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We have a great menu and we are chefs who create a fusion of Caribbean, Cajun and Southern recipes. How our food looks is not our focus, it's the taste and flavors. It just happens that our food looks good too.

We enjoy knowing the food was enjoyed and that each person is a possible customer.


7 employees
5 years in business
Serves Johns Creek, GA

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    The food was great and the service.
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    July 21, 2020

    Theresa R.

    John, WannEat Seafood has definitely raised the bar for others to follow! Your food is of highest quality, fresh and excellent in taste!! Second to none!!! A definite 10 on a scale of satisfaction in service and excellence!! Best wishes!! You have earned my business!!!
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    July 21, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    We collect information for your event and then reach out to the contact person.  We provide a quote for services and request a deposit after checking our inventory. Payment or a deposit is collected at the time the customer approves the order. 

    World Chef Academy training, Sandler Training and Apprenticeship training for food service safety and cooking operations.  Seven-years running a commercial kitchen and working positions to feed over 2000 people per day.

    Pricing is set as a per person price which can be seen on our website - www.wannaeatseafood.com

    After leaving food service and relocating to Texas from NYC, my wife and I had a Christmas party in 2018 at our home.  All 40 guests loved the food and pushed us to open a restaurant.  Right now, if you go to Yelp and type in WannaEat Seafood, you will see what people who don't know us, have to say about our food.

    We have worked with family reunion committees, churches, brides and grooms, corporate clients and event planners. Six-days a week our restaurant is open and we cook and interact with the guests.

    Most recently, here in Atlanta, we catered a graduation party during Covid and quarantine at the customers home.  They asked for a certain amount of food and underestimated the number of people who would attend.  Everything we made was consumed down to the side salad.

    Before that, a new church client asked us to cater a meal for the Pastors birthday - during Covid.  We obliged and provided them with a choice of items and we are very fond of our food.  They chose a grouop of items and we delivered them food ontime, conducted a setup and talked with teh Pastor.  He doubted our food would be good (teasingly) but after tasting our Maw Maw's chicken, he gave us the thumbs up and then gave a speech to the 40 people present.

    Check their website, taste their food and make a decision quickly.  Good food cost more than bad food. 

    Am I sure, I want this type of food for my event.  WannaEat Seafood does not make every type of food imaginable.  We make what we make and we let others make the food they make. Know what you want before you sign your agreement and pay your deposit.

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