Founded by a local Veteran, @BrewFoodDC is the best in-house catering solution for DC'S kitchen-less event venues! We do large public events or smaller, more intimate gatherings. From Bar-B-Cue to Cordon Bleu, as simple or as fancy as you need. Follow us. Cheers!

As number 11 of 12 children, I'm happiest around people. My siblings and I took turns helping out all around the house. I gravitated to the kitchen early on, as all the best times we spent together centered around food. I strive to pass that on. "Good folks, good food, good times... Good Lawd!" -GrandDad


Hired 7 times
11 employees
8 years in business
Serves Alexandria , VA

Payment methods

Credit Card, Square, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Stripe


Level of service

Standard (basic ingredients), Premium (high end ingredients)

Additional services

Dessert, Non-alcoholic drinks, Alcoholic drinks, Coffee or tea


Breakfast or brunch, Lunch, Cocktail hour or hors d'oeuvres, Dinner

Kitchen onsite

Full kitchen (oven, stove, refrigerator, sink, and utensils), Partial kitchen (fridge and sink only), No kitchen

Serving style

Plated meal, Buffet, Food stations, Family style, Small bites/Passed appetizers

Event type

Wedding, Birthday or anniversary party, Dinner party, Corporate event, Bridal or baby shower, Graduation party, Outdoor event, Holiday party, School event, Fundraiser, Funeral

Venue type

Banquet hall or ballroom, Conference or convention center, Outdoor venue, Office, School, Home, Community center, Religious or spiritual space

Full service or drop-off

Full service, Drop off only

Guest count

20 – 29 guests, 30 – 39 guests, 40 – 49 guests, 50 – 59 guests, 60 – 69 guests, 70 – 79 guests, 80 – 89 guests, 90 – 99 guests, 100 – 124 guests, 125 – 149 guests, 150 – 200 guests

Budget per person

$25 – $35 (typically basic food for casual events), $35 – $50, $50 – $75 (wedding avg.), $75 – $100 (wedding avg.), Customer isn't sure about budget


American - casual, American - formal, Italian, Barbecue, Mexican or Latin American, American - Southern, Asian, Mediterranean or Middle Eastern, Vegan

Additional supplies needed

Plates, utensils and glasses, Disposable plates, utensils, and cups, Paper napkins, Cloth napkins, Serving and warming equipment, Table décor

Photos and videos

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    Frequently asked questions

    1. Discuss menu and special menu items (Gluten-free, Vegan, allergies, etc.).

    2. Determine pricing (menu based, flat rate for smaller events, or per-person for larger events of 100+).

    3. Submit menu, and quote for customer review/ approval. Quote serves as contract upon client approval and payment of deposit.

    4. Collect 50% deposit 2-4 weeks before event (4-6 weeks during holiday season or for large events). 50% non-refundable for cancellations less than 2 weeks before event (3 weeks during holiday season or for large events), and non-refundable for cancellations less than a week before event (2 weeks during holiday season or for large events) since materials will have been purchased, and staff and calendar will have been committed. Collect add'l 25% deposit 1 week prior to event for large-scale (staffed) events. Remaining fees and tips are collected at end of event.

    5. Coordinate site visit for large event set-up (1-2 weeks prior to event).

    6. Deliver food and staff for event, set up, serve food, clean up and collect remaining fee/ tip.

    Culinary School (Art Institute, Washington, DC)

    Kitchen Manager Licence and Food Handler Certificate

    Listed above in "Working Process" section

    After 7 years as a soldier and Gov't Contractor, I decided to start my own business and follow my true passion.

    All kinds, including weddings, breweries, large event halls, in-home catering, date nights, food festivals, Audi Field (DC United Soccer Stadium) and the Obamas' 2015 Thanksgiving charity event for homeless veterans at St. Luke's Church in Washington, D.C.

    The Washington Post profiled me as Veteran Entrepreneur of the Year (2015) in their Veteran's Day edition.  Shortly after the article, I was invited to serve at the Obamas' 2015 Thanksgiving charity event for homeless veterans at St. Luke's Church in Washington, D.C., which was covered live on national news. Definitely a highlight. 

    Meet them in person if you can, and don't assume anything. Vet them thoroughly, check credentials, and make be sure to put everything you want into writing before you pay for it. A true professional will not be put-off by your thoroughness, but will welcome it.

    KIDS! 😀 People notoriously seem to overlook kids' needs, especially for large events. Or they think kids won't eat much, or their guests won't bring them, so they don't include them in their estimate. Also children waste a LOT of food, as they get over-served and then get distracted and walk away from full plates. Seen it a hundred times. LoL. Also, make sure you know who's doing/ providing what. Is this just catering food, or is it suddenly food&plates&utensils&drinks&cups&ice&napkins&tablecloths&etc.&etc.&etc -Whew! Again, assume nothing. Get the details in writing and know what you're paying for and what is expected of all parties involved.

    Services offered

    Personal Chef
    Event Help And Wait Staff
    Food Truck Or Cart Services