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Firstly, I've worked in media for 25+ years in a variety of roles. I've run a photography studio as a business manager as well as been a college instructor in many forms of media, and I love being able to empower people to express themselves.

I believe in a personal touch, and an understanding that everyone's needs are different. I also believe that it is a blessing for me to be a small part of your family (by having my photography or other media skills portray you), and I am honored to be considered for that. If you don't want to put it on your wall, desk, phone screen, et cetera... did I really capture what you wanted? I am not an assembly line photographer, I enjoy ca+pturing the personality of individuals.

I am open to working with those who may have been challenged to find good photography, including LBGTQ+, Autism Spectrum, and/or complex disabilities. It's just one more set of colors in the rainbow of life!

I strive to see you genuinely satisfied. If I don't think I can do that and we cannot work out something satisfactory, I would rather refund you in such an instance. I don't believe in being difficult or overly challenging; it's my job to service your needs. If you aren't happy with me - we are both going to end up unhappy. Life's too short for that!

I have always been drawn to the phrase "The stories that aren't told". I believe that for many people, photography represents a unique opportunity to capture a moment in life and that moment should be captured with respect to the story they have, as well as it can be. These stories are as unique as individuals are and should be handled as such! I'm open to your direction and input. After all, I am working for you.

I love being able to connect with people, and have them see what I see. I love watching parents light up when they see their beautiful/handsome high school graduate or newly married family members, or perhaps an adorable moment in someone's childhood. I really enjoy the idea that 40 or 50 years from now, a new generation of family will see who they were and it was my work with you that made that possible.

When my clients pause and "take in" an image for the first time, I can see in their expression if I have done a good job for them; that is one of the most satisfying moments I know when that happens.


24 years in business
Serves Lansing , MI

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    Tara M.

    With them being my parent, Ive learned so much about photography from them over the years, and Im so lucky to have my childhood memories preserved in such high quality :)
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    August 11, 2020


    John J.

    T.c. took amazing photos of my wife and son. We got some of the best photos when T.c. just let my son play with some toys. There is such motion to the pictures.
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    August 11, 2020



    TC is very professional. The whole process was easy from start to finish.
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    August 11, 2020



    The friendliness and acceptance of my drag. And the fabulous skills!
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    August 11, 2020


    Tanya S.

    Exceptional photography meeting every specific detail we discussed while providing a personalized service and level of care from our first meeting through to our final prints- all provided with the highest level of professionalism and compassion for our diverse photography needs. The prints were excellent, and the photo shoots were fun! T. C. even made suggestions for locations for the outdoor photo shoots and really captured my childrens personalities! All of my family and friends wanted to know who took these fabulous pictures! Highly recommended!
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    August 11, 2020


    Kathryn P.

    My children were engaged and encouraged to show their personalities during our photo shoot. This helped us all to be relaxed and comfortable and have wonderful results in our photos.
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    August 11, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    I want you to know that I am open to discussion. My quotes are a starting point; we can discuss at length if need be. I'm more than happy to have a planning/strategy session with you. I prefer this as it can help us collectively iron out what we would be doing. If I'm not a good fit, I'd rather find out early than late; I'd imagine you'd feel the same way. However, I do have resources and other people I can call to assist me; I'm open to different approaches! Many times I will bring an understudy photographer with me as a second shooter. 

    If you accept a quote with me, I would ask for a 50% deposit in most instances, that will reserve your date/timeframe. That will give you a consultation with me as to how to plan your event, and we can discuss what your final products will be (prints/image releases/etc). 
    This deposit will be non-refundable (unless there is an issue on my end that is the cause of the problem). 

    Within a week (or less for smaller events) I will send you a link to a password protected site where you may review your final images during a second and final consultation. From these, you will give me image numbers/etc, and we will specify precise details. 

    The final order will be the time when the remaining balance will be expected. 

    I am affilated with several great photo printing companies and there's a ton of final options. When your order is submitted, they will ship directly to you. Usually this is about a week for shipping if ordered promptly. 

    In the event of a image release, I will email you a WeTransfer Link or similar for high resolution downloads. 

    Bachelor of Arts - Michigan State University - Telecommunication

    Master of Arts - Central Michigan University - Electronic Media Management 

    Former photography studio business manager 

    Multiple professional jobs in public and for-profit media agencies 

    College instructor - Institutes of Art Design and Technology (IADT) - Troy, MI

    Published Photographer and Videographer/Producer

    I have two - I can bill per hour, I can also bill per project and individual charges for specific services/items/etc. It really depends on the details. I will help you decide what fits your budget best. For instance, quick "headshot" photos are simple, where as doing a complicated family photo shoot with edits, a lot of retouching, etc, might be more itemized in nature. 

    Generally if you just want some simple photos and a digital copyright release signed by both you and me (for you to print on your own) I'll keep it simple. 

    When I was a young kid - I had the luck as a sixth grader to be able to go to a photography class. I got to develop black and white film in the traditional darkroom manner.

    Watching the images appear in the chemical baths was just magical to me; what was even greater was my grandfather loaning me his Minolta X570 SLR. I was hooked. I was even more hooked as I slowly learned how to get the image I saw in my mind to appear on the paper. 

    I have since pursued an education in the media arts, and I love being a storyteller. I consider myself a constant learner - there's always new stuff to try. 

    My cameras are open to all of the stories around me. Again, I feel very honored to be entrusted with your story. 

    I've taken photos of every age, race, creed, color and religion. The interplay of people always fascinates me; if it's the laughing face of a 2 year old with an infectious smile, or the joy of a bride holding her spouse's hand for the first time after "I do", or a tender moment when an aging parent with Alzheimer's recognizes their adult child for just a moment in time... I've been there. 

    When equal marriage became the law of the land, I was blessed to be a guest at a family friend's wedding. Here I was, camera in hand, witnessing history in a profoundly personal way. The idea that this was happening now, in my lifetime, was an incredible thing. What was even more incredible was that I saw it happen for someone I cared about, who had had a difficult start in life, but I could see in his eyes that he had found his "one". I was blessed to be there, I was glad to have been able to take a few photos. 

    Look for someone who is willing to listen to you and your needs. I personally believe that you need to have a positive experience and any photographer you hire should keep your satisfaction paramount. It's not about the photographer, it's about you! 

    Make sure that things are well explained and planned for in your contract(s). It's better to have more defined then not, especially if it's a part that is very important to you. 

    Look for someone who respects that they are a guest in your life, and they should know that. Let them earn your trust in appropriate ways. 

    Look for someone who understands the technical end of things and is willing to explain them to you. If there is a limit they have, they should be open about it with you. 

    Who are your people you want photographed? How will they get to the site? Any special needs, such as wheelchairs or personal assistants? Might they need more preparation time then average?

    Do you have a nice location, or do you want to scout first?

    Do you think the photographer might need lights/flashes/etc (dark room or reception hall, for instance) 

    Is the photographer able to bring a basic photostudio setup along? (backdrop, etc). 

    Are you able to articulate what you want, or would you like to have a pre-consultation with your photographer first?

    Do you want print rights released to you, or would you prefer to let the photographer process your print work through a reputable imaging service for a fee? Sometimes they can pass a small savings on to you. 

    Services offered

    Boudoir Photography
    Photo Booth Rental
    Video Editing
    Portrait Photography
    Real Estate Photography
    Nature Photography
    Sports Photography
    Commercial Photography
    Headshot Photography
    Pet Photography
    Event Photography
    Engagement Photography
    Event Videography
    Business Photography
    Video Production