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(FOR ALL INQUIRIES PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA INSTAGRAM @The.KitchenAddict)I offer meals that suits a variety of different diets. I can cater to vegans, vegetarians and even meat lovers. I am self taught at everything I do. I enjoy creating meals and serving my customers these meals that makes them remember the amazing taste. I always provide a great experience and service to those who hire me. Whether it is a personal meal, or I am hired to cook for a gathering, everything is made fresh and organic.


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2 employees
11 years in business
Serves Greensboro , NC

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Level of service

Standard (basic ingredients), Premium (high end ingredients)

Additional services

Dessert, Non-alcoholic drinks, Alcoholic drinks, Coffee or tea


Breakfast or brunch, Lunch, Cocktail hour or hors d'oeuvres, Dinner

Kitchen onsite

Full kitchen (oven, stove, refrigerator, sink, and utensils)

Serving style

Plated meal, Buffet, Food stations, Family style, Small bites/Passed appetizers

Event type

Wedding, Birthday or anniversary party, Dinner party, Corporate event, Bridal or baby shower, Graduation party, Outdoor event, Holiday party, School event, Fundraiser, Funeral

Venue type

Banquet hall or ballroom, Conference or convention center, Concert hall, Outdoor venue, Office, School, Home, Community center, Religious or spiritual space, Barn

Full service or drop-off

Drop off only

Guest count

Fewer than 20 guests, 20 – 29 guests, 30 – 39 guests, 40 – 49 guests, 50 – 59 guests, 60 – 69 guests, 70 – 79 guests, 80 – 89 guests, 90 – 99 guests, 100 – 124 guests, 125 – 149 guests, 150 – 200 guests

Budget per person

$35 – $50, $50 – $75 (wedding avg.), $75 – $100 (wedding avg.), $100 – $150, More than $150, Customer isn't sure about budget


American - casual, American - formal, Italian, Barbecue, Mexican or Latin American, American - Southern, Asian, Mediterranean or Middle Eastern, French, Vegan, Indian

Additional supplies needed

Plates, utensils and glasses, Disposable plates, utensils, and cups, Paper napkins, Serving and warming equipment

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    Abby J.

    Great company fast great service
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    September 06, 2021
    Hired on Fash

    Tyleik F.

    she can do whatever u request
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    June 21, 2021

    Candace S.

    All her food is good she can cook whatever so follow her and see what she can do.
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    June 21, 2021

    Naya D.

    The Kitchen Addict has outstanding customer service. She makes you feel at home and like family. Her foods can take you on vacation or bring you right back home. I’ll definitely be seeing my girl again ‼️
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    February 20, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    When working with a new customer I always like to get to know more about them, as well as their guests. I want to know more about what flavors they love, or have never tasted but is willing to give a try. I also care to know more about any allergies that any of the guests may have. In addition to this, I ask what their budget is so that I can better accommodate them.

    I am certified to handle & sell food. I am also trained in proper sanitation and proper food handling. I interned with bakers to better my baking skills, as well as designing. I have been cooking for over 15 years, I am 25.

    My prices for events start at $30 per person. This depends on what is asked to be on a menu, so the price per person is subject to change. I have additional charges for add ons such as homemade drinks (juices) additional $20 total. Desserts are an additional $10 per person.

    Since I was about 8-10 years old, I've had a love for cooking. I have always enjoyed making people happy, and as we all know food is something that everyone can bond over. I began  selling small meals and gradually began to cook larger meals for larger groups of people. 

    I have worked with a variety of different customers. Every customer is different and has a different taste pallet. I've worked with people who enjoy more spices than other. I have also worked with people who have different diet preferences. I've fed people who are vegan, vegetarian, keto, PlantBased & meat lovers. I have fed people who wanted meals just for themselves, in addition to larger parties of 10-20 people. 

    A recent even that I am fond of was when I was hired to cook a thanksgiving dinner for a large family. I felt as though I was home. I grew to learn and know the family as I was preparing and cooking for them all. Everyone in this family had different preferences and I am proud to say that I met every last one of them. Another event that I am fond of is the competition to be titled "Favorite Chef" I am competing worldwide for prize winnings and to be featured on the magazine of Bon Appetit.

    The advice I would give is to make sure you have a set menu that you desire. Sometimes when having to come up with a menu for our customers can be difficult because we don't really know what they want. Yes we get it done, but it would be less trouble if we knew what was preferred. Also if there are any allergies within the guests please let that be known.

    What are your preferences in flavor?

    Is there anyone on the guest list that has any allergies?

    What is my budget?

    How many people am I expecting, and should I prepare for extras?

    What are any extra services that you may need? 

    Services offered

    Personal Chef
    Candy Buffet Services