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NEW - Virtual Lipsology, Tarot & Handwriting Analysis. Until the COVID crisis is done, Ariana is doing all events and private readings virtually with Zoom, FaceTime, Hangouts, and more. With a tube of lipstick, a plain piece of paper, and a pen, you can do Lipsology or handwriting analysis for a fun experience of personality profiling and more! With tarot, Ariana will amaze you with what the cards have to say about where you are and how to put your best foot forward! Reach out to Ariana to find out more! Please put that you are interested in a virtual reading or party in your description if you want a reading from me at this time.

Lip Messages is Lipsology® - the art and science of reading Lip Prints! Want something unique that will have your guests talking about your event for a long time to come? You have found it! Lipsology tells personality traits, energy levels, emotions, and more from your kiss!

In-Person Lipsology Description:

You bring the lips, I bring the lipstick and kiss cards designed uniquely for your event! Your guests put on the lipstick (yep - men, too), kiss the card that we have designed for your event, then sit with Ariana to learn what their kiss says about them! The kiss card, with Ariana's notes such as "not a cheap date" and "detail oriented" is a great ice breaker for the party and then is a cherished memento of the event. Guests have kept their kiss cards in a special place for years and many have told Ariana that they framed their kiss card.

Ariana was on the Dr Oz show demonstrating this amazingly accurate system created by founder, Jilly Eddy. She was trained by the founder and became the first Certified Lipsologist on the East Coast and is one of only 8 Lipsologists worldwide. She is also the only Certified Lipsologist in the DC area.

Ariana started with learning tarot card and palm reading at a young age and has been a professional reader for over 36 years. If you live in the DC area and have gone to the MD Renaissance Festival you may have gotten a reading from Ariana at her booth - Ancient Mysteries Divination.

Reach out to Ariana and she'll work out the details with you and help you to have an awesome event!

I love helping people and giving them something fun to do and new to talk about. Sitting and waiting for your turn to talk can be boring on these video gatherings. Learning about what your handwriting or lip prints say about you gives you something to talk about with each other and to learn about each other as well. Getting a private reading can be interesting and truly helpful. This is what I do and I have just translated it to the virtual world so I can keep helping folks have fun at their parties and get some insight as well.

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    TJ, V.

    TJ from Arlington
    Ariana was prompt, prepared and ready to get my guests to pucker up for their lip print reading! All my guests loved her Lipsology. There was a never ending line that Ariana so graciously agreed to stay longer! I definitely recommend Ariana! Thanks so much for making our party so much fun!
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    May 29, 2021

    Cara P.

    Cara T
    Ariana and her gift were a charming draw for my group! Thank you, Ariana!
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    May 29, 2021

    Hillary C.

    Hillary D
    We absolutely loved having Ariana. Many people mentioned how attentive and thorough she had been and how much they enjoyed their readings. Thank you again, Ariana, for finding the time to fit us in on a busy day!
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    May 29, 2021

    Maureen V.

    Maureen O
    Ariana went above and beyond to make my event special. She coordinated my kiss cards to match my invitations and her table set up was fantastic! When we reached the close of her time slot she agreed to stay late because people were still lining up. Multiple people told me her readings were spot on and I felt mine was as well. I would absolutely hire her again and I’m looking forward to finding her at the Maryland Rennaisance Festival this year! Thanks again Ariana for a fantastic experience!
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    May 29, 2021

    Stephen S.

    Stephen Barefoot
    This was an Airbnb “Experience,” even if not officially classified so by Airbnb! Anna, aka Ariana Lightningstorm, is one of 8 certified Lipsologists in the U.S. She was an Airbnb guest here in Durham, NC while entertaining an at event at the NC Museum of Art. She agreed to stay over and permit me to host a fun lip-print-reading event for about 18 friends during her stay. WHAT FUN! We all had a great time and marveled at what the lip prints of friends revealed… Whether she’s doing an event in your space or just traveling as a frequent Airbnb guest, she’s super sweet, stays in frequent touch about arrival, and leaves the space in great shape. My lips and I join in creating another great Airbnb moment here at the space in Durham! Hope she’ll be back again before my lips start telling lies!
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    May 29, 2021

    Carliesa H.

    The residents, Families and staff really enjoyed Ariana we highly recommend her and would be happy to have her back!
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    May 29, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    I like to speak on the phone so that we can quickly work together to find out what your entertainment needs are, how many people are coming, where best to place my "kissing station," design the kiss card for your event, etc.

    I'm one of 8 Certified Lipsologists worldwide and the only one in the DC area. 

    Lipsology® is a registered trademark of the founder, Jilly Eddy, and the training is done in a one-on-one mentorship over the period of 8 months to a year.

    I charge an hourly rate for parties and by the quarter hour (15 minutes) for private readings.

    Lipsology - The first 2 hours for in-person Lipsology is $250 per hour.  Following hours are $150 per hour.  For Virtual Lipsology the rate is $200 per hour for the 1st 2 hrs and then $150 per hour after that.

    For Virtual or in Person - Graphology and Tarot card readings - $125 per hour

    Virtual Palmistry -  $150 per hour.  

    Private readings $40 for the first 15 minutes and then $30 for each following 15 minutes.  So... 1/2 hr is $70, 45 minutes is $100 and 1 hr is $130.

    I started reading professionally at the MD Renaissance Festival and that was 40 years ago.  I've been entertaining at parties for about 35 years now.  I got my first tarot deck when I was 10 years old and learned through my teenage years about tarot and palmistry from different books and practicing with friends.  At 20 years old I started to read professionally and have been doing so ever since, learning new techniques as I went along like Graphology (handwriting analysis) and Lipsology - the art and science of reading lip prints.

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