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Enlightened Spiritual Solutions Tarot And Personal Consulting



I am a full time professional and very accurate Tarot reader. I've been reading Tarot since the 1980's and became a full time professional after a job lay off in 2006. I have established and repeat clientele throughout the US and even abroad. I can read either by phone or have an office in the SW part of Houston.

What makes me different than other readers, is I don't just deliver the message the cards give, I provide help and personal consulting when it comes to challenging relationships, career moves and family issues.

If the card reading is challenging, I won't just leave you hanging, I'll help you find positive solutions.

Making a difference in the lives of others. This is why I do what I do. Plus I've gotten to meet some pretty incredible people over the years.


17 years in business
Serves Houston, TX

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    Frequently asked questions

    I usually like to have at least one in person meeting with a new client, however, I do phone readings if it isn't geographically possible to get to my office.  I like very little information about a client before I read them.  This way I can see if we have a good connection.  I usually just ask what area they would like me to look into.  Work, relationships, etc, and ask not to give me any other information besides that.

    I have been studying metaphysics and spirituality since the mid 1980's.   I studied for two years at the Esoteric School of Philosophy.  I've taken several workshops over the years from psychic development to mediumship to relationship workshops to be able to better help my clients beyond just getting a Tarot reading.

    My pricing system is phone readings are 20 min, 30 min, 45 min or 1 hour and cost $37.50, $50, 67.50 or $90, respectively.   Pay pal and credit cards only. 

    My office readings are 30 mins $50   45 mins $65 or 1 hr $90.  I prefer cash, however, do take pay pal. 

    I do not take checks unless I am working corporate or non profit parties.   My party rates vary by the size of the group.  Under 25 guests is $125 per hour, and over 25 guests is $150 an hour.   2 hour minimum for events. 

    I didn't believe in this type of work.  A friend coerced me into getting a reading in 1985, and I was stunned by her accuracy.  A few months later I went back to her again and that day she told me something, which was impossible, yet it happened 3 weeks later.  With that said, I contacted and asked her how she did this and could she teach me.  So, she taught me Tarot.  Then I went on to study it more formerly at the Esoteric School.  I was blessed to have two excellent, professional teachers. 

    I have all sorts of customers from corporate heads to school teachers to you name it.  I have customers who live in India, France, Brazil, and the Netherlands as well.  I have established clientele throughout the United States.  I've worked for charity events such as for the Houston Symphony and Ronald McDonald House as well as private parties for Halloween. 

    My biggest advice is be very careful when looking for a card reader.  I've seen customers show up after being scammed out of thousands of dollars with a promise the psychic can bring back lost loves or do other spells.  If your reader is trying to upsell you then they are not a reputable reader.  Also, if they are trying to hook you into frequent readings, they are not reputable either.  Readings on one particular subject should be good for a few weeks depending upon what situation you are going through. 

    There is no point in getting a reading unless you have questions you want answers to.  Most clients show up when they want answers to dilemmas they are going through at perhaps work or with family or finances, etc.  It's best to be thinking of what questions you want to have answered ahead of time.  You might want to make a list of a few questions you'd like to ask your reader.

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