,000 on average for the site, food, seating, décor, and alcohol.

Average wedding venue cost - Chart
Average wedding venue cost - Chart
Average wedding venue cost
Venue Average cost
Wedding venue site only $2,000 – $9,000
All-inclusive wedding venue package $5,000 – $25,000

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Wedding venue costs by package

Many wedding venues offer all-inclusive packages costing $50 to $250 per person or $5,000 to $25,000 on average. Wedding venue packages account for 40% to 50% of the total wedding budget and typically include the site, catering, seating, décor, staff, alcohol, and a coordinator.

Wedding venue costs by package
Package Cost per person Average cost Includes
Moderate $30 – $80 $4,000 – $10,000
  • Venue on non-peak dates
  • Simple buffet meal
  • Single champagne toast or no alcohol
  • Stock linens in white or black
  • Day-of coordinator services
Standard $50 – $160 $7,000 – $20,000
  • Venue during peak season
  • Several appetizers, a buffet dinner or plated dinner, and cake
  • Beer & wine open bar and well liquor
  • Additional linen and decor options
  • Wedding coordinator services
Luxury $120 – $250+ $15,000 – $40,000+
  • Venue during peak season
  • Gourmet plated dinner selections, cake, and dessert bar
  • Full open bar with top-shelf liquors and champagne toast
  • Brunches, lunches, snacks, activities, and entertainment throughout the weekend
  • Custom linens and décor to match your color scheme
  • Full concierge services, dedicated staff, and shuttle service

*Based on an average wedding of 100 to 150 guests.

  • Package prices are based on guest count. Most venues require minimum guest numbers based on the venue's capacity.

  • Packages typically include 8 to 10 hours of site rental for a 5-hour event, with the remaining time for setup and tear down.

Wedding venue prices by type

Wedding venue prices depend on the type, size, day of week, guest count, and if it's all-inclusive.

Wedding venue prices by type
Venue type Price range
Banquet hall or restaurant $2,200 – $16,000
Barn, farm, or ranch $3,400 – $12,000
Brewery, winery, or vineyard $3,000 – $12,000
Event center $2,000 – $25,000
Historic or landmark building $2,000 – $20,000
Hotel ballroom or resort $1,000 – $20,000
Museum $2,500 – $14,000
Park or garden $2,400 – $12,000
Private club $2,300 – $22,000
Public beach permit $50 – $225

Some couples host their ceremony in a church or garden and book a separate venue for their cocktail hour and reception. Others have their entire wedding in one venue.

  • Peak wedding season in northern climates is in the summer. Southern climates and beach destinations peak in the cooler fall and winter months.

  • Holiday weekends and Saturday weddings have higher fixed pricing, minimum guest requirements, and require more advance notice.

  • Botanical gardens offer reduced rates in fall and winter when the gardens are not in bloom.

Wedding reception hall prices

A wedding hall rental costs $1,300 to $10,000, depending on the size. Larger halls set higher guest minimums to ensure they cover their costs with each booking. Book a reception hall with just enough space for your wedding size to avoid overpaying.

A wedding venue reception hall with open space for dancing.
A wedding venue reception hall with open space for dancing.

Wedding ceremony venue cost

A wedding ceremony venue costs $500 to $2,400 to book a separate location like a church or park for the ceremony. Additional fees may apply for a wedding rehearsal at the ceremony site. A second venue increases the transportation costs for the wedding party and out-of-town guests.

Cost to rent a barn for a wedding

Barn weddings cost $3,400 to $12,000 and offer a scenic and private space for your wedding. Unlike a large hotel or resort, the entire venue is for your exclusive use, with staff devoted to you and your guests.

Barns offer charm, natural beauty, and a more relaxed atmosphere.

Wedding venue rental costs by location

The wedding location impacts the venue rental rates, with metropolitan cities costing more than suburban and rural venues.

