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TAD Photography is a small photography studio in Horicon, Wisconsin. Our typical client is looking for keepsakes-memories that tell a story and last a lifetime.

From start to finish we make the process, which can be intimidating for some, stress free by preparing them for their session upfront. We consult with our clients on the intial intake by understanding who they are and then following up with a survey for them to complete. This allows us to get a good picture of who they are and a little bit about their personality. Armed with this information we can pick the best location if its outdoor, pick the best back drop for an in studio shoot or understand how to interact with the client.

To assist the client in getting better prepared we will send ideas for types of clothing to wear, things about hair and make-up, what to avoid and in some cases posing ideas. All of this helps everyone be better prepared on the day of the session, thus making everyone more at ease. Theres nothing worse than showing up to a photoshoot having no idea what to do and figuring everythig out on the spot. The stress will show up in your images.

The viewing of your images is relaxed. TAD Photography explains to the customer what to expect and how the process works. We go through each step. The clients images are projected on to a high definition 65" screen. First a slide show is presented of between 30 and 50 images selected by the photographer from the hundred plus taken on the day of the session. No selection or discussion at this time is done. After that the client and photographer will go through each image one by one select the ones they like and eliminating the ones they do not. At this point we go over the professional price list printed for them discussing the various options; individual prints, packages, albums, etc. Then begins the real selection process, selectiing the images to go with which sized prints or in the album they may be selecting. Through our experience we have found this makes the process smooth and stress free allowing the client to invest in their keepsakes quickly and feel good about their selections. We will maintain the images open for thirty days before archiving them so the client can add on if they desire.

For us, it's the greatest job in the world. We get to meet and capture many people at their best and sometimes at their worst but in the end their best is frozen in time to tell their story for a lifetime and all to see. Doesn't get much better than that!

The fact that we get to work with a variety of people, their children and pets. Everyone of our clients is different. It's fun to see their joy when they see their images bigger than life at the viewing. Even though we try and make the selection process easy clients still struggle wishing that could select them all! You know you've done a good job when they begin the process of reliving that day reminiscing of the day. Mission accomplished!

You can see our work at taduyser.wordpress.com or Facebook/tadphotagraphy.net


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11 years in business
Serves Horicon , WI

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    Discus what they are looking for on the telephone, via text, email or in-person. Have them receive a photo release for and studio policies. Ok the form and return it along with the session investment. Select a time and location. Send them a questionnaire to fill out along with a list of suggestions of too dos and not to dos.

    Meet at the location with my assistant. Take pictures. Set time for viewing appointment.

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