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I offer holistic health services. To tell you that little bit about my business, Meraki is a Greek word meaning doing all things with a pure soul and total love and putting part of ones self into what you create. And with my business I create positive connections so that's why I named it Meraki Connections.

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I am a sound vibrational healer, a Reiki master & intuitive tarot reader.

Using tuning forks and other sound delivering devices I tap into your meridian lines or energetic highways that run through your body and I retune and realign/balance your chakras, and liberate you from fear, guilt, doubt and shame and destructive thoughts feelings and emotions. I align you with transformation, change, the Miracles vibration and the love for yourself, others, while attracting your soul tribe. I awaken your intuition, open your pineal gland and help remove physical, emotional, nerve and spiritual pain while aiding in the rapid regeneration of tissues. I also reprint your DNA to the cosmic blueprint that you were intended to be upon your creation.

I also release you from generational contracts tie binds and oaths that were made in fear, guilt, doubt and shame that are no longer benefiting you in your life.

This is a multiphasic, multiple demensional spiritual, energetic, physical healing.

I also offer intuitive tarot readings that are designed to help you see detours to Life's Road construction. I tell you what you need to know to be able to go through the process of growth change and development.

My tarot services are generally $45.00 for 30 Minutes. I have a variety of card spreads available. Starting at $20 to $120 depending on the spread and the time that is spent with me.

The difference between my healing services is the sound healing is an energetic spiritual multiple layered healing. The tarot is more a psychological mental and emotional healing. Which healing a person is interested is depends greatly on where they are at on their healing journey.

My healing services are generally $160 per hour due to the complexity and the duration.

I do offer discounts to vendors when I'm at events, repeat customers and I am also open to trades.

My healing sessions last typically 1.5 to 2.5 hours. I tell clients I go until the healing is done. I generally can look at an individual and gauge how long it's going to take for the healing process but it varies on an individual basis.

I do offer other energy work that is not necessarily Reiki.

I offer energy dust offs, energy cleansing, chakra balancing alignments reattunements etc.

My phone number is 316-390-7062 or feel free to email me, [email protected]

This is the fulfillment of my divine soul purpose. It fills me with joy and gratitude.


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Frequently asked questions

I explain the services that I offer, answering any questions, review their auras and their chakras to see what type of healing or how much healing they need, discuss the different options of services and work within the clients budget means

I'm a reiki master, certified therapeutic light touch therapist, intuitive tarot reader, certified sound healer, certified chakra and crystal healer, and ordained

1 card $10. (Overview)

2 cards $20 (Overview and Situation)

3 cards $30 ( near past present near future/ mentally emotionally spiritually and your current situation)( you get three readings in one)

5 cards $45 (overview, three in 1 and final outcome)

13 cards $90 ( digging deeper reading books that you your situation what's going on in your conscious mind subconscious mind near past near future and perceptions our realities are based on our actions and reactions to perceptions so I look at you and how you see yourself how others see you how friends and family see you and a final outcome we also delve into three past life issues that are being presented for learning opportunities. This reading typically takes 45 minutes to an hour)

24 cards $120 ( deep dive reading has been compared to five therapy sessions this reading delves into you mentally emotionally and spiritually looks at where you've been where you are and where you're going in these areas with surrounding influences from distant past near past near future distant future these could be guides Guardians elements any influencing agent your current situation with a final outcome and then three past life issues that are also impacting you this reading typically takes an hour and a half to two hours)

Chakra centering/balancing/alignment and healing $60 for 20 Minutes

Reiki $60 per $20 minutes most sessions 20 to 40 minutes

Sound vibrational healing $180 an hour sessions usually last 2.5 to 4 hours (ask for details)

Sound Bath with crystal bowls $120 an hour 

House Cleansing $300 (ask for details prices may vary depending on needs)

My Spiritual Awakening occurred around the age of 16 when I attended a teen camp specifically Geared for spirituality and I've been doing readings and hearings ever since I started doing them publicly in 2015 and I will soon be opening a brick and mortar building

All age groups

Be thorough in your research and ultimately go with who you are drawn to

Where they are at on their spiritual path whether they are needing an energetic healing or a mental emotional psychological healing there is a difference and that difference is often indicated on where the person is in their spirituality and their receptiveness they have to be open and willing to receive information coming to them

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