Lady M Vegelicious

Lady M Vegelicious

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Lady M Vegelicious provides physical, spiritual, and emotional health and prosperity. A healthier soulful good alternative that drives your taste buds wild, every bite is golden. With such as amazing selection of vegan sandwiches, vegan sizzle shrimp, vegan oxtail, vegan filet fish, vegan BBQ and Sriracha chicken, Mac and cheese, butter honey vegan hot dogs, quinoa spaghetti lo mein kale and much more you will be satisfied every time. Made with a kick of SOUL.

Giving customers the satisfaction of being healthy while enjoying the great taste of vegan soulful food


Hired 1 time
5 employees
6 years in business
Serves Arlington , TX

Payment methods

Credit Card, Cash, Check, Venmo, Paypal, Square, Apple Pay, Zelle


Level of service

Standard (basic ingredients), Premium (high end ingredients)

Additional services

Dessert, Non-alcoholic drinks, Alcoholic drinks, Coffee or tea


Breakfast or brunch, Lunch, Cocktail hour or hors d'oeuvres, Dinner

Kitchen onsite

Full kitchen (oven, stove, refrigerator, sink, and utensils), Partial kitchen (fridge and sink only), No kitchen

Serving style

Plated meal, Buffet, Food stations, Family style, Small bites/Passed appetizers

Event type

Wedding, Birthday or anniversary party, Dinner party, Corporate event, Bridal or baby shower, Graduation party, Outdoor event, Holiday party, School event, Fundraiser, Funeral

Venue type

Banquet hall or ballroom, Conference or convention center, Concert hall, Outdoor venue, Office, School, Home, Community center, Religious or spiritual space, Barn

Full service or drop-off

Full service, Drop off only

Guest count

Fewer than 20 guests, 20 – 29 guests, 30 – 39 guests, 40 – 49 guests, 50 – 59 guests, 60 – 69 guests, 70 – 79 guests, 80 – 89 guests, 90 – 99 guests, 100 – 124 guests, 125 – 149 guests, 150 – 200 guests

Budget per person

$25 – $35 (typically basic food for casual events), $35 – $50, $50 – $75 (wedding avg.), $75 – $100 (wedding avg.), $100 – $150, More than $150, Customer isn't sure about budget


American - casual, American - formal, Italian, Barbecue, Mexican or Latin American, American - Southern, Asian, Vegan, Indian

Additional supplies needed

Plates, utensils and glasses, Disposable plates, utensils, and cups, Paper napkins, Cloth napkins, Serving and warming equipment, Table décor

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    Sarah B.

    Lady M Vegelicious is such a pleasure to work with. She is totally flexible to working with your budget . On time and pleasant team to work with. And omg I cant forget her food is so delicious. I cant wait till I have another event. Cheers
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    January 18, 2023

    Frequently asked questions

    Finding out all needs, type of food preference, types of allergies, number of guests and budgets 

    Certified Chef, culinary certification, Vegan cook, and herbalist 

    Catering for off Broadway shows 

    Business, lawyers, entertainers

    Atlantic city vegan food festival 2021, the crowd Is phenomenal loving lady m vegelicious food.

    Services offered

    Face Painting
    Dance Entertainment
    Personal Chef