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The most beautiful job is to live by your passion. My passion is cooking.

I lived in the United States until I was 14 years old when I took my first steps in the kitchen. Then I went to Spain for 7 years where I trained in one of the most prestigious cooking schools in Europe, the Hofmann school - a school created by the first Michelin starred female chef - Mey Hofmann and Alain Ducasse whom we no longer have to present. Then I arrived in France where I continued to learn with great names in gastronomy and where I had the chance to launch my first restaurant, Le Port Salut in the Latin Quarter, the historic district of Paris. These different trips have allowed me to develop a culinary richness by discovering new cuisines, new products and new flavours. In cooking, it is important to always question yourself and evolve, "la cuisine d'auteur" is a good example!

But that is not all. It is also necessary to understand what the customer wants. I like to understand the customer and make his dreams come true by adapting to his tastes and above all surprising him.

Nothing makes me happier.

Young and passionate, I like to use fresh and local products by offering an original cuisine. Giving other meaning, different experiences, a new vision in the field.

“Love is always passion when it is full of emotion”.

The most beautiful job is to live by your passion. My passion is cooking.

Being a good Chef means being passionate, curious, knowing how to give and share. Because the meal is a time of sharing and conviviality.

We have seen that throughout history, many decisions have been made around a table. That's why I have to give the best of myself during each of my preparations.


3 employees
6 years in business
Serves Miami Beach , FL

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    David H.

    I really liked the originality of Marius Arranzs cuisine. A very careful work and excellent dishes. My guests were very happy! Ill call on his services again.
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    April 07, 2019

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    - Mey Hofmann, Barcelona. One Michelin star (2006 - 2009)
    - Restaurant El Rif, Valencia. One Michelin star (2005-2006)
    - Tourism center, Valencia. (2004-2005)


    • 2018-2019 : Villa Azur Miami Beach
      Second de cuisine 


    • 2016-2018 : Pointe noir bar a mets ( Alexandre Mazzia 2 étoiles Michelin )
      Chef de cuisine 


    • 2015-2016 : Fleur de thym Cassis
    • Chef de cuisine 


    • 2012-2015 : Au Port du Salut Paris
    • Chef de cuisine


    • 2011-2012 : Le Caro de Lyon
    • Second de cuisine.


    • 2010-2011 : La Saulire, Courchevel 1850
    • Chef de partie.


    • 2009-2010 : La Tour Rose, Lyon.
    • Second de cuisine.


    • 2009-2010 : L’Est Paul Bocuse, Lyon.
    • Chef de partie.


    • 2007-2008 : La Tour Joseph, Saint-Tropez.
    • Chef de partie.


    • 2006-2007 : MeyHofmann, Barcelona. 1 étoile Michelin.
    • Chef de partie.


    • 2005-2006 : Le Refuge, New York.
    • Chef de partie.


    • 2005-2006 : Joaquim Schmidt, Valencia. 1 étoile Michelin.
    • Cuisinier.


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