My mission is to provide answers for those who are seeking guidance, understanding, and help with the unexplained and everyday questions. Through my service to people I will accomplish my mission. Whether you are seeking answers for your career, love life, family matters or just those everyday concerns that arise in life I am here to help.

I am Romani. I come from a long line of accomplished Gypsy Seers and I myself am an Ordained Minister with a Doctorate in Metaphysics carrying the title of Mystical Philosopher. As an Ordained Minister I have a closer connection to the Creator of all things. With my Doctorate in Metaphysics I seek out those answers that are hidden behind the veil that remain unseen to most. As a Mystical Philosopher I understand and can bring together the forces of the supernatural world and channel those forces to help those seeking answers in their life.

My Grandmother recognized my gift when I was 10 years old. She nurtured the gift and helped me to develop that gift. I did my first professional reading at 12 years of age and I have been doing readings ever since. I started out using the power of the Tarot but over the years I have discovered that the Creator of All Things has granted me the ability to use Crystal Balls, Palmistry, Spirit Drawings and Aura Readings to enhance the readings I give my clients.

I have helped nurture in others their own unrecognized abilities leading numerous people onto a path of their own enlightenment. I also head a Paranormal Investigation Group and have been featured on "My Ghost Story Caught On Camera" and "Monsters and Myths in America". I help troubled souls find their peace and help those affected by disturbed spirits also find their peace.

Being able to tap into those gifts I have been blessed with has allowed me to help countless people for 50 years. I would be honored to help you too.

The Creator of All Things bestowed upon me a Talent and a Gift. My Talent is my dedication and understanding of the spiritual world in all it's forms. My Gift is to be able to Help those who are seeking council, peace or who may be intimidated, confused, or tormented.

My Spirit Guides speak to me through the Tarot, Crystal Balls, Palmistry, Spirit Drawings and Aura Readings and despite the miles between us I can see what is happening in your Physical and Spiritual World and we can travel along your road together. When you need a Psychic Advisor I am here to give you the advice you seek.

What road will we travel together today?

When you need answers in your life whether it be in your Love Life, Spiritual Well Being, Personal Relationships, Family Matters or Work Situations. The Gypsy Mystic can help guide you into the light of knowledge and insight. The GYPSY is Nationally known for his Psychic Abilities with Tarot Card Readings, Handwriting Analysis, Aura Readings, Astrology Consultation and the Ancient Art of Palmistry. But he is not limited to physical readings or face to face encounters, he is able to perform his divination's also via telephone and email.


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Frequently asked questions

I am an Ordained Mystical Philosopher of the Universal Life Church Monastery. I understand that you are seeking answers for what is happening in your life. I offer a relaxed, private and peaceful environment for you to seek the guidance that will help lean you down the correct path in your journey.

Voivode Varekai is the Spiritual Name of International Award Winning Artist, The GYPSY. He was born in Topeka, Kansas in 1956. He is of Romani Descent commonly referred to as "Gypsy", thus the Professional Name. Proud of his Gypsy Heritage he attributes his abilities to his known and long ancestry dating back to 1543 a.d. believing that he is guided by those who have gone before.

Over the years The GYPSY has had numerous Paranormal and Supernatural experiences. He has had close encounters with UFO's and several Cryptozoological creatures including Sasquatch.

The GYPSY is a "Sensitive" which gives him the ability to discern spirits. He also has the ability to "feel" the mood of spirits. This is a type of Clairvoyance and should not be confused with those that can communicate with spirits.
The most interesting ability that The GYPSY has is "Presentiment", this is a form of Precognition where in future events are perceived emotionally. This ability has saved The GYPSY, his family and friends on several occasions.

A world traveler, actor and paranormal investigator The GYPSY has been featured and
 has appeared on numerous television and radio news programs as well as having numerous articles wrote about him and his abilities in countless newspapers and magazines.

An accomplished writer he authored "Blogging Kansas: Musings From The Land of Oz" ( ) in 2013 and is getting ready to publish his second book, "Never Say Never: An Epic Journey - Volume One".

The GYPSY (, has won World wide recognition and numerous awards for his artwork and tattooing as well as being involved in community affairs and civic organizations.

The GYPSY believes in sharing the blessings he has been given and in giving back to all who deserve and have earned those blessings.


TAROT READING: Tarot Reading for Spiritual Guidance; You have questions I have answers. Let's explore the path you are on together. Phone (785) 571-9500 For Appointment. - $20 For 30 Minute Session

AURA READING & SPIRIT DRAWING: We all have Spirits that watch over us and our energy guides our path. To get your Aura Reading and Spirit Drawing Phone (785) 571-9500 For your Appointment. - $40

SPIRITUAL COUNSELING: Spiritual Counseling to ease your troubled soul & refresh your spirit. Make a connection to ease your troubled soul and set you back on your spiritual life path. Phone (785) 571-9500 for you appointment. - $30 for 30 Minutes

MARRIAGE SERVICE: New Age or Traditional Services styled to your individual beliefs and needs. Ordained through Universal Life Monastery. Phone (785) 571-9500 To Schedule A Consultation. - $75

LIVE APPEARENCE: Book The GYPSY Mystic for your party or event. 1 Hour up to 6 Hour Sessions at $100 per hour. Reading for your guests at no additional charge. Phone (785) 571-9500 To Schedule Appearance.

CONVENTION BOOKINGS: Have an Award Winning and World Renown Psychic at Your Event or Con, which generates a massive public interest. The GYPSY Mystic will bring his world renown Psychic Abilities to your Event to excite and entertain your attendees. The GYPSY is also able to offer panels on numerous subjects ranging from beginning Tarot Readings, Dream Interpretation, Aura Readings and More. $250 Guarantee, $50 Per Day Per Diem, lodging and Travel. Please Phone (785) 571-9500 for More Info.

In October 1963 The GYPSY moved with his Mother and Sister into his Grandmothers home in Topeka, Kansas. The home was built in 1858 and has a long history of Paranormal activity. Shortly after moving into his Grandmothers home he had his first encounter and so was born his life long love of the strange, unusual and unexplained.

The GYPSY devotes his time to mystic art, helping those from all walks of life with questions through various forms of psychic readings and traveling the country in search of the strange, the unusual, the unknown. He continues to be involved in community affairs and events.

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