The following table details the average wedding venue rental costs across the US:

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Wedding venue rental cost by location
City, State Average cost range
Atlanta, GA $1,400 – $11,100
Austin, TX $1,500 – $11,600
Boston, MA $2,000 – $15,300
Bridgeport, CT $2,200 – $16,600
Chicago, IL $1,600 – $12,300
Cleveland, OH $1,500 – $11,600
Columbus, OH $1,500 – $11,300
Dallas, TX $1,600 – $12,300
Denver, CO $1,700 – $13,000
Detroit, MI $1,500 – $11,300
Honolulu, HI $2,000 – $15,100
Houston, TX $1,600 – $12,200
Indianapolis, IN $1,500 – $11,500
Long Island, NY $2,100 – $16,100
Los Angeles, CA $1,800 – $14,100
Miami, FL $1,600 – $12,000
Minneapolis, MN $1,600 – $12,600
Nashville, TN $1,300 – $10,100
New Orleans, LA $1,500 – $11,200
New York, NY $2,100 – $16,100
Newark, NJ $2,100 – $16,100
Philadelphia, PA $2,000 – $15,400
Phoenix, AZ $1,400 – $10,900
Pittsburgh, PA $1,600 – $12,300
Portland, OR $1,700 – $13,000
Richmond, VA $1,500 – $11,900
San Antonio, TX $1,500 – $11,800
San Diego, CA $1,800 – $13,900
San Francisco, CA $2,000 – $15,600
Seattle, WA $1,800 – $13,500
Washington, DC $1,900 – $15,000

Wedding venue cost factors

Additional costs for a wedding venue may include fees, taxes, service charges, and add-ons.

Wedding venue add-on services and charges

Add-on services like seating, rentals, transportation services, and wedding coordinators increase the total venue cost:

Wedding venue add-on services and charges
Factor Average cost (100 to 150 guests)
Catering $3,000 – $22,500
Alcohol / open bar $1,000 – $6,000
Day-of wedding coordinator $700 – $2,200
Valet parking cost $250 – $450
Transportation / shuttle service $500 – $1,500
Security $130 – $380
Rentals (Tables, chairs, linens, and flatware) $400 – $1,500
Wedding cake cost $300 – $800
Wedding dessert bar or cupcakes cost $200 – $1,650
Coffee / tea station $200 – $600
Special lighting $200 – $4,000
Service fee (on top of total) 18% – 24%
Taxes (on top of total) 6% – 8%

Wedding venue fees

Venues also charge service fes, gratuities, taxes, insurance, and sometimes for staffing, outside vendors, and outside alcohol:

  • Service fees – A service charge of 18% to 24% of the venue package is common. Be sure to confirm that gratuities are included. Most food, beverage, and catering fees are also subject to sales tax.

  • Staffing – Some venues charge a separate fee for staff to cut and serve the cake and the champagne toast.

  • Outside vendors – Confirm that you can use outside vendors and whether fees apply to use the loading dock, storage areas, and kitchen facilities.

  • Alcohol corkage fees – Some venues allow outside alcohol but charge corking fees of $2 to $12 per bottle of wine and $1 to $5 per six-pack of beer you supply.

  • Event insurance – Some venues require liability insurance to protect you and the venue in case of injury or property damage. Some wedding policies cover unexpected cancellations.

Wedding venue contract checklist

Ask the venue for a written quote with the full breakdown of costs, including deposits, payment plans, refund policies, late fees, and other contract details.

The contract should provide a comprehensive description that includes:

  • Hours you have the space, including setup and teardown

  • A Force Majeure clause, insurance clarification, and cancellation policy details.

  • Menu and dining style (buffet or plated meal)

  • Alcohol and other beverages (full alcohol, beer & wine, coffee & tea service, champagne toast)

  • Music options (DJ, Sound system, live music)

  • Décor and linen options, including flowers, candles, and table centerpieces

  • Seating options, including how many tables and guests per table

  • Optional sites for a ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, if applicable

  • Access to an on-site manager or day-of coordinator

  • Private dressing or lounging areas for the wedding party

  • Staffing available (wait staff, bartenders, bar back assistants)

  • Parking and shuttle services

  • Security arrangements

  • Available lighting and audiovisual equipment

  • Poor weather options

  • Site rules and policies for outside vendors

  • Applicable service fees, taxes, and gratuities

A romantic outdoor wedding venue by the water.
A romantic outdoor wedding venue by the water.

