Amber Ambrose, Tarot Reader

Amber Ambrose, Tarot Reader

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Need insight, advice, perspective or a tool to move through life? Tarot is a great mirror that offers a safe space to explore life's stories through symbolism, imagery and archetypes. I'll walk you through the reading, provide insights, talk it over and make sure you walk away feeling empowered, NOT afraid. You are always in control, you are always safe, you are always guided.


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Being new to tarot, I appreciated her down to earth interpretations which made it easy for me to understand. And her reminder that the reading would continue to show up in my life for days and weeks to come. It’s been beautiful to watch my readings unfold.
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August 07, 2022


Ambers connection is magical. She is incredibly insightful and genuinely cares about her craft. Her readings have informed my sessions with my therapist and journal prompts, and she has helped me to be more intentional about where I focus my energies. I am blessed to know her and experience her gift.
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August 06, 2022

Jen R.

Her attentiveness translates in her Interpretation. Amber gives very clear communication and clarification that is genuine and applicable. I paid for a service that included a pdf and email which gave me such comfort to use as a reference. I personally like to reread something and digest it a bit then return to read it again with fresh eyes.
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August 05, 2022

Lauren M.

Amber really cares about her reading subject. Unlike some readers, its clear that shes not delivering rote or repeated prompts; shes really invested in helping the subject understand or bring to their consciousness things that they wouldnt or couldnt identify prior to the session. Would recommend a reading from Amber for anyone looking to explore big life questions or just better understand something thats been bothering you lately.
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August 05, 2022

Frequently asked questions

We'll start out by identifying an area of life that you'd like to gain more clarity around, create an intention for the reading, determine the specific questions we want to ask the cards. Then, I'll pull cards, put them in your, unique spread and interpret one by one. We then will discuss specific cards in detail, acknowledging what they might be urging you to think about more deeply. You'll be invited to get a photo of the spread (if in person, if virtual, I will send them in a follow up) to review whenever you'd like. Some clients may wish to have a written follow up of the card reading, which is available for an upcharge.

Currently in the Hay House Oracle Card Reader class, member of the Tarosophy Tarot Association, have been studying and practicing tarot for fun prior to 2021 for a decade.

One hour readings are $99, half-hour readings are $55 with options for additional written summaries of live readings.

I sold a business in the marketing industry and started reading tarot more and more for fun in my spare time. I was asked to read at a friend's wedding, and realized this was my next calling!

Business owners have been a large portion of my clientele, looking for perspective on their lives and entrepreneurship journeys. But, because I also do onsite events, I get all walks of life, and I absolutely enjoy every single reading.

Sitting under the live oaks in Texas' Hill Country, I recently set up readings at a brewery over the course of 6 hours over two days. The setting was perfect, the clients were open-hearted and curious and the readings were powerful. 

Don't be afraid to get a little more personal when asking questions about the reading style of the tarotist. Because symbols (whether we admit it or not) are extremely powerful both consciously and subconsciously, you'll want a tarot reader that has done a lot of work on their own self-healing journey (therapy, etc.) before they read for you. Life is already challenging, you don't need extra mental and emotional hurdles that could come from a negatively approached tarot reading. 

How open am I to receiving these messages? Where in life am I looking for more clarity? Have I already made up my mind about a specific life decision? Am I open to chatting about personal issues with someone else? 

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