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we as a halal & kosher and vegerterinain and vegan in most cases on upon request gluten free and all plant base products are used and made available . we are extremely and highly well trained and certified chefs internationally. as a team and husband and wife we will prevail only our experience and knowledge entirelly and unconditionaly towards the utmost respectfully make sure and deliver the taste and flaavors of a unforgettable desire off as each individual and parties . asking wow its make feel like a a child and my desire to say,, in our minds and thoughts urging to ask and need to have ubdance of flavors . each and every products abd venue...

we just do not enjoy our jobs we as a team are uncondiotionally & respectfully look at it was our utmost desire and appreciation to all individuals , we make each and every venue or catering or products delivered are in dramatic and greatfully makes us so happy and emotionally and pysically and obsolutely sigh of relief like ..THATS WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT. we have passion and to exactly achieve a great and greatful smile towards everyone and everybody,,,


688890 employees
31 years in business
Serves Miramar , FL

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    Ali K.

    Awsome phenenominal.the 2.world class and certified international husband &wife. Team of cuisine chef and cooks.
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    February 13, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    well lets begin by each and every order, or xatering venues is personally and uncontionally handked with not 5 (five) star service ,,but guaranteed with full 100% percent.. not just price wise , but product wise quality, and quantity. we greatfully appreciate our patrons . orders , not just begging us, but demanding for never ending, blissfull.urge, ..

    1st and foremost .besides ,our timely manners and knowledge and abdunce of 29 yrs plus experience in the hospitality and tourism industry, and food testing and designing also music and television & movie production industry, brought together and developing a unique and phenemenal world class and world known aquired  and demanding food designs and foods from american flavors to vegeretenian and vegan and kosher & halal. all our f;aovors are made to each and every order of event and occassions and depending on glutten aquiring and plant base . we can and will bring every orders to catering events or food truck. our habits and hand made each and every items will fullfill and bring .  due to over whelming demand from our customers and orders , 

     we ask please please be patient and work with us, as we will guarantee and grant a unforgettable occassion and products, which will speak and present our value to express ..

    our prices are guaranteed to each and every products and production and time and value . and expenses, we guarantee , we are not inteniantionally over value or over charge, . we are humble and honest. and moslem descent, it is and will not our hearts to be in any way nor intentionally take any production or event out of propertion or content

    as detailed and expressed over 29 yrs plus experience and knowledge, plus some. ellhamdullah!

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