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What makes me happy is to be able to give Clarity and insight and things that are hidden within my clients life.

I also advise about chakra healing and alignment when it comes to your love finances and well-being I become overjoyed when I hear that I have helped someone out tremendously to have the best outcome in life possible to have peace and serenity within the soul to be able to endure the impossible to help instill faith and reassurance brings me the biggest joy that anyone can ever imagine

The best part of my job is helping one's find spiritual clarity and balance while they Propel forward within their life's journey I have been a life coach and a spiritual guidance counselor for 2 years now I have my own YouTube page which has over 2,000 followers I've helped numerous of people find that direction that they're needing in life to have a better outcome if you would like to follow me on Facebook I am under Azaria spiritual Essentials and feel free to subscribe to me on YouTube Azaria Devine House of Truth


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Frequently asked questions

Typical process of working with a new customer once day and time has been scheduled I will call the client start off with introducing myself getting familiar with my client seeing how their day went and how they are feeling internally I will then in turn asked them what it is that they would like to tap into when it comes to the energies that are around them led by spirit I will give a very detailed message and whatever it is that they are seeking searching and requesting my sessions usually last about an hour or two hours long

My training is Hands-On I am I am a divine feminine who has been awakened through the process of spiritual awareness of self I have been on my spiritual journey for the last 2 years going on three helping others to awaken and find this spiritual path is well

Right now I do not have a standard pricing system my services are for free for now but my pricing system is $10.10 for General $20.20 for twin flame readings $40.40 for past life reading $45 for candle work and prayer session

I got started in this business first of all the long story dealing with an individual who awakened me to myself awake into me to my behaviors awakened me to the greatness that was Within Me to the greatness that I didn't realize I possessed not knowing that I possess these types of gifts I felt my role here was Limited but having an open heart and full of love to give to someone who was not wanting or willing to receive it in a genuine manner made me realize that I was giving away myself giving away my love my pride myself worth not to just this individual but to other who are not deserving of my time and energy drawing back my energy and taking back my power I was awakened to something Grand I was awakened to Something Beautiful and I will not trade it in for nothing in the world

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