Nirvana Spiritual Journey And Healing

Nirvana Spiritual Journey And Healing



Everyone dreams to be happy in their life. I like to help people achieve that goal in their life. After going through some suffering myself, which I overcame by working on myself by positive thinking,affirmations, meditations etc, I do not want to see people suffer. I can help people by different modalities that I can offer.

I do Reiki therapy for human and animals as well. I do intuitive animal communication. I teach a proper way to mediate, I give angelic intutive guidance-[personal and relationships], read individuals Akashic records, give ministerial counseling and guidance. I also give psychic readings and do mediumship. I also do hypnosis which can help with - anxiety, stress, anger, sadness, shame, guilt, fears, phobias, self confidance motivation and even negative thinking. I also do Nirvana vibrational intentional bracelets which are infused with angelic energy and guidance with healing reiki energy. Each and every bead of the breacelet is blessed and meditated upon. I not only make bracelets for humans but make animal charms which are also has guided energy of angels that gives ur furry friends love and great energy.


Certified hypnotherapist by Bert goldman and in good standing since 2016 . Certified angel intuitive reader by Doreen and Charles Virtue. Certified Animal Reiki and communicatior by Katheen Prasad. Akashic record reader by Barabara schiffman. Holistic chamber of commerce member.

I am a strong beliver in communication. I think when you openly communicate with an individual then there is no space for misunerstanding. I love to work with people and guide them into their right path where they can achieve the great happiness and feel self worth. I believe that everybody needs to be happy in their life. There are always blessings in our life which sometimes we overlook as we get on with our evryday lifestyle. I want to teach people to stop for a while from what they are doing and look at what they already have in their life and appreciate it for good.


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    Frequently asked questions

    I first ask the full name [as it apperas on ones birth certificate] and the birth date. once I get the information, I meditate on that person this way I get any information from guides as well as angels which then I tell the person when I meet the individual. 

    I charge $250.00/ flat rate- meaning it can be from 1hr to 2 or more hours. it all depands on the messages I get. 

    Since a child, I was very diferent.  I would would get feelings about things that will happen in future. I would get premonition about things that have not happened which can be good or bad. It was like looking at a picture in my head or a feeling which I woud get at times. While looking at them I would knowth menaings as well. It was like someone is playing a movie just for me.  My family always supported me when they came to know about my visions. I would also talk with animlas since I was very little. I always gravited towards the spiritulality, animals, nature. They all still fascine me and I am still in love with them. When I got older, I decided to develop my gifts in more depth and so I learned about Reiki and other wonderful modalites with which I can help others. I love what I do and as long as I can do this work I will do it no matter what.   

    I have worked with differnt kinds of customers from different age groups. I have had skeptics who do came in as skeptics but before leaving did became belivers, then I had like minded people and some just wanted to get some answers for their issues. 

    In all I have seen people who have done big and remarkable changes and have gained a  great knowledge after each reading and Reiki and also from conseling.

    I remember as it happened yesterday. The guy came (let's call him Jack) as my family member mentioned my work to him. He thought to give it a try. He called me to make an appointmentfor Reiki and reading. The day Jack was coming to  I did mediation on his name ( this is my ritual before any of my clinet comes in) so I did get some information, messages from the other side ,from angels and spirit guides. 

    So when Jack came in I told him that his brother came in to give him a message. At first he was shocked to hear me (keep in mind that I do not know anything about Jackor his  brother) talking about his brother who I had never met and had passed away years ago.

    One of the message was to tell Jack to take care of his eyes.  When I told Jack the message he said he never had any problems with his eyes and went to check up week before and has a perfect health assurance from the doctor.I said ok and  we finshed a Reiki session and did some reading after that and again I told him that his brother is really asking to please Jack to pay attention to his eyes. I gave him the message as Jack took it and said he is going to Bali for 3 months and once he comes back he will try to go and get his eyes checked. I said ok and with that He left.

    So in three months Jack left for Bali with his family and friendns. One day I get a frantic phone call from some international number. It was like around 4 am here so of course I did not pick up. But then again the call came from the same number at 10 am and luckily I was not busy that time and so I picked up and to my big suprise it was Jack on the other line. He was calling for Bali. 

    At first I didnt think of a big deal but as he stared talking things became clear to me for what he was calling. I could hear his voice as if he was in fear of somekind and was crying for help. 

    The first thing he told me was even suprised me...Jack said that while he was looking at the beautiful sculptures he felt little weird and all of sudden he could not see anything at all. He does not know how that happened but did put him in a panic mode and that time he said he remembered me tellng  him about his brothers warning.

    The minute he  told me about his eye problem, I saw that something was dripping in the back of eyes ( I am not a doctor so I wouldnt know the teriminalogy but I could sense that that not good )So I told him to go see a doctor once he gets back home.He told me that he is coming back USA on the next available flight and he wants to meet me as soon as possible as he comes back.

    After meeting his doctor he came back to see me. He had somone drive him tomy place since he could not drive at that time. Once he came in I told him of what I saw and for his suprise he said the doctors told him that thers was blood that was dripping in his ratina and so he could not see it because of it was blocking his sight and that they need operate on his eyes soon. 

    Well, to make the story short,Jack did go through his eye surgeries and his doing good. His health is better than before. Jack became a believer from a skeptic. We still are in contact and he still comes for guideance and Reiki to me and I help him as much as I could with the help of the universe. I thank all the help that I get from the other side, the angels, the spirit guides and the universe. 

    I am fond of this particular story because it tells me that I get genuine messages and I can help people in their life. I do want to reach all people who wants to seek genuine help. If I can help someone, if I can make a difference in their life then I think my life will be worth living. I like to share my experiences, my thoughts and at the same time I will like listen to your thoughts and opinions so that way we all can learn from each other.

    Dont hesitate to ask questions.There is no such a thing as dumbor wrong questions. If you have any concerns and want to seek answers, then ask and receive an angele guided answers. No one is judging youat all remember that so dont be too tough on yourself. we are all learning from each other every go ahead and be brave..

    Be specific of what you are looking for to ask.

    Ex. if a person is looking for a job then please state a specific job of what kind ur asking for rather than saying would I get a job? once you ask a specific question then it gets very easy to get the answer.

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