Wedding venue FAQs

How to save money on a wedding venue rental?

Reduce your wedding size and be flexible with your wedding date and time to save money on a venue rental. Booking a smaller venue with fewer guests decreases costs. Additional discounts may be available for selecting the less desirable morning hours, weekdays, and out-of-season dates.

Other ways to reduce the venue budget include:

  • Host the ceremony and reception in the same venue.

  • Negotiate an hourly rate and keep the event short.

  • Book an all-inclusive package.

  • Skip the open bar or ask to provide your own alcohol.

  • Select a venue with natural beauty requiring less decoration.

  • Opt for a non-traditional venue like a barn or brewery.

  • Select a venue with lodging that includes a complimentary room or suite for the wedding night and discounted room blocks for guests.

When are wedding venues cheapest?

Wedding venues are cheapest on weekdays and off-season months. In cold climates, the off-season includes January, March, April, and November. In coastal regions, the off-season coincides with the hurricane season from June through November.

How much is the down payment for a wedding venue?

Venues require a non-refundable 25% to 50% deposit of the total estimated charges to secure the date. Some venues refund a deposit with at least 90 days' notice if they rebook the date at the same price. In most cases, last-minute cancellations forfeit the deposit and the entire venue cost.

Most venues accept credit card payments for down payments, allowing couples to pay off the deposit gradually. Credit cards also provide some consumer protection in the event of a vendor dispute.

How far in advance to book a wedding venue?

For the peak wedding season from May through October, couples should book their venue 9 to 14 months in advance or longer for more popular venues. Winter weddings in warm climates and beach destinations may require more advanced notice.

How far in advance to book a wedding venue
Wedding date Months in advance
June, September, October 12 – 14
May, July, August 9 – 12
April, November, December 6 – 9
January, February, March 3 – 6

Are wedding venue prices negotiable?

The standard price for a wedding venue may be negotiable, especially if you are flexible with your wedding date. Venues may accept a lower price to fill a less desirable date on their calendar in their slowest seasons or on a weekday.

Try to negotiate for free upgrades if the venue won't budge on the price. Ask for better food selections, upgraded decorations, or extra staff for a smoother event.

Get free estimates from wedding services near you.

Why are wedding venues so expensive?

Wedding venues must charge a fee that covers their business overhead costs. These costs include building and grounds maintenance, monthly utilities, parking facilities, liability insurance, taxes, equipment, staff, cleaning services, food and beverage permits, and other business expenses.

Getting wedding venue price estimates and quotes

When looking for wedding services, be sure to:

  • Search for venues that have adequate space for your guests. Estimate your guest count by assuming 80% of those invited will attend.

  • Check the venue's reviews on Fash and Google.

  • Ask for referrals from friends, your wedding planner, or other recent brides.

  • Schedule 3 to 5 tours of venues available on your target date. Ask to see the coat check, kitchen, dance floor space, and bathrooms to ensure they meet your needs.

  • Get a comprehensive list of what is included in the total venue price.

  • Ask for a written quote detailing the required deposits, payment plans, refund policies, late fees, and other important details.

  • Read through the contract terms and venue rules and policies before signing.

  • Never pay fully in advance of the wedding event. Instead, negotiate a deposit and pay the final bill after the event.

Questions to ask the wedding venue

  • Is the venue available on my preferred date?

  • What is the venue capacity?

  • Can I schedule a tour of the facilities?

  • Is there a separate fee to host my ceremony here as well?

  • What fees and services does the contract include?

  • Who is my primary contact? Will they be present on my wedding day?

  • Are you accessible to guests with special needs?

  • Can you provide a written list of rules and policies?

  • Do you have an approved vendor list, or can I hire my own choice of vendors?

  • How many tables and guests per table do you typically seat for a reception?

  • Do you have climate control?

  • For outdoor venues: Do you have a backup plan for poor weather?

  • How much time do my vendors have to set up and tear down?

  • Is A/V equipment included? Who runs the equipment?

  • What space is available for my DJ or band?

  • Are additional fees charged to use the loading dock, storage areas, and kitchen facilities?

  • Is there on-site parking? How many cars will it accommodate?

  • Do you offer valet parking or shuttle services?