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We are uniquely set in the country of Lewisville, NC with rolling hills of vineyards, a small lake and two beautiful facilities to host your event!

We offer wine tastings, catering, wedding venues from 5-250 people, off site corporate and private catering events and a 5 star rated food truck called WutYaSay-Food Truck (see us on facebook).

There are many places and people BUT none are quite as fabulous as the pairing of WESTBEND WINERY AND ELITE EATS BY RE!


10 employees
9 years in business
Serves Lewisville , NC


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George T.

I ate at Elite Eats every day of the Dixie Classic Fair.
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February 07, 2019


Mirian H.

The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Very pleasant to work with and easy to talk to. The wines pair great with the foods that are prepared.
The chocolate merlot cake is awesome...
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February 06, 2019


Beth A.

Westbend has been a wonderful venue for our two events. We held a Holiday party at the Cabin in 2017 and I heard nothing but rave reviews from my employees…they are hard core critics 😊. Roger was not the chef at the time so we had an outside caterer. We had a DJ and dance floor with 90 attendees. The cabin accommodated us really well with all that going on. I’m sure you’ve seen the cabin and how absolutely beautiful it is inside. I prefer rustic architecture and I find the cabin very soothing and calming, even in a party atmosphere.
For this year’s party we were in the Tasting room with Roger as the chef. Since he was a new chef and my employees are critics I went to the Thanksgiving lunch they held literally for the sole purpose to check out the food. In conjunction with that my entire family was in South Dakota pheasant hunting…who wants to spend Thanksgiving alone?? It was hands down the best Thanksgiving lunch I have ever eaten. Roger is amazing!!! The food is not only good and nourishing from a food value standpoint but you can taste the love and care poured into his food when it’s prepared. I always thought that was malarkey until I tasted food from an angry chef once then the same food prepared by someone with loving kindness while cooking…there is a difference. He prepared a coconut cake that my grandmother who passed in 1993 used to fix. I had not tasted her cake in over 30 years until Thanksgiving. I ate that piece of cake with tears welling in my eyes and truly having a “spiritual experience” during this.
Onto this year’s party. AMAZING food! Nothing but accolades from my group. Also, at the 11th hour I threw at Roger that I completely forget food for the social time…people drinking alcohol on empty stomachs…yikes!!!! He “threw” together…used very loosely because there was nothing thrown together about it…the most beautiful and delicious fruit and cheese display I’ve ever seen. The majority of my employees grew up in more rural areas (like me) of the triad. I grew up 10 miles as the crow flies from the winery and now live 5 minutes from it…it’s so cool to see how Roger takes the foods we all eat everyday and grew up on turning them into something beautiful to consume visually and literally. When I am in town (I travel a lot) I try to attend the Thursday night pub from time to time to eat his food and drink the Westbend wine of course…my fav is the Captain’s Reserve.
I took my daughter (21 years old) to a Thursday night meal in December during her college winter break since she had not seen the cabin or eaten Roger’s food. She was amazed at how beautiful everything was and even mentioned this would be a perfect place for a wedding…and this food! She is not a big eater but cleaned her plate of 2 pieces of meatloaf and the sides. We then got cake as well. She asked me if they hold weddings there…I anticipate that in her future within the next couple of years so she’s starting to scope out things she likes.
Last but certainly not least…Roger’s servers. Tunney, I adore him!! He keeps everything and I mean everything rolling so Roger can concentrate on the food. During that Thanksgiving meal as the lone wolf, he checked on me, stopped and talked with me, made me feel like family. My meal was not a lonely affair at all. And not just Tunnie…all of the servers checked on me. They are so professional and wonderful!! They must have the mantra of not be heard and be very minimally seen because they are like magic.
I feel like Westbend is an extended family to me because they are so open and welcoming. Walt and Sonia never fail to stop and speak to me. Sonia’s dad is a riot and I love interacting with him – and I can assure you he doesn’t know my name, but he doesn’t know a stranger. They are excellent to event plan with…so easy, don’t get rattled, and have it under control. They keep you calm during all the changes that can take place. Roger, Walt, and Sonia make it seem flawless and take the worry away.
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February 06, 2019

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