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I understand that all media is created for a reason. I understand the necessity of attraction in that media.

Whether sentimental, commemorative or for use in marketing and promotions of all kinds, I understand that story must be at the heart and on target.

I strive to ensure that each project is infused with some amount of intentional story, and skillfully utilize light and color to ensure attractive images. I work with the client conversationally to find out what story should be told and, indeed, how much story. Sometimes, due to the utility of the image (corp headshots, realty), I can only tell the beginning of any story, and in that case I work on creating a tone.

I've been around a long time. I spent many years (20+) working in production in short form media (commercials, promotionals and music videos) and long form (films), and have been able to interview (video) many high performing people. And for the last 10 years now I am focusing on photography, and operating independently

What I enjoy most about making images and media, regardless of it's utlility, is engaging with a vast variety of fellow humans with amazingly diverse journeys that need to be promoted. Those journeys are gathering and banking stories, and I get to help curate and push them into the light.

Joyful work indeed.

Stories have held an important place in my life for quite a while now.

Story is the connective tissue that creates unity among us humans. It's how we comprehend the condition we all share, and appreciate the impact each of us have made on the world we live in. Story is how we build trust, and moves us to make decisions.


Hired 1 time
1 employee
21 years in business
Serves Mt Vernon , NY



$200 – $300, $300 – $400, $400 – $500, $500 – $600, $600 – $750, More than $750, Customer isn't sure about budget

Photo formats

Digital or online download, Flash drive, Physical proofs and prints, Album or photo book

Photography style

Traditional (looking directly at the camera), Candid (captured in the moment), Artistic (focus on composition, lighting), Natural / environmental (photographed in an outdoor setting), High fashion (highlights style)


Outdoors, Photo studio, Home, Office

Photoshoot type

Family or children's portrait, Solo portrait, Couple portrait, Graduation portrait, Professional headshot, Acting / modeling headshot, Maternity portrait, Bridal portrait

Photos and videos

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    Emily J.

    Marcel is a pleasure to work with. He is highly creative, professional and reliable. He took our company’s videography and photography content to the next level, and continues to raise the bar with each consecutive project.
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    October 01, 2022

    Frequently asked questions

    Everything starts with a conversation!  

    Why not just a questionaire, or form?

    The push and pull of conversation reveals so much more about the project, the person(s) or the brand/business.   Expectations are more fully revealed, and connections are forged even if the project is not booked in the end.   

    This allows me to prepare so much better, and eases the client into familiarity if the project is booked.

    I am a life long photographer starting as an amatuer hobbyist and self taught.  While having taken many technical courses, nothing beats experimention, practice and simply doing. 

    As an aside, I spent years emulating my brother, a Cinematographer, and spent many many years on sets observing the techniqques and styles of some amazing DOPs and Directors during my time in commercials and music videos.

    Generally, I charge 450 dollars for the first 3 hours, and 175/hr thereafter (once in the hour, I charge for the hour).  

    For most shoots that includes the post work and digital delivery.  Heavier PS needs becomes a per image charge.

    Photo Asst is additional.

    It's been a lifelong obsession with making images and it was a natural fit after production once I needed to have more freedom of schedule, and work smaller.   

    Families, Students, Small Businesses - products and brand, Major Studio social media and red carpet, Art Galleries, Corporate (headshots), Private portraiture.

    There are best practices, but not laws of engagement.  There's always a way to get to the right results creatively.

    Know what you want to achieve, ask how we get there.  Know what you should pay, and what you can pay.

    Don't trade value for price.

    Thier branding.   Whether personal, or business.  That is the ground work that needs to be in place prior to creating media of any kind.

    Budget.  What can you actually pay for value creation.

    Services offered

    Boudoir Photography
    Video Editing
    Portrait Photography
    Real Estate Photography
    Commercial Photography
    Headshot Photography
    Pet Photography
    Business Photography